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Edmonton Electrician | The Proper Way To Renovate a Kitchen

When homeowners are ready to update their kitchen, calling an Edmonton electrician. Can help them get the high-value renovation that they need. To increase functionality of their kitchen. And increase the value of their home.

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It can be very tempting for many homeowners to decide to save money. By hiring a general contractor, instead of a professional electrician. However, this would be a big mistake for many reasons.

While many contractors know a lot about electrical work. The fact that they are a general contractor. Means that they might be a little bit behind in their knowledge.

Particularly, not being up-to-date with the current Canadian electrical code. This code updates every three years. In order to include information. About new technology, such as LED light installation.

But also, they updated every three years. To include the most up-to-date safety practices. Because as new knowledge is gained. Safety practices constantly evolve to become more safe.

Therefore, if someone is not using the most up-to-date Canadian electrical code. What could be happening, is what they are doing. Could be up to the code 5 or ten years ago.

But not only is this not as safe as it should be. It also will not pass inspection. That homeowners need, in order to ensure the safety of the renovations that were done.

When electrical work is not done as safely as it could be. The homeowner is at risk not only for damage to their property. But they could end up with an electrical fire, that puts the safety of everyone in the home at risk as well.

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Therefore, it is well worth the effort. To find an Edmonton electrician that does home renovations. In order to help the homeowner. And completes the renovations properly, and safely.

One of the most common things that people do electrically. When they are renovating their kitchen, is add more electrical outlets. The reason why, is because most kitchens are not built with enough electrical outlets to begin with.

But as more electrical appliances become available. People need to even more electrical outlets than they previously did. Which means homeowners typically will want to add two, three or more outlets.

When homeowners do not hire the right professional to do the work. The person adding the electrical plug-ins. Might make common mistakes, such as using 14gauge wire on the outlets.

However, most electrical appliances in the kitchen. Require a larger amount of electricity. And they could overload the circuits quite easily. If they stick with a 14gauge wire. Another mistake they typically make.

Is a leaving the entire outlets on one circuit. And while that works well in other rooms of the house. Because the electrical appliances in the kitchen take a significant amount of electricity.

The right professional, will split the outlets, so that each plug-in on the outlets. Will be its own circuit. Which means homeowners can plug two things into one outlets, without tripping the breaker.

In order to have the kitchen function as perfectly as they desire. Homeowners should always contact their Edmonton electrician to help them with this very technical renovation. That will help them increase functionality of their kitchen.

Edmonton Electrician | The Proper Way To Improve a Kitchen

Many homeowners do not consider hiring an Edmonton electrician. When they first consider renovating their kitchen. However, it soon will become apparent to most people.

That they are going to have to rewire at least some of her kitchen during this renovation. The reason why, is because most people who are renovating their kitchen. Are renovating a kitchen that is older than three years old.

And chances are, the electrical systems that are wired in their kitchen. Will need upgrading and updating. In order to match the current Canadian electrical code. The reason why this is necessary.

Is because any small change to the current electrical system. Will require an Edmonton electrician updating the entire system in that room. And chances are quite great that homeowners will need to make a small change.

For example, when their kitchen was originally built. The contractor that builds the home. Most likely wired every outlet. To match the electrical requirements of that plug-in.

Which means in the spot where the refrigerator was going to go. If the refrigerator only required a 14gauge wire with the fifteen amp breaker. That is what they installed in that location.

But now, when homeowners are buying a new kitchen appliance. It is not only likely going to draw more energy than their old one did. But if they do not get it wired for the new refrigerator capabilities and power requirements.

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When they buy that refrigerator and bring it home. It will most likely overload the breaker. As soon as they plug in the appliance, and turn it on. Therefore, it becomes very likely that people need to rewire the outlets.

For where there they are purchasing new appliances. Such as the dishwasher, stove, and microwave. And even the range hood will need its own outlets. Wired to the electrical requirements of that appliance.

And when an Edmonton electrician comes in to upgrade one electrical outlet. They are going to have to bring the entire room up to the current Canadian electrical code. And at that point, since the electrician will be there anyway.

Many homeowners take this opportunity. To get all of the electrical components upgraded in their kitchen. Such as getting upgraded lighting to LEDs. Or under the counter lighting.

As well as increasing the number of electrical outlets they have in the kitchen. So that they can plug more things in. They might need to upgrade the panel, or install a subpanel in order to have all of the required circuits.

However, all of this is going to require a professional doing the work. Such as an Edmonton electrician. So that it can be done properly. As well as pass inspection, and be done safely.

When homeowners are ready to renovate their kitchen. One of the best resources they could find. Would be to contact an electrician to help them understand. If they need their services. And if so, how they can help the homeowner get started.

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