Edmonton Electrician | The Importance Of Bathroom Fans


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Edmonton Electrician | The Importance Of Bathroom Fans

An unsung hero of the home according to Edmonton electrician. Is the lowly bathroom fan. It is in every single bathroom, in every single home. However, many people may not understand how important they are.
Edmonton Electrician

The function of a bathroom fan is quite simple. It pulls all of the moist air. Out of the bathroom, during a bath or shower. And then sit outside of the home. So that it cannot cause any problems or damage.

People may not even realize. How damaging moist air. And moisture is. In a home at all, and that it can cause. Significant problems and damage, mould being the most common. Something that people should keep in mind.

Is that any kind of moisture. Is a bad thing in a home. Which is why builders use moisture barriers. Triple paned windows. And tar strips on the roof. To ensure that absolutely no moisture can get in.

But, the function of a bathroom fan says Edmonton electrician. Is to take the moisture that builds up inside the home. And lead it outside where cannot do damage. Moisture can build up in places.

Like the drywall, were it can cause the drywall. To become mushy, and start to fail. It can settle in to the studs of the house. Where it can start to rot the wood. And most likely, moisture anywhere it settles in.

Will cause mould to grow. Mould is a significant health issue. And if black mould starts to grow, people can end up. With respiratory diseases. And mysterious illnesses, caused by the toxic mould spores.

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Any house that has black mould in it. Needs to be completely gutted, and built. Because of how damaging it is. Not having a proper bathroom fan. Worth and that is no longer working properly.

Puts the home at risk of developing moisture problems. And ultimately, developing mould problems. That will significantly impact the health. Of every single person living inside of it.

That is why, choosing the right size of fan. Is a very serious topic. Fans are described by. The amount of air that they can move around her room. Which is described as cubic feet per minute.

The larger the room, the more air there is to move. And the larger the fan needs to be. Edmonton electrician says fans will start at about 50 ft.³ per minute. And will get to as large as. 150 ft.³ per minute.

However, if a person has an extremely large bathroom. They can use multiple fans. To ensure that the right amount of air. Can be moved around the room. And suck the moisture out.

Once they know the correct size of fan that they should get for their bathroom. They should consider other features. Such as getting an energy efficient model. So that they can save electricity.

Or, getting a fan that can operate silently. So that people do not have to contend with. A noisy fan, as they are trying to have a relaxing bubble bath in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | The Need Of Bathroom Fans

Bathroom ventilation fans are extremely important to a home says Edmonton electrician. And many people are not aware of how important they are. While everyone knows that they are supposed to turn the fan on.

When they have a bath or shower in their bathroom. Not everybody understands how important this is. Or the fact that these fans. Require regular maintenance. And need to be replaced from time to time.

Unfortunately, many homeowners have the thoughts. Of setting it and forget it. Once they have the bathroom fan. They do not need to think about it. Until the fan starts making funny noises. Or if the fan stops working altogether.

Unfortunately, this is a huge problem. And homeowners need to understand. That not only should they not set it and forget it. But by the time the fan starts making. Funny noises, it is already not functioning properly.

The first thing that people should understand about a bathroom fan. Is that there is a grating that goes on the front of the fan. And that is often the first thing. To get clogged with dust from the home.

When this grating is clogged with dust. The fan cannot pull as much moist air through it. As it should be, and people are already. At risk of having moisture buildup in their home. Because the fan cannot do its job.

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Therefore, Edmonton electrician recommends homeowners. Take a vacuum to the great once a month. And ensure that it is dust free. They might have to take the great off of the fan. But this should take no longer than five minutes.

And five minutes once a month. Should not be considered too much work. To protect their home from toxic mould and moisture. However, this is not the only maintenance they should do on their bathroom ventilation fans.

The next thing that they should do according to Edmonton electrician. Is the great off once every four months. Or, it is easy to remember. That whenever there is a change of the seasons.

From spring to summer, summer to fall. And then fall to winter should be the time. That they vacuum off the fan blades themselves. If the fan blades get clogged with dust they will not.

Be able to rotate as quickly as they are designed to. And they will not be moving the amount of air. That they are supposed to. To keep the room moisture free. Not only that, but a fan blade that is clogged with dust.

Will undoubtedly start to overheat. And where the motor of the fan down. Much faster than it should. A fan that is supposes to last for five years. Will often last only two, if the regular maintenance keeps up.

By purchasing the right size fan. And then maintaining it, homeowners can ensure. That they are allowing the fan to do the proper job. Of moving the moist air out of the home. Protecting their home from moisture and mould.

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