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Edmonton Electrician | Your Kitchen Has The Most Electrical Circuits In Your Home

It is incredibly important that when people are doing kitchen renovations that they hire and Edmonton electrician. So that the electrical work can get done properly, to code and inspected.

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It might be very tempting for people to want to save money during this renovation. Since the kitchen renovation is one of the most expensive renovations to be done in their home.

However, when it is done properly. It is going to be the renovation that adds the most value to their home in the long run. Therefore, hiring an Edmonton electrician will help them ensure it gets done properly.

For example, handyman that says they can do electrical work. May not be certified in electrical work. Therefore, they may not know important things. Like what the most up-to-date Canadian electrical code is.

Therefore, they might be doing the electrical work. That was once approved many years ago. But since they are not an electrician. They do not get their knowledge upgraded.

Which means they may be doing things incorrectly. That may be risky, or known now to cause problems. Even though before, it used to be to code.

Another thing that might be missed when hiring just a handyman to do the electrical work. Is they might not get things inspected to correctly. And in fact, a kitchen renovation.

Requires two different inspections in order to pass code. One at to the rough in this stage. Where all the grounding and bonding will have been done. And the wiring in boxes will be indicated.

This is an important double check system. That helps ensure that the renovations that are being done, and the wiring that is being upgraded. Is going to be done properly. While this does not guarantee no problems will occur.


It is a second set of eyes on a job. And can minimize problems significantly. Therefore, if handyman does not get the first inspection. They are definitely not going to pass the second inspection.

However, they might not get it inspected at all. Which means they are not going to be able to guarantee to the homeowner that things are done well, or even done correctly.

In order to avoid causing problems like that. Homeowners should simply hire a knowledgeable, certified and insured Edmonton electrician. That if problems do happen.

It will be carrying the right insurance to that will pay the homeowner for the damages that occurred. But just by hiring an electrician. Homeowners can make it more likely that problems will not occur.

Whether they are doing an extremely detailed kitchen renovation. That is moving appliances, adding an island, and adding many different electrical outlets.

Or whether the kitchen renovation is very simple. Hiring the right professionals. Will ensure that it can get done properly. To add the functionality that people are hoping for with the renovation.

And when they are able to have increased functionality to their kitchen. They are going to be able to enjoying spending time a lot more..

Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading Electrical Systems in the Kitchen

Even if the only renovation that a person is doing is installing new appliances, and Edmonton electrician should be hired. This is because even if they are just getting a new appliance.

The electrical outlet that they have in place may not be able to handle the electricity. From a new electrical appliance that they are purchasing. The reason why, is very simple.

Since all of the kitchen appliances must be on their own circuit. Such as the fridge, stove, and dishwasher for example. The original builder of the home. Typically would have installed outlets for that capability and capacity only.

Therefore, if the fridge only needed 14gauge wire with a fifteen amp breaker. They would not have installed anything additional. In order to keep their building costs lowered.

So when a homeowner is installing new appliances. They need an Edmonton electrician to tell them if they need to upgrade their outlets or not.

As well, if they do need to upgrade them. Their Edmonton electrician will be able to tell them if they need an arc fault circuit interrupter breaker. Because while it is needed for anything that is plugged in.

Some homeowners may think that the fridge, or stove. Or microwave and range hood are not going to need these. Simply because people typically will not pull the fridge, microwave or stove out.

In order to plug things into their outlet. However, the Canadian electrical code is very clear. When it says anything that is not hardwired directly into the electrical system. Will need to have an arc fault circuit interrupter breaker.

Therefore, these are the types of things that people are going to get. When they hire an electrician to help them with their kitchen renovations. No matter how small they think the renovation is.


As well, many people want to add electrical outlets into their kitchen. Because there never seems to be enough in that room. And they also, often want to upgrade the electrical outlets.

To be able to plug their electrical devices such as their phone, and tablets in. So they can charge their devices. In their kitchen, when they are cooking or baking.

A great example of this, is using a tablet to follow along with the recipe. But they need to have their tablet plugged in. This is one of the reasons why people want to upgrade their outlets.

However, just because the electrical devices that they are going to plug-in. May be smaller than the fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave. This does not mean that the outlets should not be on their own circuit.

For example, if someone is going to plug-in a crockpot, pressure cooker, or toaster oven. Those should be plugged into an outlet that is on its own circuit. So that people do not inadvertently overload the system. And trip the breaker.

This is white so important to hire an electrician to do all of the electrical work. Big or small, kitchen renovations need to be done properly from the ground up.


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