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Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading Electrical Systems for Safety

There are many things that people are thinking of when they purchase an older home for renovating says Edmonton electrician. But typically, upgrading their electrical service is not usually one of them.

However, this is extremely important. Because not only are electrical systems that were put in homes in the sixties, seventies and eighties Typically not up to code.

There also typically not safe, with many problems ranging from not being grounded, to being degraded and not in good condition. And having aluminum wires. That all make the electrical service on safe.

Also very important that people have a fully functioning circuit breaker. And typically, people do not know if their circuit breaker is working or not. Until it fails to work, and it causes a house fire.

Therefore, it is important that they contact an Edmonton electrician to take a look at they electrical service in their older home. In order to give an opinion about what needs to be done.

As well as give a quote on getting everything upgraded that they feel is necessary. Not only to bring the home up to current electrical codes. But to ensure that the home is as safe as possible as well.

One problem that is very common in many older homes. Is that they do not have any grounding wires. Which means the entire house is not grounded at all. This is a very important safety feature.

And when a home does not have any grounding wires. An electrician needs to add a ground fault circuit breaker. On every single circuit of the home. And in older homes, that means eight or more circuits need a ground fault circuit breaker.


Something else that their Edmonton electrician will look for. Is to see if the wires that are going into the panel are degraded and need to be replaced.

Typically, homes that were built between the sixties and the eighties. Have 8 gauge wires installed. But according to today’s electrical code codes, they must be 6 gauge wires.

Therefore, knowing this is very important. And if they need to get a new circuit breaker panel anyway. The electrician can upgrade these wires at the same time.

Another common problem that these older homes have. Is that they have been wired using aluminum wiring. Although the current code asks for copper wires instead.

Not only are aluminum wires not up to code. But also they are unsafe. Because as the aluminum wire keeps up if it is overloaded. It heats up faster, and hotter than copper. Which means it takes less time for fire to break out.

So even if a circuit breaker is not malfunctioning. Homes with aluminum wire are more likely to have a house fire. Because of the ability of that wire to overheat faster.

Due to all these issues. People who own older homes should contact an electrician to look at their electrical service. Because it is very likely that not only are the electrical systems not up to code.

But are not safe. Safety should be one of the first considerations that homeowners have for their family.

Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading Electrical Systems for Safety

When people purchase older homes, one of the first things that they might want to do is call in Edmonton electrician. Because they want to get more circuits added to their home.

Homes that were built in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Did not take into consideration what today’s current electrical needs would be. And are lacking in enough outlets in all rooms of the home.

Not only in the living room, where people have more electrical devices than ever before. Not just the television, but the PVR, gaming system, and computer.

But people also have the Internet routers, tablets and phones that they want plugged in for charging. As well as their stereo and music system just to name a few.

Even in the kitchen, Edmonton electrician says people are requiring more circuits than ever before. Because of all of the electrical kitchen gadgets that people now have.

Not only are there more kitchen gadgets that use electricity than ever before. But a lot of them use a lot of electricity. Such as pressure cookers, crockpots, and electrical frying pans just to name a few.

When this is the case, people need to even more circuits in every single room than ever before. Which is one of most common reasons why people call and Edmonton electrician when they purchase an older home.

And in these older homes, there is typically not enough space to add circuits. Which is why they will typically need to add a whole new circuit panel.


But also, if a person has a Federal Pacific circuit breaker in their home. It is absolutely recommended that they upgraded anyway. Because of how often this circuit breaker is known to fail.

And not only are they going to be able to add a circuit breaker panel that has enough space for ensuring that they have enough circuits now. But that there should be enough space for them to be able to add circuits later as well.

So that they can grow with their house, and have their future electrical needs looked after as well. So that even if people want to add theatre room in the basement. Or add a mother-in-law suite in the garage. All of their needs are looked after in advance.

However, if people do not needs their electrical needs increased. Even if they have a Federal Pacific panel. Edmonton electrician says they should replace it anyway.

Because it is known for starting almost 3000 fires in the United States every single year. Because of how often it fails. Therefore, one of the missions that electricians often have. Is taking out as many of these breakers as possible.

Regardless of why a person is living in an older home. Whether they want to renovated. Or just because they have lived in it for so long.

Updating the electrical service not only will help keep things safe. But also will ensure that they can continue growing their electrical needs in the future.

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