Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of a Safe Escape Route


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Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of a Safe Escape Route

In order to help ensure the safety of their employees and patrons does Edmonton electrician. All business owners should ensure that they have safety light and exit light. Not only is this important.

But business owners also need to ensure that they are kept in good working order. Therefore, when they know what they need in their business. They can ensure that in the case of an emergency. People will be able to exit the building safely and quickly.

One of the first things that business owners to do if they are either building at least the house their business. Or if they are buying an already existing building. Is ensure that they hire an Edmonton electricians in order to get proper safety and exit lights installed.

the first thing about the exit signs as Edmonton electrician. Is that they have to be the most current and up-to-date version. Many people are still using the red exit signs that use the word exit in English.

And this is not to code any longer. Not only is red difficult to see in case of a fire. But also the word exit being an English is problematic for people who don’t speak or read the English language.

Therefore, business owners should ensure that they get the green exit signs. That have a pictograph of a person exiting a doorway. Is these are not only a lot easier to see if there is a fire. But it also doesn’t require using any language understands that that is where exit the building.

If business owners have the red exit signs in a currently existing building. It may have been approved by the building inspector. Because the signs were already existing.


But business owners might want to consider upgrading them anyway. Ensure the safety of all their patrons.

The next thing that business owners of do is ensure that they have the correct number of safety lights. Many business owners of too few Stacy lights. Only having one or room. And having them improperly installed. The lamps on the safety light should be pointing at the floor. Help people see the Escape Route. If they can’t see in the room.

Many people think that the point of a safety life is to bluman 8th that room so people can see. But this is not the case. By understanding that, business owners can ensure that they have enough safety light. And that they are installed properly.

Once a business owner understands the house, they can contact and it’s been 10 electrician to help inspect their building. To ensure that they have what is adequate and necessary. Help people escape the building if there is an emergency such as a fire, a storm or even a flood. The sooner a business owner can ensure that they have the correct safety and exit lighting. The sooner a business owner can ensure the safety of all the people under their care

Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of a Safe Escape Route

One of the most important things that a business owner can do does Edmonton electrician. Is ensure that they have wrecked safety light and emergency exit signs. in their building whether they have purchased a building, or are constructing one.

Many business owners are unprepared for the cost of each unit of emergency safety light. Anywhere between $150 to $250. The reason why they’re so expensive. Is because each light comes with its own battery power. As well as two lamps to illuminate the Escape route.

Many business owners often try to save money by purchasing the minimal amount of emergency lights possible. And then try to install the lights themselves. The reason why this is a disaster says Edmonton electrician.

Is because if business owners are not flying enough safety lights. It may make it difficult to escape or evacuate the building because they don’t know how to get out.

Another reason why installing emergency light themselves is a bad idea. Is because business owners often aren’t aware that each emergency lights that they purchase might have a different voltage requirement. And they also probably don’t know what the voltage requirement is.

For there ballast. this end up potentially overloading the ballast AMA and ruining it. Or damaging the wiring to the building. And at least, it will destroy the emergency lights themselves.


This can be a much more expensive mistake effects does Edmonton electrician. That may cost a business owner even more money. Because often insurance doesn’t cover damage if it was not done by a professional. Therefore, business owners should avoid trying to install the lights themselves.

It can all and Edmonton electrician to check the emergency lights and install new ones if necessary. This way, the Edmonton electrician and pulled a cracked permit. Or just the adequate amount and install them properly. And then get the work inspected at the end. To ensure it meets building code.

Another great reason why business owners should be contacting and Edmonton electrician to install their emergency and exit lighting. Is because just like a smoke detector.

These need to be maintained on a regular basis. Not only does each emergency light need to be tested every month for 30 seconds.

But on an annual basis, the emergency lights needs to be checked for an entire hour and a half. Depending on the number of safety lights that a business owner has, trying to ask them all on a monthly basis might be overwhelming. Or it might get forgotten about.

By letting in Edmonton electrician handle the installation. They can also come back and do the testing. To ensure that the system will work regularly if an emergency does happen.

When business owners are buying their first building, or if they are constructing one from scratch. They should always consult with an Edmonton electrician. I’m sure that they can guarantee the safety of people you are going to be in the building for any purpose.

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