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Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of Emergency & Exit Lighting

If business owners don’t think it is that important to update or install emergency lighting and exit signs and their business, they should think again says Edmonton electrician. They need to consider what would happen in their business if they had an emergency, and people could not evacuate in a timely fashion because there was not enough lighting. While many business owners are concerned with the cost not only of purchasing the emergency lighting units and emergency exit signs, but also the cost at installing them, they should think what the cost would be if they did not have the lighting, and people would not be able to evacuate quickly. With how important it is, business owners not only should ensure that they get emergency lighting, but they should ensure that they have an expert help them install it, so that they can assure that it is done correctly.

When business owners are choosing the right unit for their emergency lighting, they will notice that each unit has its own battery pack, and will come with two lamps on it. These lamps can have any sort of lightbulb in them including halogen, incandescent and led. Edmonton electrician recommends using LED light bulbs units, because these are the most gerbil light bulbs. As well, they last the longest amount of time. Therefore, business owners who get units with LED light bulbs will probably never have to replace those light bulbs in their entire lifetime. Not only that, but in the case of an emergency especially if that emergency is a fire, those lights are going to withstand an incredible amount of heat before they stopped working, giving everybody as much time as possible to safely evacuate a building.

The next thing that business owners need to take into consideration, is that if there exit signs are red and use the word exit, these are no longer allowed for use in this part of the world. If a business owner has purchased a building that has these units in it, they needs to get them inspected, and based on the inspector, they may allow these units because they were installed before the laws changed. However, they might not get an inspector who thinks they are okay, in which case they will need to have them replaced. Edmonton electrician says that business owners should ensure that they get the green exit signs that have a stick figure man on it, often referred to as the green running man sign. By using these, business owners can ensure that their emergency lights and exit signs are up to code, and can help everybody exit, no matter if they can read English or not.

Business owners also needs to understand that they should be testing their emergency lighting for 30 seconds every month, and for 90 minutes every year. If business owners don’t have the time to do this themselves, they might want to consider hiring in Edmonton electrician to come in and test them on a regular basis. That way, if the units need any work such as a replacement part, a new light bulb, or to be replaced for any reason, they will be able to do that quickly and easily without the business owner doing anything additional to what they normally do.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Emergency & Exit Lighting

the reason why emergency lighting and exit signs are mandatory in public spaces is to help people evacuate to during an emergency since Edmonton electrician. Therefore, no matter what commercial or industrial business it is, a business owner needs to ensure that all Pathways leading to the exit are illuminated, and all exits are clearly marked. Businesses need to understand that large office spaces and hallways are the most important to have the exit Pathways lit up. And while bathrooms might need an exit sign, storage rooms, closets and individual offices don’t necessarily need emergency lighting, it’s most important for larger spaces and hallways.

Business owners should either contact and Edmonton electrician to help them figure out the placement of all emergency lights and exit signs if they are doing a brand new office build. Or, if they have purchased an existing building, they should contact their Edmonton electrician to verify that what they have in that office space is adequate, or if they need additional lights. By verifying that they have adequate lighting, business owners are essentially helping assure the safety of not just their staff in the case of an emergency, but their customers as well. Since nobody knows exactly when an emergency is going to happen, it might happen when their business is full of staff and customers who need to escape safely.

Some business owners think that they’re going to be able to save money by installing these emergency lights themselves, however that is ill-advised. The reason why, is because there’s a varying voltage factors of each of the emergency light systems. They’ll all have their own battery pack built-in, and have two lamps in them to illuminate two different directions. If a business owner tries to install them themselves, and the ballast can’t handle that amount of voltage, they could risk overloading the units, causing it to stop working. Or worse, they can affect the wiring of the entire building, or cause damage to their property. To avoid this, business owners simply needs to contact her Edmonton electrician to help them get their emergency lights installed properly.

Another reason why in Edmonton electrician should be called upon to install the emergency lights, is so that they can ensure that the lamps are pointed in the right direction. Some people have them pointing at the walls, or at the ceiling, when they should be pointed to the floor and Illuminating the pathway leading out.

When business owners understand how important these lights are, they will understand how important it is that they are installed correctly. By contacting the experts, business owners can assure that whether it is a brand new office space that they are building, or if it’s an existing office that they are taking over, that they will have enough emergency lighting and the correct exit signs to help ensure everybody is kept safe. A business owner should consider how important it is that they are ensuring the safety of their staff and their customers, and ensure that they not only install the correct number of emergency lights, but get them installed properly as well.

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