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Edmonton Electrician | Upgrade Older Homes Electrical Systems

Whether people are buying an older home in order to renovate and fix says Edmonton electrician. Or if people have been living in their older home for years. And finally decided it is time to upgrade their home.

They need to ensure that there home has upgraded electrical components. Not only to bring it up to code. But also, in order to keep the home safer for the family that lives there.

Since the electrical code has changed numerous times since a lot of these older homes have been built in the sixties, seventies and even eighties. It is very important that the matter what renovations or upgrades are planned.

That homeowners are getting in Edmonton electrician to come in and take a look around. Not just to see if there is anything that they can do that will make the renovation easier.

But also to bring the house up to code electrical lies. And to fix any problems that they may see. Such as wires that have degraded, or problematic wiring.

One common thing that Edmonton electrician sees often enough. Our homes that still have a brand of circuit breaker called Federal Pacific. These are extremely problematic circuit breakers.

According to Dr. Aaron Steen, not only does this brand of circuit breaker have a 70 to 80% known failure rate. But it has caused approximately twenty-eight hundred house fires in the United States. Along with thirteen deaths and fourteen million dollars of property damages.

Why a circuit breaker failure would cause a fire. Is because of the job that that circuit breaker is supposed to do. It is designed to stop the flow of electricity to a circuit that is overloaded.


When the circuit is overloaded with more than 15 A of electricity. The wire heats up as it tries to deal with the flow of energy. It was never designed for.

As the buyer gets physically hot to the touch. If a circuit breaker is malfunctioning, and does not stop the flow of electricity. That wire will just simply get hotter until a fire is sparked.

What is worse, is that these fires start inside the walls, and can spread very quickly before people even realize that there is a house fire. Because of how dangerous these fires are. People should ensure that they have a functioning circuit breaker at all times.

At the same time, the electrician can see if the homeowner is going to need more capability, such as more circuits. To allow them to plug more things in it each room at a time.

This is typically the case, since houses that were built in the sixties to eighties. Typically did not anticipate the energy consumption needs of people in the future.

Therefore, especially if they need to get rid of their Federal Pacific circuit breaker. They can install a whole new panel.

That has more capabilities for more circuits than they even currently need. So that they can grow into that panel in the future.

With how important ensuring the electrical service is in a home. Homeowners that have homes that were built anywhere between nineteen sixty and the end of the eighties. Should contact their electrician to find out how they can help.

Edmonton Electrician | Upgrade Older Homes Electrical Systems

There are probably many things that people are planning to do if they purchase an older home to renovate says Edmonton electrician. And while upgrading the electrical systems may not be the most fun project to plan. It often is the most important one.

When the electrical services are not up to code in a home. Not only does that create problems, such as overloaded circuits, and lack of ability to plug their electrical devices in.

But it also is very dangerous. Especially if the wiring has been degraded, or is aluminum, or left ungrounded for example. These are all common problems in older homes.

For example, an electrician says older homes typically have a two wire scenario. Which means there home is not grounded. And that means they need a ground fault circuit breaker installed.

This can be an unanticipated cost for many homeowners. But very important, in order to ensure that the home is safe. They will need to add a ground fault breaker for every single circuit that is ungrounded. Which there may be eight or more.

It is also important that if the home has aluminum wiring. That they get their Edmonton electrician to change that. Because aluminum wires not only have been known to fail. But they also get hot, and need to be upgraded to copper wiring.

It is also important for people to ensure that the wiring that goes into and out of the panel is high quality. And by swapping out in 8gauge wire for a 6gauge wire not only makes this so safer. It also brings the wiring up to code.


People who call on an Edmonton electrician to look at the wiring of their older home. In order to offer a quote on how to fix it. Should be considering several aspects.

From circuit breaker, to ensuring they do not need to upgrade their metre socket. Checking aluminum wiring versus copper wiring.

And ensuring they have the correct panel size, or installing a larger one to allow them to grow into it. All need to be addressed in order to bring the house up to code and to be safe.

This is why many people get one to three estimates done. So that they can see which electrician is offering the right solutions. And so that they can avoid choosing the least expensive one.

As the least expensive one is likely not taking everything into consideration properly. Or, will end up with poor quality work. And a larger bill at the end anyway.

When people purchase older homes, ensuring the electrical opponents are up to code and safe. Can be some of the most important things they do.

That not only brings functionality to their home. But also ensures that there home be safe for their family, and anyone else that sets foot in their home.

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