Edmonton Electrician | Tips on Purchasing a Bathroom Fan


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Edmonton Electrician | Tips on Purchasing a Bathroom Fan

Because homeowners are not regularly purchasing bathroom fans for their home, Edmonton electrician says they may not know how to do this effectively.

There are many things to take into consideration. Including a wide variety of options. However, the most important thing for homeowner to pick. Is the right size motor for their room that it is being installed in.

What a bathroom ventilation fan does, is sucked up all of the air in the bathroom that contains moisture. Steamy showers and baths. And then to it out of the house, that moisture does not build up, causing damage and promoting mould growth.

Therefore, if homeowner chooses a fan that is not powerful enough. What will happen, is when they turn the fan on, it will make noise and they think that they are seeing humidity in the room. That is not what is going to happen.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the fan can do the job that is required to do. Which is taking moisture out of the room. Homeowners need to figure out how to calculate what size they need in the fan that they choose.

The amount of air that the fan moves around is expressed by cubic feet per minute, or CFM for short. The larger the bathroom is. And the larger the CFM needs to be on the fan. In order for it to work.

While the lowest CFM fan will be fifty. The largest bathroom ventilation fan for residential homes is one hundred and fifty CFM.

How they will calculate what CFM they need for their bathroom. They need to calculate the square footage of their bathroom. And then plug that number into the CFM calculator online.


This will tell them the number they need to purchase, to ensure that they are effectively clearing the moisture out of their bathroom.

However, Edmonton electrician suggests that no matter what the recommendation is. That homeowners had about twenty or thirty CFM to that total.

Because as the fan ages. And as the fan gets clogged with dust, dirt and pet hair. They need to ensure that it is not impeding their ability to clear the moisture out of the air.

Once homeowners know exactly what size of bathroom ventilation fan they need. They can start looking at all of the other options available. From noise level, to on options like built-in lights and speakers.

Noise level can be extremely important. Because it can help increase the enjoyment of the space. For example, if people want to have a relaxing bath.

If the fan is very loud. It might cause people to not want to put the fan on. Which will cause moisture buildup.

However, by having a quiet fan. People have no problem putting the fan on even if they are having a relaxing bath. Because it is not impacting their ability to have a relaxing bath.

By choosing the right bathroom fan. People can ensure that not only are they protecting their home, their protecting their family from toxic mould, that can come from moisture buildup.

Edmonton Electrician | Tips on Purchasing a Bathroom Fan

The reason why homeowners need to learn a bit about bathroom ventilation fans before they buy one says Edmonton electrician. Is because this can significantly impact the moisture buildup in their home. And that can cause toxic mould to start to form in their home.

The reason why that elation fans are used, is to suck the moist air out of their bathroom and out of them. Because this is an important consideration. Edmonton electrician says that the ducting of the house is vital.

The ducting should go up and out of the roof of a home. Out through a rated exhaust half. One that has a flap or damper. This means that the air can go out, but not come back in. It is also for them says Edmonton electrician that it is sealed properly.

If the exhaust hatch is not installed properly or sealed properly. It can cause moisture buildup on the exhaust hatch itself. Which can cause problems in addition to mould developments.

The next thing that homeowner should take into consideration. Is that maintaining their bathroom ventilation fan is as important as choosing the right one. Since bathroom fans suck up air through the fan. It is inevitable that is going to suck up dust and dirt and pet hair.

As most of the pet hair and dust will blow past the fan. Some will get stuck on the grill and the fan itself. That can cause the fan to slow down. And work less efficiently.

Because of that, Edmonton electrician says that it is important that homeowners know how to maintain the fan. No how often to do so.


For an average size bathroom, or two people are using it on a daily basis. The ventilation fan can be cleaned every 3 to 6 months.

At good way to clean the bathroom ventilation fan would be to take a vacuum brush, and get every nook and cranny of the ventilation the grill.

However, a better way to clean it. Would be to take the ventilation fan grill off. Clean that and let it air dry. And then take a vacuum brush to the blades of the fan. To get as much dust buildup off as possible.

When homeowners do this, they can help the motor work. Because it is not struggling to work harder based on being clogged with dust.

It also can ensure that the air that is being sucked out of the bathroom. Is all of the moisture that designed to be taken out. Therefore, homeowners should put into their maintenance schedule regular cleaning of their bathroom ventilation fans.

Once homeowners know a little bit more about their bathroom ventilation fans. Not only will they be more prepared to purchase one that will suit their bathroom.

But they will not how to take care of it. That they can end up always having moisture being taken out of their bathroom. So that they do not promote mould growth in their home.

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