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Edmonton Electrician | Upgrade Older Circuit Breakers

Important is that people can do when they purchase an older home says Edmonton electrician. Is to call in an expert to inspect the electrical services.

The reason why this is so important. Is because not only have electrical codes changed significantly over the years. And if people have purchased a home built in the sixties, seventies or eighties. It is likely not up to code.

But also, because they code exists in order to ensure that people can be safer. And so if they are not up to code, it might result in their safety being compromised in the home.

When they call on their Edmonton electrician to come inspect the electrical services of their home. One of the first things that they are going to look at is the circuit breaker panel.

The reason why, is because they have a tendency to wear out and fail. Especially if they are very old. And the circuit breaker does an extremely important job.

What it does, is it stops the flow of electricity to an overloaded circuit. In order to minimize the risk of an electrical fire starting in the home.

An overloaded circuit happens when more than 15 A of electricity is being drawn through that circuit. This is extremely common when people plug to devices into one outlet. That drop more than 15 A of electricity.

A great example of this, is if someone plugs in their curling iron. But then uses a blow dryer on their hair same time.


It can also happen in the kitchen says Edmonton electrician. Especially as more and more kitchen gadgets draw even more electricity.

And even if they have one device that is drawing 15 A of electricity. Plugging something very small in, could overload that circuit.

And what happens when a circuit is overloaded. Is that the wire itself gets physically hot to the touch. As it tries to cope with a flow of energy that was never designed to.

When the circuit breaker is working, it will cut the flow of electricity at this point. So that they circuit does not overload. And result in a fire breaking out.

However, when the circuit breaker does not work properly. The flow of energy is not interrupted. Which allows the wire to get hotter and hotter, the longer these devices are in use.

It does not take long for the heat of the wire to cause a fire inside the walls of the building. Which is how a failed circuit breaker can result in an electrical fire.

Therefore, it is extremely important for their electrician to check the circuit breaker. In order to ensure that it is working properly.

And if not, they can upgrade it. And at the same time, ensure that they are installing a panel that has a larger capacity to add circuit. So that they can increase the homes electrical capability.

How important working circuit breaker is to keep home safe. Homeowners that have recently purchased an older home. Or that are living in an older home. Should check to ensure their circuit breaker is in good working order.

Edmonton Electrician | Upgrade Older Circuit Breakers

Since an older home is typically going to have some electrical systems that need upgrading calling and Edmonton electrician should be one of the first things people do.

Ideally, there electrician will be able to give a full inspection. Looking at everything from the circuit breaker, to the grounding wires of the house. And even the wires that are within the walls of the home.

In order to make recommendations of what needs to be upgraded. And what should be done first, and what can be budgeted for later on.

One of the first things that they are going to do is look to see what brand of circuit breaker people have in their home. Especially if it is been built in the sixties, seventies or eighties.

The reason why, is because many homes in this era were built using a Federal Pacific circuit breaker panel. Which is now known to have an extremely high failure rate.

In fact, according to expert Dr. Aaron Steen and his research. This brand of breaker panel has between seventy and 80% known failure rate. And is sponsored but for thousands of house fires a year.

In fact, in the United States of America alone. This brand of panel has been known to be responsible for on average, twenty hundred house fires a year, as well as thirteen deaths.


And is responsible for causing over fourteen million dollars of property damage. Every single year and this is only in the United States. With more destruction possible throughout Canada.

Therefore, in order to help ensure that people are being kept as safe as possible. Edmonton electrician will make a strong recommendation to replace this brand of circuit breaker immediately.

However, if they do not have this brand of circuit breaker. They still might want to replace it. Especially if they find that they do not have enough outlets in their home.

There electrician can install a new panel not only with more space so that they can add more circuit now. But so that it has more spaces for the future, for anticipating their electrical needs years from now.

If people decided not to upgrade their circuit breaker yet. Edmonton electrician says that they should keep several things in mind. In order to call them back if they think that it is about to fail.

For example, if people find that their circuit breakers are tripping a lot more than usual. And yet there and energy consumption has not increased recently. This could be a sign that it is starting to wear out.

And if the circuit breaker that had been tripping more often suddenly stops. As is often a sign that it no longer is working. And doing its job of cutting the flow of electricity to overloaded circuit.

In this case, people should call their electrician right away. In order to get there breaker panel upgraded. So that they can protect their investment but more importantly protect their family.

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