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Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading Electrical Systems in Older Homes

Whether people are going to upgrade a home that they have lived in for thirty years or more says Edmonton electrician. Or if people are purchasing an older home in order to renovate. It is very important that they contact the experts to get this done safely.

And while many people might be tempted to call an electrician for quotes, and get the cheapest one. There are many reasons why people should not do this.

A low quote may mean that the electrician was not as thorough as they should have been while they were investigating the work that a person wants done.

Or, they did not take into consideration important things. Such as bringing the electricity up to code, or doing things like installing a bigger panel, or swapping out aluminum wire for copper.

It is even important for people to know that older homes often have a two wire scenario. Which means their house is not grounded says Edmonton electrician. And while this is very easy for an electrician to fix.

It is also not inexpensive. And the more circuits someone has in their home, the more it is going to end up costing. Therefore, the lowest price might also end up being either of the lowest quality.

Or it might end up being more expensive. When the electrician considers everything that actually needs to get done once they get started.

The good news is, if the older home does only have a two wire scenario. They are likely not going to have more than six circuits, eight at the most. And by grounding all of the circuits. They are adding a level of safety that they did not have before.


And while some things are not done for safety reasons. Such as an 8 gauge ground wire being upgraded to a 6 gauge a ground wire. What this will do, is bring their electrical needs up to code. So that it can pass inspection.

Also, an electrician will also see if a person needs a bigger circuit panel. And while it might not be absolutely necessary to get a bigger panel.

To do this work while upgrading the rest of the electrical services of the house. Can help ensure that this work is not needed in the future. Even if the home’s electrical needs change once again.

They will also ensure that their breaker panel is working. And they can swap it out very easily. If the Edmonton electrician finds that the circuit panel is no longer functioning.

Since the circuit breaker is designed to stop sending electricity to wire that cannot handle that amount of electricity. This is an extremely important function. That people may not have any awareness that it is starting to fail.

In fact, because there is no backup system. If a person’s circuit breaker does fail. The first that they may realize that something is wrong. Is when the house breaks out into a fire.

Therefore, calling the experts and the right electrician to do the electrical service upgrade. Not only can ensure that the work is done properly. But that the entire family and home is protected.

Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading Electrical Systems in Older Homes

The first indication that many people have that there home needs an upgraded electrical system says Edmonton electrician. Is when they no longer have enough outlets for all of their electrical devices.

Whether this is in the kitchen, and they have too many electrical gadgets that need to be plugged in.0 Such as a crockpot, a coffee maker, an electric mixer, or even a pressure cooker which is very popular these days.

Or it could be in a person’s office, where they no longer need to just one left outlet. But because they have a computer, a monitor, a printer, as well as wanting the ability to plug-in things.

Like their router in order to get Internet. And the ability to plug a lamp in as well as charge their phone. May cause them to realize that they need to upgrade their electrical services.

Even in the living room, people often have their televisions, Wi-Fi router, PVR, and gaming system. In addition to lamps, one a place to charge their phone, and other things such as perhaps a space heater, or laptop.

Nowadays, two or three plug-ins are not even adequate for most families power consumption says Edmonton electrician. And many old homes have two or even one outlet.


Especially in rooms such as the kitchen. Where was less common to have electrical devices. And even in the bedroom, that may have had one or two circuits. Are now requiring more, due to the large number of electrical devices people have in their bedrooms as well.

And regardless of the reason why people need more outlets. They need to also ensure that they are not using a power bar to compensate for this lack of circuits in their home.

While this might seem like an inexpensive option in the short term. It is very dangerous for many reasons. While many people think that especially if they buy a power bar that has a surge protector. This somehow increases the circuits capabilities of processing amps and this is not true.

All it does is make it more likely for person to be able to overload that circuit. Because they can plug and turn on more than 15 A at a time.

While it is possible for people to overload the circuit by using just two devices plugged in and turned on at the same time. Such as a space heater and anything else. Or a curling iron and a blow dryer.

By having the ability to plug for, six or eight things into a single circuit. Means that people are more likely than ever to overload the circuit.

Therefore, by calling the experts and having an Edmonton electrician come in. Means that people will be able to safely upgrade the electricity in their home. And keep their family safe. While allowing all of the electrical devices that they want.

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