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Edmonton Electrician | The Risks of Doing Your Own Electrical Work

Many people may not realize how dangerous electrical work can be says Edmonton electrician. Which is why they think that they can do simple jobs themselves. Even if people have a limited knowledge of electrical work.

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They may think that that gives them the knowledge. To do simple things, like wiring a smart thermostat themselves. However, no matter how simple people think a electrical job is. They should avoid doing it themselves.

One of the first things that they should keep in mind. Is that the electrical code is constantly updating. To ensure electricians know the most safe techniques to use. As well as updating the code, to include information.

About new technology, therefore, it is always changing. And unless people are studying the current code. They do not know the most safe way to do things. As well, Edmonton electrician says.

That according to the same Canadian electrical code. That any change, even minor to an electrical system. Requires updating the rest of that electrical system, to the current safety standards in the code.

Therefore, when people are simply trying to install a nest thermostat. They may not realize that they have to add an additional wire to the system. Which not only requires adding a circuit to their electrical panel.

But that wires going to have to go into their furnace room, which requires running cable. From one floor to another floor, and hooking it up to an electrical device. But also, there are going to be challenges with that.

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Such as having to get through something called a fire block, or a fire stop. That is a stud, that is installed perpendicular between the studs. Which is designed to stop, or slow the spread of fire in the wall.

They might either not be able to fish the cable, because they encounter that fire block. And perplexed, stop and call their Edmonton electrician. To come in and fix the problem.

Or, people may drill through that block. In order to finish running that cable. Without realizing that they now have rendered their fire block unusable. And unwittingly, put their home at risk.

Because that important safety feature was compromised. An electrician on the other hand, will know that there is the fire stop there. And will be able to drill through it, in order to run the cable safely.

But then know, that there going to have to go back and fill that hole with an expandable insulating foam. So that they can restore that fire blocks intended purpose. Of keeping fire from spreading quickly.

There are so many different things. That can be very difficult about fishing cables and wire through the walls. As well as doing small electrical jobs. That it is very hard for average people to do it safely.

Which is why it is very beneficial to always: the professional. People can even call on how her power to do a walk-through of their space. In order to get a quote, and their opinion about the job. So that they can do it properly, instead of doing it improperly themselves.

Edmonton Electrician | The Risks of Doing Your Own Electrical Work

It may be very tempting, to try minor electrical work themselves says Edmonton electrician. However, not only is working with electricity inherently dangerous. But several things could go wrong.

Which would cause the finished product to be unsafe itself. Or, because the current electrical system to not work properly. Ultimately, requiring calling and Edmonton electrician. To come in and fix things.

When people are trying to do their own work. Either to save time or money. They may not realize that pulling cables and wire. Through their walls, is actually as difficult as it is.

They may make several mistakes. Including simply being unable to find where they have pulled that cable. And leaving it stock, because they did not realize. How many things would block it.

From other wires and cables. That are already there, two things like pipes, insulation. And especially in older buildings. There might be a wide variety of unknown objects, blocking a person.

From being able to fish wire or cable to the walls successfully. In fact, electricians, have many tips and tricks of their slave. To make this easier for them. That they learn as professionals in their trade.

They know how to find a cable that they are trying to fish through. Using a nest of twine, and on the other side, a hook. That can easily grab onto the cable because of the twine.

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As well as using magnets to find studs. And using golf balls, or tennis balls. In order to find out exactly where they should drill. If people do not have the experience as an Edmonton electrician.

To know all it of different tips and tricks. To make the job easier. This may not be a good idea, to try and do their own electrical work themselves. Many people think it is not dangerous at all.

Because there going to be able to turn their breaker off while they are working on it. However, what is in dangerous, is when people accidentally do something incorrectly.

That renders their breaker useless. The breaker is designed to turn off the flow of electricity. To a circuit that is being overloaded. Because all wire that has more electricity than it is designed to handle.

Gets physically hot to the touch. And when that circuit is not broken, the wire will continue getting hotter. Until it is hot enough to catch its surroundings on fire. Which is how electrical fires start.

Therefore, people do not need to worry about imminent danger to themselves. When they are doing their own electrical work. As much as causing problems to their electrical system. That puts their home at risk in the long run.

When people are thinking about doing their own electrical work. They should first call an electrician. For no other reason, and getting a walk-through and an estimate. To decide if it is truly worth doing it themselves.

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