Edmonton Electrician | Understanding the Importance of Exit and Emergency Lighting


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Edmonton Electrician | The Importance of Exit and Emergency Lighting

The reason why it is so important to have the proper emergency lights and exit signs says Edmonton electrician is to help people in a building evacuate safely in case of an emergency. Business owners should ensure that they have done everything that they can to help guarantee the safety of all of the people that they hire to work in their business, and all of the customers that are supporting them.

Therefore, they should have their building inspected by a professional to ensure that they have the correct emergency lights, enough of them, and that they are installed properly. And that they have the correct exit signs located at each of the exits. A business owner should set this up, hoping that they will never have to use them, but knowing that if they do have to get used, it can help people evacuate safely.

One of the first things that business owners needs to take into consideration that the emergency lights and the exit signs all need to be individually powered. Therefore, all of the units that they purchase should have their own battery pack. this means that each unit can be a little expensive, ranging in price between $150 per emergency light or exit sign, all the way up to $200. However, business owners should not try to save money by installing fewer lights, because that can render the emergency lighting ineffective. Business owners should contact they’re Edmonton electrician to help them choose the correct units for their building and their space. and to help ensure that today have enough of them 4 your space as well.

Business owners need to ensure that there’s enough emergency lights, that people who are evacuating, can clearly see their way out even if they don’t know where all of the exits are in a building. This is very important, because customers may not know how to evacuate from a building safely, or the occupants of a building can get disoriented if there is an emergency.

In case of a fire, they might not be able to look up at the walls or the ceiling, which is why the emergency lights need to be pointed at the floor. By contacting an Edmonton electrician to help business owners out with this, they can ensure the units are installed correctly, and in the right amount.

Even exit signs need to have their own power supply does Edmonton electrician. Even if they are on all the time, they needs to be individually powered, so that if the emergency has knocked out power to the building, they can still light up and show people the way out of the building. By ensuring they are the correct signs, green, with a stick figure on it, business owners are ensuring that people can see the way out, they cannot read the word exit.

Therefore the red exit signs are no longer legal, and if business owners have these in their existing business, they should get rid of them immediately. Red is hard to see in a fire, and having the word exit on it means that only people who can read English can understand that that is the safe way out.

Edmonton Electrician | Understanding Exit and Emergency Lighting

With how important it is to have a proper emergency lights and exit signs, business owners should get an Edmonton electrician to verify that they have adequate lighting. Not only do they need to have enough units to ensure that the way out can be clearly illuminated. But they also needs to be kept in working condition, to guarantee that’s in case of an emergency, they will work flawlessly, and can help Evacuate the entire building safely. Business owners need to work hard to ensure this, well hoping that they never actually have to use it. However it’s far better to ensure that they haven’t and never need it, then need it and not have adequate coverage help people escape.

Depending on the size of the business, and how many exit routes there are, business owners may end up buying quite a few emergency lighting units says Edmonton electrician. They all have varying voltage factors, and business owners are not aware of this, they might end up making the wrong purchase. Also, some business owners think that because they’re spending so much on emergency lights already, because each unit will cost anywhere between $150 to $200, that they’re going to save money by installing them themselves.

This would be a grave error, because of business owners don’t know how to install them correctly, or take the voltage factors into account, they might overload the ballast, which could damage the emergency lighting units themselves, and render them useless. Or, they could overload the ballast, and cause damage to their building. Therefore, it’s incredibly important that business owners get their Edmonton electrician to install the lights accurately.

One of the biggest benefits of having their Edmonton electrician to install the units, is that they will know the correct permits to pull. they will also know how to install them properly, and ensure that the lights are pointed in the right direction, such as at the floor in both directions and not at the walls or the ceiling. And that’s when they are done their work, they will get it inspected, to help a business owner ensure that they’re building is always up to code. With how important it is to have these lights installed correctly, business owners should be calling on the experts to help them with that.

Another thing that business owners can get when they have their Edmonton electrician help them out, is that those professionals can test the lights on a regular basis as well. Just like a smoke detector, emergency lights need to be tested monthly, for 30 seconds each. But every year, they need to be tested for full 90 minutes.

The reason why they need to be tested for an hour and a half, is because this is the length of time they will be required to operate in case of an emergency, to help ensure that everybody can evacuate a building safely. Therefore, to give business owners peace of mind that they will be in good working order when the need arises they can call on the professionals. In addition to that, if there’s ever any necessary maintenance required such as a unit stops working or it needs a replacement light bulb, 17 electrician who is doing the monthly and annual tests can simply perform any necessary maintenance at the same time.

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