Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of Upgraded Circuit Breakers


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Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of Upgraded Circuit Breakers

There are many different electrical components that need to be upgraded on older homes according to Edmonton electrician. And whether people are purchasing older homes to renovate.

Or if people are renovating a home that they have lived in for a while. Understanding that if there home has been built anywhere between the sixties and the eighties. They should get an electrical inspection.

While there many different parts of their electrical services that may be worn out, and need to be upgraded. Not only to bring them up to code. But to ensure that their home is as safe as possible.

One of the most important aspects of their electrical services. Is the circuit breaker panel. The reason why, is because this is what is going to protect them from overloaded circuits.

Why a circuit breaker is so poor and. Is because if there is an overloaded circuits. It is what stops the electricity from flowing to the circuits.

It is very easy for someone to overloaded their electrical circuit. If they are plugging more than 15 A into their electrical circuits at a time.

This is very common if people are using for example a microwave in the kitchen, but on the same circuit, they are also using a coffeepot for example.

In the bathroom, if people have hair straightener plugged in and turn hair dryer on. That can very easily overload the circuit.


The reason why, is because a microwave as well as hair straightener. Both are fifteen M electrical devices. Which means if they plug anything else in. In addition to those devices.

They are going to overload circuit in their home. But, in an older home. Where people typically do not have enough electrical circuits or plug-ins.

For people to use power bars to add the ability to plug more things in. But all this does says Edmonton electrician. Is increase the ability to put more than 15 A into a circuit at a time.

However, the circuit breaker is what protects people from having electrical fire. From overheated wires from being loaded.

Therefore, if there circuit breaker is not working. Then what will happen, is the wire will continue to get hot. And their electricity will not be cut off. Which will eventually result in a fire breaking out from that wire being too hot.

This is why it is very important to have a up-to-date and functioning circuit breaker. Which is one of the first things that their Edmonton electrician is going to look for during a electrical inspection.

When they find that the circuit breakers no longer working. They have an option to replace it completely. And this is the best time to at an even larger panel than what they need.

So that they can add circuits. And add capabilities to their electrical needs in the future. Therefore, it is very important that people figure out how many more electrical outlets they need in their home. So that they can upgrade to the right size panel.

Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of Upgraded Circuit Breakers

It is very important for people to understand what a circuit breaker does says Edmonton electrician. So that they can ensure that it is working. Especially if they are living in an older home.

One of the first things that an electrician will do when inspecting an older home. To see if the electrical service needs upgrading. Is a check the circuit breaker panel.

Not only because this is so important to avoid overloaded circuits. But because it is important to avoid having a certain brand of panel in their home.

The reason why, is because the federal Pacific panel brand. Is known to fail quite often. And according to the research done by Dr. Aaron Steen. Has a 70 to 80% known failure rate.

Which means the vast majority of people who have this style and brand of circuit breaker panel. Will eventually have an electrical fire. When it stops working properly.

And since these panels were installed in a large percentage of homes that were built between the sixties, seventies and eighties. Throughout Canada as well as the United States.

That is a lot of homes that are at risk. In fact, this problematic circuit breaker has been known to cause almost 3000 house fires and the United States every single year.

And on average, thirteen deaths as well as fourteen million dollars in property damages. Which is why is incredibly important to fix. Even though the statistics on Canadian homes is not available.


When they find that they have a federal Pacific circuit breaker. Edmonton electrician will recommend replacing that immediately. But the benefit of doing it. Will be that they can install a larger panel with more capabilities.

For example, they might want to count the number of circuits that they need to add to their panel. By taking stock of how many power bars they are using. To add electrical devices to.

Because this is usually the first thing that homeowners do. When they have more electrical devices than they do outlets in their home. However this is dangerous, because it can end with an overloaded electrical system.

So by adding a larger panel. They can add a panel that has enough spaces for their current electrical needs. As well as one that has space for the future as well. So they can upgrade moving forward if they wish.

At the same time, their electrician can also check the wires going into the panel. To see if they have degraded over time. In order to make the decision to replace those.

Since is going to be easy to replace everything in the circuit breaker panel at the same time. By completing all of these tasks the same time. They are going to save themselves some money.

By doing it all at once. And ensuring that their home is a safe at the same time. They can also get their Edmonton electrician to let them know what else they should budget for.

So that they can plan on upgrading the rest of their electrical system. Whenever they can, and as soon as possible. So that they can have a safe home for their entire family.

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