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Edmonton Electrician | The Size of Bathroom Fans Matter

Because most homeowners do not think about bathroom ventilation fans often. They may not realize that there is a wide variety out there. Including the size of the motor in the fan.

The reason why this matters, is because the function of the bathroom ventilation fan. Will be to get rid of moisture in the air. So that it cannot settle in the house, causing moisture buildup. Which promotes the growth of mildew and old.

The larger the bathroom, the larger the fan needs to be. To move that air efficiently, and suck it out of the bathroom, and up into the ducts and out of the house.

This ability to move air is expressed as cubic feet per minute. Or CFM for short. Homeowners will see this written on the box of the various fans at the hardware store.

That it is expressed as a certain number followed by CFM. The smallest CFM fan that will be available is fifty. And the largest CFM fan is hundred and fifty.

While the largest fan will be able to accommodate even the largest residential bathroom. If people find that they have a need for more fan power. There are Edmonton electrician can simply add multiple fans to the room, on the same switch. So that they will have increased capability.

How homeowners can figure out the size of fan they need, they will need to figure out the square footage of their home. They can plug that number into an online CFM calculator to find out what is recommended.


However, Edmonton electrician suggests that homeowners by a slightly larger fan than what is recommended. The reason why, is because as the fan ages. Or as the fan develops dust on the fan and on the grill. It can impact the ability to move air effectively.

Therefore, by putting a larger size fan into the bathroom. Even if it has dust on it, or even as it ages. It will still move the correct amount of air to eliminate moisture from the bathroom.

As choose the right size of fan. They also need to ensure that their home is ducted properly. To ensure that the air is leaving the bathroom and their home. Instead of moving to another part of their home.

For example, Edmonton electrician saw one acting that was directed into the soffits of home. So as that air is being ducted out of the house, it is also being sucked back into the attic. Causing mould to grow undetected for a long time.

Ideally, the ducting will be in good shape with no gaps or holes. And it will blow out into a rated exhaust hatch, one that has a damper or a flap in it.

This exhaust hatch needs to be properly sealed. To ensure that moist air does not settle in on the exhaust hatch, causing damage and problems on the roof of the house.

By being aware of why a bathroom ventilation fan is needed. And how to check to ensure that it is functioning properly. Can help ensure that people are keeping their house as moisture free as possible. So that they do not Philip problems that will require costly repairs.

Edmonton Electrician | The Size of Bathroom Fans Matter

Not only are many homeowners not aware that the size of bathroom ventilation fans matter says Edmonton electrician. But they might not even be aware that there are different sizes to choose from.

If they ever had to replace their bathroom ventilation fan. They might not make the right choice. Choosing one based on cost, and not ability.

Ultimately, choosing an inexpensive fan will be more expensive in the long run. Because the cheapest bathroom ventilation fans. Will not be able to move air efficiently out of the bathroom. Which will cause moisture buildup. And moisture buildup promotes mould growth.

Since mould is toxic to the inhabitants of the house. Once mould settles in the house. It can cause a lot of problems. And it can cause a lot of health issues in the people that live in the house.

Therefore, it is very important that they choose the right fan. So that they are not inadvertently creating problems for themselves says Edmonton electrician.

Once homeowners know about the different sizes available. And how to calculate the best size for their bathroom. The next thing that homeowners can do, is be aware of the wide variety of options that are available.

Noise level is a very common option that people choose. Because minimizing noise level not just in the bathroom. But in the house overall can be very important says Edmonton electrician.


In addition to that, some fans come with built-in lighting. Which can be important if homeowners find that their bathroom is darker than they wanted to be. Or some of the lighting can be coloured LED lights. To add fun, or calming colours to their space.

A popular option is fans that come with the built-in humidity sensor. That will allow the fan to turn on when it senses that the humidity has reached a certain level. The bathroom ventilation fan will stay on until it senses that the humidity has dropped. And then it will turn itself off.

This is an extremely great option in a house where there are children, who may forget to turn the fan on or even off. Or for people who do not know when they need to turn the fan off to ensure that the moisture has been removed from the bathroom.

And one of the most popular options includes a Bluetooth speaker. To allow homeowners to connect their music directly to the bathroom vent. So that they can listen to music while in the bathroom.

Whether they want to add calming music to their relaxation bath. Or listen to their favourite podcasts while they are getting ready to go to work. There are many applications and reasons why people would want to listen to music while they are in their bathroom.

By understanding the most important things to look for in bathroom ventilation fans. Can help people choose the right options, and then if they want to choose some fun additions. They will be able to add fun to their bathroom. While ensuring that the bathroom fan works in minimizing moisture in this room.

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