Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of Grounding and Bonding


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Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of Grounding and Bonding

Often, one scenario that will have people calling their Edmonton electrician. Would be if they have constant dimming or flickering of their lights. And they do not know how to stop that inside their home.

What the electrician will often find. Is that the grounding electrode may either be faulty. Or it could simply be installed incorrectly. And this is why is very important to hire the right electrician.

No matter how good an electrician is at doing the electrical work. There are many different steps to any project. And to ensure that it is done safely, electrician uses checklists.

No matter what job they are doing, whether it is commercial or residential. They will be able to follow a checklist. To ensure that every single step no matter how big or small gets done properly.

So that they do not leave a jobsite, with people potentially at risk. The reason why grounding and bonding is so important. Is because it helps safely discharge excessive electrical current.

And how to do the grounding and bonding properly is governed by the Canadian electrical code. Which actually changes every single year. And so people must always hire the electrician who is keeping current on the new codes.

If the bonding and grounding is not done properly. What could happen, is that there could be a electrical power surge. That goes back into the system, which can damage the electrical devices that are plugged in.

Many people are aware of what surge protector is. And grounding and bonding helps protect that from happening. And let us not done properly, people are at a higher risk of having electrical surges.


And the reason why Edmonton electrician recommends anyone who has a computer. Have them plugged into a surge protector. Is because when there is an electrical surge.

That electricity can actually damage the electrical devices that are plugged in. And computers, whether they are laptops or desktop computers. Can actually have all of the information on the computer be destroyed.

When it is other electrical devices such as televisions, fridges, or stereos. Those devices could get damaged. And while this is expensive, and frustrating. Electrical surges can cause even more problems.

What can happen if there is an electrical surge, and the grounding or bonding is not done correctly. Is that the breaker may not trip, which means the breaker cannot turn off an electrical current that is being overloaded.

And when the breaker fails, the overabundance of electricity flowing through a wire. That was never designed to have that kind of power go through it. Can overheat, and start a fire.

Therefore, improperly done grounding and bonding. Can also put a house or apartment building at risk of electrical fires. That can pose a significant threat to the people living in the building.

Therefore, they should always find an Edmonton electrician who uses checklists. To ensure they get everything done correctly. And to get everything inspected as well.

Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of Grounding and Bonding

Many people are not even aware of what grounding and bonding is says Edmonton electrician. But everyone in society benefits from it being done correctly.

It is so important, that any electrician that is going to be working on a electrical system. Needs to pull the correct permanent. To ensure that it is getting done correctly.

And if there is any electrician who says to the homeowner, that they are not going to pull a permit. Should not be allowed onto a jobsite. Because according to the Canadian electrical code.

All electrical work needs to be inspected properly. And with the number of people that could be at risk if it is done incorrectly. Anyone who hears that some is going to work without a permit should be reported.

Ultimately, people simply needs to keep in mind that grounding and bonding. Is a way to help ensure that an electrical current in a building. Can be safely discharged.

While many people think the difference is that grounding means the electrical current will get discharged into the ground. That is not entirely accurate.

Both grounding and bonding helps safely discharge the electrical system. But grounding refers to all of the electrical work done before the electrical service.


While bonding refers to all of the electrical work to protect the system after the electrical service. So they both work in different areas. To properly protect the electrical current from any additional current.

The ground fault has the current flowing back to the source from where it came from. Which is what causes the breaker to trip, and turn off power to the circuits.

The idea behind grounding and bonding is to reduce damage that can happen to the property. And to limit injury. Because without grounding and bonding done properly. The risk of electrical fires is great.

So what happens when people do not have proper grounding and bonding. Whether it was done incorrectly. Or the electrician missed something.

Is that the electrical current will not be able to flow back to the service. And that means the breaker will not trip the circuit. So that there is an increased risk for a electrical fire.

Since electrical fires cause property damage and injury, and even death. Finding the right Edmonton electrician to do the job is very important.

This is why people should be very careful when they hire an electrician. To ensure that they are using the current electrical code. That they pull permits correctly.

And that they use checklists to ensure they do not miss any aspect of the job. No matter how big or small it is. Whether people are building from scratch or renovating. This is important to know.

And if anyone has any questions about grounding or bonding, they can always contact Edmonton electrician before they hire anyone. In order to get the answers to their questions. To ensure that they hire the right people to do the work.

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