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Edmonton Electrician | Update Electrical Systems for Safety

Although the electrical systems may not be the first thing that people think of when they buy an older home says Edmonton electrician. But it is very important that before they get too far along any renovation project they ask for an inspection.

The reason why, is because many older homes not only have outdated electrical systems. That are not up to code. But because these systems are often dangerous.

For example, homes that were built in the sixties, seventies or eighties. Often used aluminum wiring. And while this is no longer up to code. There are more important reasons why homeowners should change this.

The reason why aluminum wiring is no longer used. Is because they have a tendency to overheat if circuits are overloaded. And the hotter the wiring can get. The more likely that it is going to spark a fire.

Wires were typically aluminum back in the sixties and seventies. Because they were cheaper than copper wiring. However, as time went on. Electricians found the problem with aluminum wiring.

Therefore, it is now highly recommended. That if people’s older homes have aluminum wiring. That they upgrade that wiring to copper. To avoid overheating the wires. That can cause electrical fires in a home.

Something else that homeowners may want to consider when purchasing an older home. Is that they should hire and Edmonton electrician. In order to find out if they have ground wires in their home.

Older homes, especially those built in the sixties. Tend to only have a two wire scenario. Which means their house will not be grounded. Which can be very dangerous.


The process to ground the home can be costly. Which is why it is important to do a thorough investigation first. So that people can find out what needs to get done. And in what order.

So that they can budget accordingly. And ensure that all of the electrical services that need upgrading. Can get done in a timely fashion.

To ground house, an electrician needs to install ground fault circuit breaker. On every single circuit that a house has. In houses from the sixties and seventies typically have eight or more circuits.

And while this might be a cost that homeowners are not expecting. Especially if they are buying a home for the first time. It is worth doing. To ensure the safety of the home as well as its occupants.

In fact, because of how important this is. If homeowners are thinking about purchasing an older home. And especially if they are planning on renovating. They should contact an Edmonton electrician right away. And have them inspect the home before they purchase it.

That way, they can include the electrical service upgrades that are necessary. And write them into the mortgage that they sign.

So that they can afford to do all of the necessary electrical service upgrades. To ensure that the entire ir home is safe for their entire family.

Edmonton Electrician | Update Electrical Systems for Safety

There are many things that homeowners need to take into consideration about they electrical components of an older home says Edmonton electrician. And especially if they are planning on buying an older home to renovate. They need to take this into consideration early on in their renovation process.

They need to ensure that they know all of the different aspects of their electrical system that need to be upgraded. Which is why it is important to call on an Edmonton electrician in order to inspect their home thoroughly.

Especially their house has been built in the sixties, seventies or eighties. One of the first things that there electrician is going to look for. His to see if they have a Federal Pacific circuit breaker panel in their home.

The reason why this is so important. Is because while this was a very popular branch to put into the houses that were being built fifty and sixty years ago. These also are extremely well known for their high failure rate.

According to research done by Dr. Aaron Steen, federal Pacific circuit breakers are known to have a 70 to 80% failure rate. Which is responsible for thousands of house fires a year in the United States alone.

Not only is it responsible for many house fires, but also deaths and over fourteen million dollars of property damages can be attributed to these faulty breakers.

And while those statistics are for the United States, this brand was also installed in Canada. Which means older homes throughout the country could be at risk.

Therefore, the first things that an electrician will recommend. Is for people to replace their federal Pacific circuit breaker with a new panel.


The benefit to that, is that it will allow the electrician to install a new panel. And one that has a lot more space on it. So that people can increase the number of circuits and therefore outlets they have in their home.

And so that they will be able to increase the number of circuits they will be able to add in the future. To allow them to grow with their home.

At the same time, Edmonton electrician might also want to check the wires going into the panel. First of all, to see if they are degraded and need to be changed to new wires.

But also, it was common for those wires to be installed at an 8 gauge thickness. But to current electricity code specifies that it should be a 6gauge wire.

So if an electrician is changing the panel anyway. They might find it beneficial to grade the wires and bring the house to code.

In fact, when homeowners call on an electrician in order to inspect their home. When they get the estimates from the electrician.

They might want to check to see if they have taken several things into consideration. Such as if they have aluminum wiring, or if they checked to see if they need an upgraded metre socket.

That way, they can be sure that there electrician has done a thorough inspection. And that they should proceed with budgeting for all of these upgrades that need to happen. In order to have a home.

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