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Edmonton Electrician | Upgrade Your Kitchen Electrical

It is incredibly important that during a kitchen renovation, and Edmonton electrician is hired. Even if a homeowner does not think that they will need an electrician at all.

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If they are going to add any electrical devices at all. Such as getting a new refrigerator, or a new microwave. They should contact an electrician to come out, and offer their expert opinion.

The reason why they need to do this. Is because typically, when homebuilders were building the home in the first place. Since all of the kitchen appliances such as a fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher.

All need to be on their very own circuits. Typically, the homebuilder would why are each outlet. Only for the specifications of that electrical device. Which means if a homeowner is replacing an appliance.

They are going to want to know if the outlet that is there. Can handle the electrical needs of the new appliance they are purchasing. For example, the fridge might have only required 14gauge wires, and a fifteen amp breaker.

However, the new fridge that they have, requires a heavier duty wire, and a forty amp breaker for example. By contacting the Edmonton electrician to come in and take a look at their current outlet.

And find out the specifications of the new appliances they are going to install. The electrician will be able to tell the homeowner if they will need to upgrade their electrical system or not.

And if they do need to upgrade the electrical system. They are going to want to have an Edmonton electrician do this. Because if they think they can get a handyman to do such a small job.

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They may not take into consideration that the current Canadian electrical code. Specifies that if they are going to do some upgrading to any part of an electrical system. No matter how small it is.

They also need to bring the rest of the electrical system up to current code. And since the code changes and upgrades every three years. Chances are quite high that the wiring it is not done code at the time of the renovation.

Therefore, when they hire an electrician. Not only will they find out if they need to upgrade their outlets. And if they do, that the electrician will know that they do need to upgrade the rest of the wiring.

Since they are going to be upgrading the wiring anyway. This may be the opportune time for the homeowner. To ask the electrician to upgrade the number of outlets they have in the kitchen.

Since most kitchens are not built with nearly enough outlets. In order to save money, the homebuilder typically would have just put the bare minimum that is required in.

Therefore, people may want to talk to their electrician about how many appliances they have. And how many are likely going to need to be plugged in at a time. So that they can not only add outlets.

But ensure enough of them are on their own circuit. So that they can plug as many of them as they want in. Without causing problems in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading Kitchen Electrical Systems

There are many things to take into consideration during a kitchen upgrade says Edmonton electrician. And many people may not realize that the electrical system is going to be one of those things.

However, chances are quite high that they will need to not just do some minor changes to their electrical system. But they will be making larger changes than they anticipate.

Which is why they should be proactive. And contact an Edmonton electrician ahead of time. For example, if they are upgrading several of the appliances that are already in their home.

Such as they are getting a new stove, and a new hood fan. May require upgrading the electrical system as well. Because the current stove that is there.

Only has an outlet that has 14gauge wire, with a fifteen amp breaker. And they need something to handle a larger energy flow. Because they are installing a stove that draws more electricity.

As well, the electrician they hired will be able to know technical questions such as if they need an arc fault circuit interrupter breaker for the electrical outlet or not.

A handyman that is simply doing the electrical work. May think that since it is a large appliance, such as a stove or refrigerator. That they do not need to put in the arc fault circuit interrupter breaker.


Because there is no way somebody else is going to plug something else into that outlet. However, hiring a true professional such as an electrician. That is certified and insured.

They will know that if it is hardwired in, they do not need an arc fault circuit interrupter breaker. However, if the device is not hard wired in. That they are going to need have the circuit breaker installed.

On the off chance that somebody might plug something additional into that outlet. This is the difference between hiring a professional, and hiring someone that simply knows a little bit of information about that area.

As well, when they want to add additional outlets into their kitchen. So that they can plug more appliances in at a single time. The Edmonton electrician is going to know what questions to ask. So that they install enough outlets.

That are located in the right places. And are on their own circuits. So that they do not accidentally overloaded breaker. If they are trying to use their pressure cooker and their crockpots at the same time.

As well, they are going to be able to install any lighting upgrades properly. Because while many people think that they can keep all of their lights on the same circuit.

Since most people are now installing LED lights. These lights are all counted as individual devices. And the current Canadian electrical code. Says that only fourteen devices can be on one circuit.

Therefore, there are many different factors that go into electrical work. And homeowners should hire a professional. To ensure it is all being done correctly.


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