Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of Grounding


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Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of Grounding

When an Edmonton electrician refers to grounding the electrical circuits. What they mean, is to ensure that the current is flowing back to the source from where it originated. Which is what allows an electrical system to be protected.

It is extremely important especially during residential builds, and renovations. That the electrician that is working on the wiring. Grounds the system correctly. Otherwise, it could put the building, and it is occupants at risk.

How an electrician should go about grounding the electrical system. Is outlined in the Canadian electrical code. Which is updated every year.

So people should ensure that they are hiring the right electrician. Who is adhering to the most current electrical code. To ensure they are doing things properly, and as safely as possible.

When people are hiring and Edmonton electrician for the job. They should be asking what version of the code they are using. But also can ask about what systems and processes that they have in place.

That can help ensure that they are not going to miss an important step. Or leave something undone, that can cause a lot of problems in the electrical system.

A great example of this, is that people will have a brand-new home. But they are complaining that there are flickering lights. or that the lights are dimming frequently, and changing more things are plugged in solving the problem.

When this is the case, it is quite often that the grounding electrode may be faulty, or installed incorrectly. And this can happen, when the electrician that is working on the jobsite. Simply misses one step in the process.


And while electricians are extremely intelligent. They have to think about a lot of different steps. That may be different for each jobsite that they set foot on.

And one way that great electricians can overcome this challenge. Is by creating a checklist and a series of processes. That they must adhere to, to ensure that all steps are done properly.

If an Edmonton electrician had been on the jobsite where the grounding electrode was installed incorrectly. By going through the checklist, they could have fixed the problem.

So that it never got to a point of people living in a house, that is not grounded. The reason why it is so important. Is because when house is not grounded. There is not a safe way to discharge surplus electricity.

And it will either affect the home by giving it power surges. That can cause lights to flicker, or become brighter. Or, the surge can actually effect electrical devices that are plugged into electrical sockets.

And while people are aware of how important it is to have a surge protector on their computer. To protected from any surges that might happen.

Grounding their entire home can help protect from surges as well. And when the home is not grounded. All electrical devices that are plugged in, such as televisions, computers and gaming systems can be at risk.

Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of Grounding

Many people do not understand everything that their Edmonton electrician is going to do during a build or renovation. But doing it properly is going to make all of the difference to whether people are going to have safe electrical systems or not.

While there are many aspects of electrical system that needs to be done correctly in order for the system to be safe. The grounding also needs to be done correctly. And as per the Canadian electrical code.

The purpose of a ground is to help the overcurrent device operate. Whether that device is a breaker, or a fuse. Therefore, if the house or building is not grounded. The breaker will not get tripped when there is a surge.

And when that happens, there is a risk of an electrical fire breaking out in the house. Because when the breaker does not turn off, and overloaded circuit is allowed to continue getting hotter.

And it is only a short period of time, before that overheated wire breaks out into a fire. The reason why electrical fires are so dangerous. Is because they can build without being detected between the walls.

And by travelling in between the walls, the fire can spread throughout the entire house. Before people are even aware that there is a problem.

And while an electrical fire can cause a significant amount of damage. It can also pose a huge safety risk to the people in the house. As they try to escape the fire, without getting injured.


This is why it is so important to have the electricity grounded in the home. So that they can help ensure that there breaker or their fuse does its job. And turns off power to an overloaded circuits.

The idea behind grounding is to limit injury and reduce property damage, and injury can even include death. When people are doing a project where they need an electrician. There are several things that they can check.

To ensure that the electrician will do things correctly. The first thing that people need to do, is ensure that their Edmonton electrician is going to pull the correct permits.

And according to the Canadian electrical code. Any time an electrician is going to alter the electrical system. A permit needs to be pulled, so that the work and get inspected to ensure its done correctly.

And while hundred percent of residential applications need to the correct grounding. Not all commercial applications do. But whether it is a laboratory, a hospital or a school.

These are scenarios where it is vital that the grounding is done. So before any electrician works on a commercial site. They should check with the Canadian electrical code.

To verify that they are going to need to do the grounding for this project. To ensure that they do it correctly, and that it passes inspection.

While people who are hiring an Edmonton electrician do not necessarily need to know what grounding is. They just need to know that they are hiring the best professional for the job. Who will ensure that it is done properly.

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