Edmonton Electrician | The Importance Of Bathroom Vent Fans


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Edmonton Electrician | The Importance Of Bathroom Vent Fans

Edmonton electrician warns homeowners. To take care of their bathroom ventilation fans. The reason why, is because they play an extraordinarily important role. In protecting the home from moisture.
Edmonton Electrician

People have probably noticed. That every single bathroom they have ever visited. Has a bathroom ventilation fan. They know they are supposed to turn this fan on. When they have a bath or a shower.

But many people may not realize why. Or, they might know that it is important. To suck the steam out of the room. But not the logistics behind. Why steam is so bad in a bathroom.

The reason why steam is bad in a bathroom. Especially since many people are aware. That moisture barriers have gone up in this room. Is the fact that moisture buildup can cause significant problems.

And these problems, are not just contained. To the bathroom according to Edmonton electrician. While certainly, steam can cause moisture buildup. Within the bathroom, causing problems such as mushy drywall.

But also settling in to the studs, or causing the moisture. To be a perfect breeding ground for mould, which is actually toxic to humans. But this moisture, can actually be spread throughout the house.

If it is not properly being vented through the bathroom fan. Since the homes furnace is often going. The air conditioning unit, and that type of airflow. The steam, and moist air. In the bathroom can easily travel throughout the house.

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Travelling through the vents, moist air can. And up settling in almost any room of the house. Where people will be less likely. To look for moisture damage. So that it can settle in. And get bad without detection.

This is why it is so important. That not only should people. Be turning on the bathroom fan. Whenever they have a bathroom shower says many electricians. But they need to ensure they have the right size fan as well.

Fans are rated, by the amount of air. That they are designed to move. Referred to as cubic feet per minute. The larger the room. The more air, and the larger the fan should be says Edmonton electrician.

However, something important to note. Is the fact that. Almost immediately, once the fan is installed. Dust is going to settle on the fan. And that is going to impact. How much air it can move.

And while it is considered best practices. To vacuum out the dust. Once a month from the fan blades and grating. In between those bits of maintenance. Homeowners are going to have less air move through the fan.

Therefore, a good rule of thumb. Is always choosing a cubic feet per minute rating. On a fan, slightly larger than what they absolutely need. That way, once the fan gets some dust buildup.

It will still move all of the moist air. Out of the bathroom, and out of the home. If people need any help choosing the right bathroom fan for their home. All they have to do is pick up the phone and call Ryan at Hauer Power.

Edmonton Electrician | The Need Of Bathroom Vent Fans

Bathroom ventilation fans are in every home says Edmonton electrician. But many people do not think of them on a regular basis. Or worse, they think of them because they are noisy and irritating.

While fans can become noisier, once they are clogged full of dust. Cheaper fans, often the type that builders install. When they are building a new home, because they are inexpensive.

Are often very loud. The motor is inexpensive, and therefore. The motor can be heard quite loudly. And while this is not a problem for many. It can be irritating to people. Who avoid turning on the fan because of the noise.

This is very dangerous says Edmonton electrician. Simply because the function of the bathroom fan. Is to take moist air. And vented out of the home. So that it cannot cause problems such as wrought, and toxic mould.

As well, many people. Who work late shifts. Do not want to turn the bathroom fan on. If they have to have a bath or shower. When other people in the home are asleep. Because they do not want to disturb them.

People should be aware, that there are different types. Of bathroom fans that are quieter, and even silent. People can ask their Edmonton electrician for recommendations. For bathroom fan that is completely silent.

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That way, they do not have to feel disturbed. When they are trying to have a relaxing bath. Hearing the fan in the background. Or, not wanting to wake up the entire household. If they need to have a bath or shower late at night.

However, that is just one of the options. That are currently available in bathroom fans. Other options can include things like energy efficient. If having a low carbon footprint is important to many.

They can get that option in their bathroom fan. It might not be as silent. But for some people, the trade-off is worth it. People can also get bathroom fans. With built in mood lighting. Whether they want to set the tone right during a shower.

Or, have colour therapy while they are. Having a relaxing bubble bath at the end of the hard day. People can even get bathroom fans. That come with built in Bluetooth speakers. Of course, these fans are also silent.

Therefore, people do not need to bring in their stereo system. Or a speaker that does not work. Or bring their phone into the bathroom. In order to have their favourite music playing. All they have to do is connect to the Bluetooth.

And have beautiful, relaxing music. Or have pumped up music playing. As they get invigorated for their day. Regardless of what options people choose in a bathroom fan. They need to also ensure it is the right size for their space.

And that they need to have the right maintenance. Which includes vacuuming out the dust. Every month, or four. By regularly maintaining their fans. They can ensure their protecting their home.

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