Edmonton Electrician | Understanding How Motion Sensors Can Protect Your Business


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Edmonton Electrician | How Motion Sensors Can Protect Your Business

Many entrepreneurs end up spending thousands of dollars on a great security system to protect their business says Edmonton electrician. However, they may be overlooking one of the most important ways that they can protect their business inside and out. Motion sensors are an extremely Powerful as well as cost-effective way to protect businesses whether they are commercial or Industrial. They can help illuminate areas that are dark, when they are used inside, such as seldom-used storage rooms, stairwells, and underground parking. They are great for use outside, weather in a climate that gets dark very quickly, or to illuminate areas in the dead of night.

One of the most important ways to protect a business is by Illuminating areas that are seldom used. Many business owners want to ensure that they are able to light up seldom-used areas without keeping the lights on at all times. Such as a stairwell, that might only be used a handful of times, and a business owner doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars a year lighting that area. A motion sensor set to Bright with high sensitivity setting can help ensure that as soon as the door to the stairwell is opened, there’s going to be a bright light eating whoever needs to use the stairs to get to their destination safely. This is true whether it is a stairwell, and underground parking garage, seldom-used storage area, sheds, or crawl spaces says Edmonton electrician.

Another way that motion sensors can help protect it a business is by ensuring that no matter who is coming to the business, or leaving the business, their path brightly-lit no matter what time of day it is. This is extremely important for businesses that have shift workers, that might be coming to work or leaving work at all hours of the day and night. And this is beneficial for businesses that want to ensure that when no workers are there, that they’re building is not a target for criminal activity. By having the sensitivity setting low, so that small animals or traffic driving by doesn’t trigger the sensor unnecessarily says Edmonton electrician, when people get close to the building, or a vehicle’s pull up to the building, the lights will come on, and keep the building safe, whether people are coming and going, or if it’s to deter criminal activity.

Business owners should ensure that when it is an internal use, that they have the sensitivity settings turned all the way up, so that as soon as people get close, the lights will be turned on. However, Edmonton electrician says that if the motion sensors are Outdoors, they will want to have the sensitivity settings turned all the way down. The last thing that a business owner would need is for oncoming traffic to trigger the motion sensor, blinding drivers as they drive past the building. Also, by having the sensitivity setting turns up, small animals like squirrels, or if the wind blows leaves or trees, those can also trigger the motion sensors. Therefore, business owners should ensure that they have the right sensitivity settings for their needs.

Edmonton Electrician | Motion Sensors Can Protect Your Business

Many business owners want to ensure that their business whether it is commercial or Industrial can have bright lights at all times Says Edmonton electrician. However, many business owners don’t want to pay the exorbitant electricity bills that they would have to pay by Illuminating all aspects of their business at all times. This is how motion sensors can help. They can ensure that there getting the lights that they need where they need it, and when. But without having to pay extremely high electricity bills for having the lights on at all times. Also, business owners who are concerned about light pollution can significantly help that problem by using motion sensors as well.

Light pollution can be a huge problem, says Edmonton electrician. Not only does it illuminates the areas around it, but if everyone uses electricity this way, it can actually cause cities to develop a problem where complete darkness cannot be achieved, which is not good. Therefore, businesses that use motion sensors can ensure that’s they have lights whenever they need it, whether it’s to help their staff come and go, or to deter criminal activity, but without contributing to the light pollution problem.

In order to ensure that business owners are protecting their property, they should ensure that they are cleaning their motion detectors often enough. Edmonton electrician says when they are external sensors, they should be cleaned either every few months, or more often if there has been inclement weather. Precipitation like snow, sleet or rain can cause dirt to build up on the sensors. But also wind can cause a problem, blowing dust on to the sensors as well. In order to clean, business owners can get a non-abrasive cleaner and a microfiber cloth and wipe down the sensors as often as needed, and at least every three months. If they are internal motion sensors, business owners also need to understand that dust can land on the sensors, making it difficult for them to be activated. Again, they can use a non-abrasive cleaner with a microfiber cloth every few months, or more if the business tends to get Dusty often.

Business owners also need to understand that false detections can inhibits the effectiveness of their motion detector, causing the lights to come on unnecessarily. If criminals realize that there’s a lot of false detections, they might choose to do criminal activity at that place of business, because it won’t be considered out of the ordinary to have the lights come on often. Both the Texans can be caused by electrical interference, there for business owners need to be aware of the wireless signals that are being used, in order to minimize interference with their motion detector. If they continue to have problems, it can often be caused by there electrical metre, as utility providers are fitting The Meters with wireless signals to eliminate door-to-door metre readings. Therefore, simply by calling their utility provider, and asking them to turn the signal down can minimize false detections with their motion detectors.

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