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Edmonton Electrician | The Danger Of Overloaded Circuits

Many people do not realize that plugging an outlet extender and be problematic says Edmonton electrician. They often think that it is a completely valid way to increase the capability of there electrical outlets in their house. This is not true. Because each outlet is only rated for a certain amount of amps.

When people plug-in outlet extenders often called octopuses. Or Power Bars, they think that’s because these things are sold in stores. That they are always at least safe to use. This is not necessarily true. And if people use every single power bar to plug something in.

What this will end up doing is Oz the actual wires in the wall at the outlet. To get very hot. As it tries to manage more amps than it was designed for. If the wires get hot enough does Edmonton electrician. Then that will be what starts house fire.

Even if people are buying Outlet extenders or power bars that have CSA stamped on it. This just means that when used properly, it will operate as safely as possible. However, using an outlet extender to plug in and turn on several things at the same time. Is not the intended use for these devices.

Typically, people might think that if they have in fact overloaded their outlet. That their circuit breaker will do its job and turn off power that outlet. And while this is the design of a circuit breaker. People may not know if they’re circuit breaker is going to fail. Until it actually does end up failing.


If the circuit breaker ends up failing, and does not turn the outlet off when it surpasses the number of amps that it should. Then people may not know that there is any danger at all. Edmonton electrician says that if people are routinely running out of outlets in their home. There is a very easy solution.

They can call their Edmonton electrician who come in and add more Outlet. This is an extremely procedure. Where electrician will add a switch to the breaker box. Then they will add some wire into the house. And add Outlet where they are needed.

People can do this before they host a party, such as a family reunions. A birthday celebration or an anniversary. Where they might be preparing lots of food, or having lots of people come over to the house. Gatherings often include needing a stereo, or additional appliances that aren’t typically use.

Inadvertently overload the circuits. Before any such Gathering happens. People should contact they’re Edmonton electrician. Do get the appropriate Outlets put into their home. So that they can enjoy their party free of worry.

And if people think that that sounds like too much of a hassle. They should consider the alternative. If they overload their circuits. And their brake does not do its job. They can have house fire. And that would be a far worse events to happen. Then calling the experts in to get more outlets in place.

Edmonton Electrician | The Dangers of Overloaded Circuits

It is much easier to overload a circuit than many people realized as Edmonton electrician. In fact, many people do not realize that the outlet extenders they buy from the store may be doing more harm their home then they realize.

People need to understand that each outlet in their home or in their business and only handle a certain amount of amp. If people are buying Outlet extenders often called octopuses. Or buying power bars, if they plug something in to every one of the slots, and have something turned on. They are more than likely causing the outlet to have more amps but through than is designed for.

Instead of using these Outlet extenders, people should contact their Edmonton electrician to have more Outlets installed. This is the safer option, And an increase the capacity for power in the building. Without compromising safety.

If people are going to be buying Outlet extenders or Power Bars. They need to realize that beer may not be a built-in surge protector. Many people make the assumption that every Power bar comes with a built-in surge protector. Unfortunately this is not true. People should look specifically for power bars that do have the surge protector.

if they buy a power bar with a surge protector says Edmonton Electrician. The goal will be if they overload the circuits, that it will shut power to that outlet. And prevent it from happening. However, people need to understand that surge protectors are also not 100% foolproof. And a much better solution would be to increase the number of outlets in the home. And not need to use these products that might overload the outlet.


Whatever, people who call Edmonton electrician at outlets and also ensure that the breaker box that they have is adequate. Many people are unaware that some brands of circuit breaker boxes are well-known or failing on a regular basis.

When people call to get there additional Outlet installed. Edmonton electrician and verify if they have a good brand of circuit breaker box. If they don’t, or a bit of an additional charge. Edmonton electrician will replace the breaker box it is going to do be less likely to fail in the event of an overloaded circuit.

People will not be able to tell if their circuit breaker is functioning properly. And still an event happens where the circuits are overloaded, and it doesn’t do its job. People should err on the side of caution and to get their checked out by a professional. Because often when the breaker fails. People aren’t aware that it should be turning off the circuit, and meanwhile the wires in the wall or continuing to get hotter. And soon of fire will break out and nobody will be the wiser that it was coming.

Regardless of the reason why people are having parties. They should understand that a safer way to plug more Electronics in. Will be to add more Outlets to the home. And this is probably a much lower than many people assume. The alternative would be for people to not get additional Outlets put in. But Chance having a house fire that can be extremely devastating to deal with

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