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Edmonton Electrician | Tips on How to Buy Bathroom Fans

Even though many homeowners do not think about their bathroom fan all that often says Edmonton electrician. When it is time to choose the cracked fan for their house. It is an extremely important decision. That they need to take very seriously.

What bathroom fans do, is suck the moist air from the room, and vented out of the house. From preventing moisture buildup. Homeowners are protecting their homes against mould damage.

And while many homeowners simply by the least expensive bathroom fan they can. This might be a more expensive option in the long run.

As inexpensive fans need to be replaced more often. And can often fail, leaving homeowners having to their extensive mould damage.

Therefore, choosing the right fan is important. To ensure that it can do its job well. And spending a few extra dollars to ensure they have a good quality fan.

Can help ensure that homeowners are least likely to develop mould problems. That are not only expensive to fix. But can threaten the health of their family as well.

The first thing that homeowners need to take into consideration when purchasing a bathroom ventilation fan. Is the size of their bathroom, so that they can get a fan that can move the air in their bathroom efficiently.


The more cubic feet the bathroom is, the more capacity fan needs to have to move air through that room. Edmonton electrician says this will be expressed as cubic feet per minute. Or CFM for short.

How homeowner can calculate this number, is by figuring out the square footage of their room, and then inputting it into a CFM calculator online. They will find out what the fan needs to be rated, in order to efficiently move air around and ultimately out of the room.

However, one word of caution is that homeowners should add twenty or thirty CFM’s to this number. To ensure that even when the fan has dust on it. It will still be able to move the required air around efficiently.

Once homeowners have figured out what size fan they need in their bathroom. The next thing that they should ensure, is that the ducting that they have inside their home is adequate for what they need.

Ideally, Edmonton electrician says the ducting will go directly out of the house. Either up through the ceiling and out the roof. Or out the side of the house.

It should come out of the house in a rated exhaust hatch. And not only does it needs to be sealed properly. It also should have a flap or a damper on it. Which means the fan can suck air out of the house. But air cannot come back in.

Once homeowners have insured that their house is ventilated properly. And that they have the right size fan for their bathroom. They can ensure that no matter what other options they choose in their bathroom ventilation fan.

They will be eliminating any additional moisture from their home. And protecting their home and their family from mould.

Edmonton Electrician | Tips on How to Buy Bathroom Fans

When it comes to purchasing a bathroom ventilation fan, Edmonton electrician says there are more options now than ever before. Previously, homeowners typically were choosing from size of fan, and noise level.

However, there are so many different models available. That come with many different options. That homeowners should be aware of all of these options. Before they make their decision.

Some of the options can be from extremely functional. Such as having a humidity sensor and a motion sensor else into it. So that the fan can come on when it senses someone in the room. Or whenever the humidity rises to a certain degree.

And that this fan can turn off when enough humidity is eliminated. Or when the bathroom is no longer in use.

Or, some of the options can be simply fun in nature. Such as fans that come equipped with mood lighting. Such as blue LED lights. To help with relaxation for example.

Or bathroom ventilation fans that come with Bluetooth capabilities. To play music through the built-in speaker. Whether people want to have a relaxing bath. Listen to their favourite podcast in the shower. They will be able to enjoy this feature easily.

However, one option that Edmonton electrician advises against. Are the bathroom ventilation fans. That come with built in heat lamps. While having a heat lamp in the bathroom can be lovely, especially during the winter time.


Heat lamp within a bathroom ventilation fan is a poor design. Because bathroom fans attract dust. When that dust is heated up by the heat lamp. It becomes a fire hazard.

If people would like a heat lamp installed in their bathroom. They should ensure that they have one installed well away from their bathroom ventilation fan. To minimize the risk of fires.

In addition to all of these options, people should also be aware that there is different noise levels that they can choose from as well. All these options can be additional money. However, ensuring that there home is a quiet haven from outside, is often worth the money.

Especially when homeowners are paying additional amounts for quiet dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. Spending add bit of extra money on a bathroom ventilation fan. Seems like a good decision.

Since bathroom ventilation fans come in the sizes fifty CFM two hundred and fifty CFM. If people end up having a larger bathroom that requires more airflow. Edmonton electrician says they can always choose to add additional bathroom ventilation fans into one bathroom.

In that case, they might want to have one fan with no additional options. And have one fan with mood lighting, speakers or motion sensors.

By making the right choice of bathroom ventilation fan. People are not only ensuring that their bathroom contains all of the amenities that are important to them.

There also protecting their house against moisture buildup, and mould that can cause a lot of damage and risk the health of their family.

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