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Edmonton Electrician | The Danger of Overloaded Breakers

People may not realize how easy it is to overload their circuits says Edmonton electrician. And they may not know what they need to do to avoid overloading their electrical circuits. Some people even think that new homes don’t have a risk of having overloaded circuits. And so aren’t being careful about what they plug in to their electrical sockets.

However, Edmonton electrician says overloaded circuits can happen in any age home. Because it has to do with how much electricity the plug-in is designed to handle. If people plug more things in to that electrical outlet than it was designed to handle. That can cause a fire.

How this works, is if more amps are plugged into an electrical outlet then it can handle. The wires will get hot, as it struggles to process the amount of energy that is going through the wires. If the wires stay hot enough long enough. It can start the material that are around it on fire.

Electrical fires are extremely dangerous says Edmonton electrician. Because they can burn inside the walls, travelling throughout the house undetected. By the time people are aware that there is a fire. It has likely gone everywhere in the house. Making it very destructive. But also dangerous for people to escape from safely.

Therefore, it is extremely important for people to avoid overloading their electrical sockets. And while many people think that the reason why they have a breaker box. Is two cuts electricity to anywhere that it is being overloaded. This is true. But if the breaker box fails and it’s job. There is no backup system. And the recourse is a house fire.


People should be aware of what amps the electrical devices that they are plugging in require. So they don’t overload the electrical socket. Each plug-in typically can handle 15 amps. And as long as they are underneath that, when they plug two things in to the electrical socket says Edmonton electrician. They will be safe.

The problem is, many devices take almost or exactly 15 amps. And so plugging anything else in can be hazardous. Hair straighteners, blow dryers, and space heaters. Are all examples of electrical devices that should not be plugged in with anything else to a wall unit.

However, many people are using Power Bars as well. Which makes it even easier to overload the plugin. By having many devices plugged into it at a time. Edmonton electrician says that some Power Bars have surge protectors. But people should not count on this working perfectly either.

Some people even think that Power Bars. Especially Power Bars that have a surge protector. Increase the amount of amps that a wall unit can take. And this is actually not true. The only way to add the capability of plugging more amps in. Is to add more Outlets into a home.

When people understand how to avoid overloading their electrical circuits. They will be able to ensure that they are not plugging more things in then their electrical outlets can handle. And minimizing The risk of electrical fires in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | The Risks of Overloaded Breakers

December is the most common month for house fires says Edmonton electrician. With more fire firefighters responding to house fires in this month. Then any other months of the year. The reason why, is because people are using more electricity at this time of year than any other month.

As people put multiple strands of lights on their house, put inflatable Christmas decorations on their lawn. And inside, a beautiful Christmas tree with multiple strands of Lights says Edmonton electrician. Can overload the electrical plug-ins and their home very easily.

One of the most common reasons why this can overload their electrical sockets. Is because people won’t have enough plugins to manage all of these additional devices that need to be plugged in. As a result, they use extension cords, Power Bars, and plug in octopuses. In order to be able to plug more things in.

As they plug more and more things into one electrical socket. They exceed that plugins ability to handle that sheer amount of electricity. Which is what causes electrical fires.

Therefore, if people are going to be plugging many things in at Christmas time, they should call their Edmonton electrician to get more electrical outlets put into their home.


Getting more Outlets put into a home is much easier and it takes much less time than many people assume. Also, the cost pales in comparison to what the cost would be to a family if they lost their home at Christmas time.

All the Edmonton electrician has to do, is add a switch to the breaker box. Run wire in the walls to where the outlets needs to go. And then add the plug-ins. People can add Outlets to any room of the house that they need. And even outside. If they want to have a lot of strands of lights on their home, or a lot of yard decorations.

At the same time, the Edmonton electrician will be able to see what kind of shape they’re breaker box is in. And breaker boxes can last for many years. People might still have a brand of breaker box that has been known it to be very dangerous in recent years.

If people are using a breaker box with the brand-name Federal on it. They should get that replaced immediately. Because it is known to fail often. And is actually no longer legal to install in people’s homes.

Therefore, they can call the Edmonton electrician to add more Outlets to their home. And ensure that their breaker box is safe. So that they can ensure that they have a very safe holiday. Without putting their family at risk.

And well Christmas is the most common time of year to have electrical fires. It can happen any time of the year. Especially when people are celebrating. Or have lots of people over to their home to visit. The more people there are, the more electrical devices be plugged in. So adding more Outlets to the home can be beneficial year round.

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