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Edmonton Electrician | Tips to Avoid Overloaded Circuits

People may not realize that they are putting their family at risk for a house fire does Edmonton electrician. Complete by using a power bar or an outlet extender. While many people think that this is a safe way to increase their Outlets ability of processing electricity.

This is not the case. People should understand Outlets of work. So that rather than buying if devices be able to five more in. They can fix the problem permanently. And avoid putting their family at risk.

People needs to understand that each outlet only has the capability of handling 15 amps at a time. This is why there are only ever two plug-ins on a typical Outlet. And if there is an outlet with more. This is generally because there are more wires to increase the amount of amps that the plug-in handle.

Therefore, when people buy Power Bars in order to be able to plug more in and have more things turned on. They may not realize that they are inadvertently overloading that outlet with more amps than it was designed to handle.

It works harder to handle the increased load of electricity. The wires get hotter. The more things are plugged in, and the longer they are turned on. The hotter the wires are going to get.

These hot wires are going to be what triggers house fire or a fire in a business. Wires in patch the walls and the wooden studs inside the home or business on fire. And the fire can actually gain momentum inside the walls, before anyone realizes that there is a problem.

When the fire actually Burns through the wall, extensive damage has already been made, and more areas of the house are affected in people realize.


This is a true danger to the home and to the occupants of the house does Edmonton electrician. Because electrical wildfires are extremely devastating.

Many people believe that their circuit breaker will protect them in case they do end up overloading the outlet by plugging too much into it. And while this is the job of the circuit breaker. There are many things that can cause a circuit breaker to fail. Including age, or poor-quality breaker box.

And unfortunately, people will not know if they’re circuit breaker is going to fail until it actually does bail. And also, Edmonton electrician says there is no indication to a person that they have in fact overloaded their outlet, and to the breaker should have cut the power.

This means that people continue to overload the circuit, not knowing that their circuit breaker has already failed. This is why people should avoid using a power bar as a means to plug more things into that electrical outlet.

If people need more electrical outlets in their home, they should pay Edmonton electrician to abdomen. Instead of buying a power bar that may or may not protect them in case things go wrong.

Edmonton Electrician | How to Avoid Overloaded Circuits

If people make the assumption that only older homes are at risk for electrical fires does Edmonton electrician. They are making a dangerous assumption that might in house fire down the road. No matter their age of the ability to have an electrical fire. If people are overloading the outlet.

Each electrical outlet generally has the capability and 15 amps at a time. Having two things plugged in and turned on General give that outlet the amps that they can handle. By utilizing a power bar, people are not increasing the ability to handle more amps. They are simply forcing the outlet handle more amps.

people should also be very mindful of how much electricity is that each of their things plugs in uses. Hair straighteners and hair dryers are two examples of things that are so powerful, that it should be the only thing once and and turned on to an outlet.

If people want to increase the number of outlets that they have their home all they have to do is call their Edmonton electrician. All they have to do is add an additional breaker to their breaker box. More wire into the home, and add electrical outlet.

Upholstered walk around their home and take stock of all of the things that they have plugged into each of their Outlet. If they have Power Bars, they should increase the number of outlets in each room. By doing this, people are eliminating the need to utilize these cheap Power Bars. And actually increasing the power capability in their home.


At the same time, they’re Edmonton electrician 10 look at your breaker box to verify that it is in good condition, and it is of good quality. Some breaker boxes are known to be very poor and quality.

And have also been known to fail very often. Federal is the name of these breaker boxes that should not be used. However, many people are unaware that these breaker boxes are bad. How many people don’t even know what brand are breaker box is.

When they are getting more Outlets installed into their home. They should always call their Edmonton electrician. Because they are licensed electrical contractor. They have insurance so that the homeowner is covered in case anything goes wrong. And also, the licensed electrical contractor will pull us carry permit. And even get their work inspected at the end to ensure the homeowner that if it’s all been done correctly.

If people don’t hire a licensed electrical contractor. They might still be putting their house at risk, if they do something wrong. Unlicensed contractors won’t have the insurance necessary to cover the cost in case things go wrong .

if people need additional outlets in their home. Rather than buying additional Power Bars that might cause problems. They should simply add more Outlets. Knowing that the cost of adding more Outlets will pale in comparison the cost of a house fire.

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