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Edmonton Electrician | Electrical System Upgrades For Kitchens

Kitchen renovations are extremely expensive says Edmonton electrician. And tempting as it might be to cut corners one area where homeowners should never cut corners, is in hiring an professional electrician to do the work.

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The reason why, is because while homeowners may not think there are many electrical components that need to be changed. When they are doing a kitchen renovation. If any at all in fact.

Even the smallest changes to an electrical system. It should be handled by a professional. Who works every day in that field. In order to get the best work done.

For example, a general contractor that is handling the electrical work. May not realize. That even making a small modification to the electrical system. Will require upgrading the entire electrical system.

To the current Canadian electrical code. However, in Edmonton electrician that works every day in this field. Will know that that is requirement. And if a homeowner tries to cut corners.

The hiring a handyman, or general contractor to handle the electrical work. Not only will they most likely not pass an inspection. But chances are quite high that the work will be done improperly.

That could cause an electrical fire. That could put the entire home, and therefore family at risk. This is why it is so important to get the right professional for each part of the job. And in the long run.

Homeowners need to understand, that when they hire the right professionals to work on their renovation. Not only will the work be done properly, giving them a lot of value to their renovation.


It is going to cost less in the long run. Then if they hired the wrong person to do the job. And then they end up with damages, or having to get the job redone. To do it properly in the end.

Another reason whites important tired an electrician to do the electrical work in the kitchen renovation. Is because they will know what the current electrical code is. Since Canada dates the standards every three years.

Not only that, but a professional will also know. That they will have to get their electrical work inspected. But not just once, twice. In order to ensure that they are doing it properly.

The first time it gets inspected. No matter what municipality in Alberta people are in. Will need to be at what is called the rough in stage. Which is after all of the grounding and bonding is done.

Showing where the wiring and boxes are going to go. After the rough in inspection is done. The second inspection will happen when the job is complete. And that should be able to give the homeowner significant peace of mind.

While an inspection does not absolutely guarantee. That the job has been done without mistakes. It significantly decreases the chances of mistakes happening. Because of the second set of eyes that are looking at the work.

Therefore, even for a small kitchen renovation. But hiring an Edmonton electrician to do the job. He can give homeowners significant peace of mind.

Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading Electrical Systems in Kitchens

Even when homeowners are planning a small kitchen renovation, they should hire an Edmonton electrician. Or at the very least, bring them in for consultation. So that they can be certain that they are planning for every eventuality.

A great example of this, is homeowner thinking that they will not need an Edmonton electrician. Because all they are upgrading our their appliances. And since those have their own outlets.

They are not going to need any electrical work done. However, this is a wrong assumption. Because when the home was originally built. When those electrical outlets were put into place.

The electrician would only wire them to what the electrical requirements were. Of the electrical device that was going to go there. For example, the outlets that was going to have the fridge plugged into it.

May only have had a 14gauge wire, or fifteen amp breaker. And the new refrigerator that someone is buying to put in their kitchen. May require a larger gauge wire, or a larger amp breaker.

Therefore, if they failed to consult with an electrician. They may bring in the appliances, plug them in. And blow the circuits in their kitchen. This is why a kitchen renovation really needs an electrician’s opinion.

Whether they are upgrading their refrigerator or stove. Installing a dishwasher, or getting a new microwave and even a new hood fan. May require upgrading the wiring in the outlets.


And the Edmonton electrician they hire will know. That even a minor change to an electrical system. Will mean that they have to upgrade the entire electrical system to the current electrical code in Canada.

Therefore, a simple renovation. Where someone is going to buy a new dishwasher. May end up requiring a new outlet, and replacing all of the wires in their kitchen.

If they do not hire an electrician to do this. And try to do it themselves, or hire a general contractor. They may end up in the situation of not passing their inspection.

And having to do it all after the renovations are done. Which not only would add a lot of time to this project. It would add a significant amount of cost. Therefore, people should do it initially during the renovation.

As well, if they are adding a dishwasher that did not exist. Or if homeowners want to add electrical outlets in their kitchen. So that they can plug multiple appliances in. Such as the crockpot and their coffee maker.

Even adding a new outlet. May be more involved than people assume. Requiring a new circuit to be put on a panel. But if they do not have a large enough panel. The electrician will have to either add a subpanel.

Or the electrician will have to add an entirely new panel. Therefore, homeowners should never assume that any electrical job is going to be quick and easy. And always should be done by the right professionals.


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