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Edmonton Electrician | Upgrade Electrical Systems in Older Homes

Many people have extremely large plans to renovate an older home they have just purchased says Edmonton electrician. But they need to ensure that they consult an electrician.

To ensure that not only can they do the things they plan. That they can do so safely as well. One of the first things that many people find in older homes. Is that there is not enough plug-ins for their needs.

They often think that they should be able to compensate for this. By adding a power bar, so that they can plug more things in. But this is actually very dangerous.

The reason why it is dangerous says Edmonton electrician. Is because each electrical circuit can only handle 15 A of power at a time. And many electrical devices draw that or close to that.

Which means that people should not even be plugging two things into an electrical socket if together they exceed 15 A. So by using a power bar. Can make an electrical circuit overload extremely easily.

In fact, if people find that they are using a power bar more often than not. And using a power bar in more than one room in the home.

This is typically an indication that they should contact their Edmonton electrician. And upgrade their electrical systems. What they will need to do, is get a larger panel installed.

At this time, their electrician will also look to see what brand of circuit breaker they currently have. Because if it is a federal Pacific panel. This brand is known to fail extremely often.


In fact, it has a higher failure rate than all other brands put together. At is 70 to 80% failure rates. Not only is this extraordinarily high. But when circuit breakers fail, they cause house fires.

And this brand of circuit breaker. Is known to cause over twenty-eight hundred house fires in the United States alone each and every year.

Therefore, it is extremely important for safety purposes. That people and up with a brand-new panel. Even if they had enough room for more circuits.

While there electrician may be able to add a sub-panel in order to add circuits to the home. If they have a Federal Pacific panel. People should ensure that they get a new panel altogether.

Which will also allow them to ensure that they have more spaces for additional circuits in the future. In order to enable them to address future electrical needs as their family grows.

At the same time, they will be able to look at the wires going into the panel to see if they need to be replaced or not. Either because they are degraded. Or because they are not up to current electrical code.

For example, many of the houses built in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Will be billed with an 8 gauge wire ground going into the circuit breaker.

However, the code is now that it must be a 6 gauge wire. So it is very important that people higher an electrician that knows what they need to do. Not only to bring a family’s home up to code. But to keep it safe as well.

Edmonton Electrician | Upgrade Electrical Systems in Older Homes

Many people have dreams of renovating an older home says Edmonton electrician. In order to have the house that they have always wanted to have.

That people need to keep in mind that the electrical systems in an older home. Such as homes built in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Not only are not up to current electrical code.

But they are also likely to have dangerous aspects to the electrical services. That should be updated. In order to keep the home and family as safe as possible.

A great example of this is if there Edmonton electrician discovers that the wiring in their older home is aluminum. This was very standard in the day. Because it was cheaper than copper.

However, over time this was found to be very dangerous. Since aluminum wiring has a higher tendency to overheat. Which means as a circuit gets overloaded. It needs less time to break out into a fire.

And especially if people have an older circuit panel. That might not be working properly. That overheated wire. And circuit panel that is no longer functioning.

Can create a situation where people are more likely to end up with a house fire. That can not only threaten the home. But can threaten the occupants very easily.


The reason why, is because when wires are the cause of a house fire. The fire can travel very easily between the walls of the home. And end up spreading throughout the entire house. Before people even realize that their home is on fire.

Therefore, they should get these wires replaced as well as ensure that there circuit breaker panel is working properly.

Something else that there Edmonton electrician should check especially if they have an older home. Is if their home is grounded or not. Many older homes have a two wire scenario, which means they do not have ground fault circuit breakers installed.

Therefore, in order to be safe, people need to ensure that there electrician adds a ground fault breaker to every single circuits. It is importantly find this out quickly. Because it can end up being very costly.

Especially if people are not already budgeting for this. Because as the ground for breaker needs to be added to each circuits. Homes that have eight or more circuits, can end up paying a lot of money.

Also, people need to keep in mind that when they move into their home. They might find that breakers start tripping a lot more often. If this happens, it typically means that it is starting to fail.

And they should call their Edmonton electrician a lot sooner rather than later to fix this problem. The sooner people can get their electrical service upgraded in their older home. The sooner that they can bring their home up to electrical code. But also keep it safe for their entire family.


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