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Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading Electrical Systems

It is extremely important that people get a proper quote from an Edmonton electrician. Any time they are ready to upgrade any electrical services in their home or business.

Not only because electrical wiring needs to be done to code. But also because it is an extremely important safety issue as well.

Because of this, when people call on an Edmonton electrician to give them a quote. One of the first things that they are going to do is check the brand of breaker panel that they have in their home or office.

The reason why, is because the health of their breaker panel is incredibly important. To ensure that it can do its job of breaking the circuit to stop fires from breaking out.

How will breaker panel works, is whenever a circuit is overloaded with more amps than it is designed to handle. Which in most cases, a circuit can handle 15 A at a time.

The breaker panel is designed to turn the flow of energy off to that circuit. In order to stop a fire from breaking out in that wire.

Why an overloaded to circuit starts a fire, is how the wire actually handles too much electricity. As the wire has more electricity flowing through it then it was designed. The wire actually gets physically hot to the touch.

The longer that wire is hot, the higher likelihood that the heat will cause any surrounding area to catch fire. Such as the drywall, the studs, or anything that the wire is surrounded by.


Because this fire starts inside the walls of a home or office. By the time people are aware that the building is burning, the fire has typically spread inside the walls to everywhere.

Which can not only cause a lot of destruction. But also puts a lot of people at risk. Simply because by the time they are aware of a fire, it is completely surrounding the home or office.

And when a circuit breaker no longer works, Edmonton electrician says people are not aware that a circuit is overloaded. And that the circuit breaker should be turning it off. Until it is too late, and a fire has broken out.

Not only are older breaker panels in danger of reaching the end of their life cycle. And needing to be replaced. But also, there is one brand known over others. That has an extremely high failure rate.

This is known as the Federal Pacific brand of breaker panel. And not only does it have a 70 to 80% known failure rate. It is been responsible for twenty-eight hundred house fires a year in the United States alone.

In addition to that, thirteen deaths and fourteen million dollars in property damages can be attributed to these faulty breakers. Therefore, this is one important thing for any electrician to check. To ensure people do not have this faulty piece of equipment.

By calling on the right experts. People can not only end up with exceptional work done. But they can also help ensure that the expertise keeps their family safe.

Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading Electrical Systems

Even though it is very common for people to upgrade the electrical systems in older homes that they buy says Edmonton electrician. There are many other reasons why people might want to consider this in their home or office.

Typically, when people purchase older homes, the older homes do not have enough electrical circuits or plug-ins. In order to handle the energy consumption of families today.

It is not uncommon to have two outlets per room, or less in rooms such as the kitchen for example. However, through the years, more and more electrical devices were created for every single room in the home. Increasing the requirement for electricity in every room.

Many people think that they can compensate by using power bars, so that they can plug more things into a single outlet. And while it gives them that ability to do that, Edmonton electrician says that people should not utilize this method.

The reason why, is because power bars do not increase the circuits capability of handling amps. Despite what many people might think, especially if the power bar has surge protector included in it.

All a power bar build does is increase the capability to plug things into the electrical socket. Which means it is even easier to overload that electrical circuit.

Since each electrical circuit is only designed to handle 15 A, by adding a power bar means that if people have more than one or two things plugged in, they are likely going to overload the circuits.


Therefore, any time someone is using one or more power bar on a regular basis. In order to have many things plugged in. They should think about getting and Edmonton electrician to add more circuits in their home.

This is important especially as in the kitchen, people are using more electrical devices than ever before. Such as a coffee maker, electric kettle, crockpot or pressure cooker and a power mixer just to name a few things.

And in the living room, people not only have their computers, laptop or tablets. They also have their television, their PVR, or their gaming device. Just to name a few things. In addition to typical things like a reading light. As well as wanting the capability of charging their phone as well.

Therefore, people should avoid overloading their circuits. Because even though they may think that their breaker is going to protect them.

And trip the electrical circuits to avoid a fire. If there circuit breaker is older, or is going to fail. They will not find out that it fails until their house catches fire.

Therefore, by upgrading the electrical services in the home or business. Can help keep people safer than ever. Not only because they are less likely to trip the circuit.

But because they are also more likely to have their breaker panel upgraded. Which will allow them to be reassured that if they do overload their circuits. There circuit breaker will work to protect them.

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