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When hiring contractors such as an Edmonton electrician for any job site, people should ensure that they are focusing on safety. Not only does that mean the company owner is ensuring that they are working safely, but they have duplicatable systems in place to help ensure that their staff are all working safely, and following a set protocol to guarantee that. There are several things that people can ask the company that they are thinking of hiring, to verify that they have adequate safety protocols in place.

There is a program and certification that is available for companies in order to demonstrate that they have developed their own safety programs, and have met a certain standard of safe practices. This is called the COR certification. Any business that says that they have this certification, can be trusted to follow their own developed safety procedures. This can include a series of checklists and templates that every employee can follow depending on the circumstances. Whatever the safety program is, if they have this certification, people can be assured that they have initiatives in place that are going to allow the entire company to work safely.

Another way to ensure that the company that they hire is focusing on safety, is to ask if they are using field level hazard assessment checklists. What this is, is a checklist that requires an Edmonton electrician to review the jobsite before they set foot on it. What they are looking for, are any hazards. If they find any hazards, they need to document them on the form, before they clean up whatever hazards they may be. This might be broken glass, or sticky floors, a mess that would create a tripping hazard such as dangling extension cords. By looking at the entire jobsite before they set foot on it and cleaning up any hazards before they start work is a good way to ensure that they are focusing on safety. If someone has indicated that they use in FL HA or in FL RA, they will be focusing on safety.

Even if they are not using an FLHA, or if they do not have safety certifications, as long as when asked, the Edmonton electrician can indicate that they have a safety program and see what it is. This might be a series of templates and checklists that each electrician is required to look at and check off before they start work to ensure that they have the right tools and materials, that all tools are in safe working order, they have checked their safety equipment and verified that they have the right safety equipment for the job, and they have checked to ensure its also in working order.

When people ensure that their only hiring an Edmonton electrician that has well-established safety protocol, people are ensuring the safety of not just the electricians, but everyone else who is going to be working on that jobsite. By focusing on safety, and choosing to work only with electricians if you are safe, people can ensure they are getting great service, done safely.

Edmonton electrician | the importance of hiring safe contractors

It is up to the person that is hiring an Edmonton electrician to ensure they have all the qualifications that they need to be able to be provide the work that they have been hired for. Unfortunately, this responsibility falls to the person that is doing the hiring. Therefore, it is important that people know exactly what to ask a contractor when they are hiring to verify that they are equally able to work, and that they are also covered to do that work as well.

One of the first things that someone should be asking a contractor before they hire them is if they have the proper insurance. For contractors, this means having a general liability insurance that usually starts at one million dollars. This insurance is going to ensure that if there is a problem with work that they provided, if they have cause damage, or something else goes wrong, that the insurance will help pay for the damage. If a person hires an Edmonton electrician that does not have the appropriate insurance, they may have little to no recourse if something goes wrong. They may be able to personally sue the contractor, but that is not going to guarantee that they are going to win, or even be able to recover their damages. Not only is that a risk, but it will also take time and money as well.

Another thing that is important for someone to ask their Edmonton electrician before they are hired, is to ensure that they have the right licensing and certification to work as an electrician in the province of Alberta. In this province, people working as an Edmonton electrician need to either be a registered apprentice, which means they have passed a certain amount of classes, and are working under a certified journeyman. Once they apprenticed, they can earn a license, and once they have that license they can apply to the province of Alberta for certification. Once they get that certification they are called a certified journeyman. Only people that are registered apprentice or certified journeyman electrician are able to legally do electrical work in Alberta. When people verify that the person that they are looking to hire has one of those two qualifications, that can help ensure that the person is hiring the right company for the job.

It is also important that they are checking to see if the company has WCB coverage as well. Worker’s Compensation will ensure that the companies staff is covered in case they get hurt on the job. If a company does not have Worker’s Compensation, it is usually a warning sign that there most likely not a licensed contractor, and should not be hired.

When people know what questions to ask their Edmonton electrician prior to hiring them to ensure that they have the right qualifications and certifications to do the job, they will be able to make a better hiring decision. By keeping in mind that not all electricians who advertise their services are certified, can help people remember to ask the right questions to verify they are going to be able to do the job that they have been hired to do.

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