Edmonton Electrician | The Importance Of Bathroom Ventilation Fans


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Edmonton Electrician | The Importance Of Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Bathroom fans are vital to the health of the home says Edmonton electrician. And homeowners need to understand this. The design of bathroom fan. Is to pull the moist air from a bathroom. And vented out of the home.
Edmonton Electrician

The reason why this is so important. Is because moisture can be incredibly damaging to a home. Rotting various components. Such as drywall, flooring and studs. As well as causing mould, that can be toxic to humans.

One of the most important considerations. Is that the bathroom ventilation fans. Must actually take the moisture. Out of the home. This should be discovered before a person moves into their house. During a home inspection.

And one of the important reasons why. People should not skip home inspection. Even on a brand-new build. Mistakes could have been made. And if the bathroom ventilation fans for example.

Had the bathroom vent, leading out to a soffit. Or into an attic. This is not taking the moisture out of the home. It is simply rerouting the moisture. To someplace harder to detect.

Once they have a home inspection. To ensure that the bathroom ventilation vents. Are actually going outside of the home. Then, the next thing that they should consider according to Edmonton electrician.

Is that they have the right size of fan for the space. One assumption that homeowners should not make. Is that when they move into a home, it will automatically have. The right size of bathroom fan for the room.

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Especially if people have moved into a brand-new build. They might assume. That the builder has installed great, long-lasting. Bathroom ventilation fans, in each of the bathrooms.

Unfortunately, many builders. In an effort to keep their costs down. Install the most inexpensive bathroom fan. And while it is rated correctly. For the room size that they are put in.

These builder grade fans. Often have a lifespan. Of only two years. Which will end up being smaller, if homeowners. Do not do regular maintenance. To get the dust that accumulates off the blades.

Therefore, Edmonton electrician recommends. That homeowners actually replace their bathroom fans. As soon as they move into their new home. So that they can get a great quality fan.

And protect their investment. One rule of thumb that Edmonton electrician uses. Is never installing. The minimum size fan for the space. They always want to install a fan. That can move slightly more air then is needed.

The reason why, is because almost immediately. The fan will start developing. A layer of dust, on the blades, and on the great in front of the fan. This will cause the fan to move less air than it is designed.

Therefore, getting a fan. That is designed to move more air. Will ensure that once dust settles on the fan blades. It is still moving all of the moist air. Out of the bathroom, so it cannot cause any damage.

If people have any questions about their bathroom ventilation fans. All they need to do is pick up the phone and call Ryan at Hauer Power today.

Edmonton Electrician | The Need Of Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Bathroom ventilation fans have a very important job says Edmonton electrician. They are protecting the home. From a buildup of moisture, that can cause massive problems.

Moisture buildup in a home. Should be avoided at all costs. And homebuilders spend a lot of time. Ensuring that no outside moisture. Can get into a home. Using things like moisture barriers.

However, the bathroom fans job. Is to protect the home. From moisture that can build up from within the home. As people have baths and showers, the steam from the water. Can end up causing moisture problems.

Settling into the drywall, moisture can cause the drywall to become mushy. It can rot studs and flooring. As well as allow toxic black mould. To start to grow, causing in Norma’s. Health problems for the people living within the home.

Therefore, it is very important. That people understand how important it is. That not only are they turning on. The bathroom fan while they have a bath or shower. They also have the right fan sizes installed.

And are maintaining the fans appropriately. While the fans are rated, on a numerical scale. On cubic feet per minute. The larger the room is. The larger cubic feet per minute the fan in the bathroom needs to be.

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50 ft.³ per minute. Is about the smallest that people can purchase bathroom fans in. And hundred and fifty is the largest for residential applications. However if people have installed. A Jacuzzi for example.

Or they have a larger bathroom. Such as with a bathtub and a shower. Or multiple toilets and sinks. Their Edmonton electrician may actually install. Multiple fans, because they will need to move.

More than 150 ft.³ per minute in that particular bathroom. In fact, choosing the size of fan is so important. An Edmonton electrician almost never installs. A bare minimum fan in a bathroom.

If the room only needs 50 ft.³ per minute of air moved. Hauer Power will not install a fifty CFM fan. Quite simply, because that means. If any dust settles on the fan blades. Or the grating in front of the blades.

That dust will cause the fan blades to turn less effectively. And it will start moving less air than it was designed. Therefore, by installing a slightly larger size fan. If any dust does settle on the blades.

The homeowner can still be assured. That they are moving the right amount of moist air. Out of the bathroom and the home. However, regular removal of that dust. On the fan blades, will not only ensure.

That they eliminate unnecessary wear and tear on their motor. But they can also ensure that they are keeping their fan in great working condition. So they do not have to replace it sooner rather than later in their home.

The sooner people can get the right fan in their home. And understand how to properly maintain it. The sooner they will be able to. Protect their largest and most important asset, their home.

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