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Edmonton Electrician | Upgrade Your Lighting During a Renovation

There are so many different components to a kitchen renovation says Edmonton electrician. And no matter what people are getting done, chances are quite good they are going to need to hire an electrical contractor to do a lot of the work.

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Whether they are adding appliances that were never there, or replacing old appliances. Or if they are adding electrical outlets, so that they can plug more electrical devices in. When cooking in the kitchen.

Or if they are going to add an island, move the kitchen around. So that it has a different configuration. Or even upgrade the lighting. And add lighting, such as under the counter lighting.

All of these things will require having work done by an Edmonton electrician. One mistake that many homeowners make when doing a kitchen renovation. Is thinking that they are not going to need an electrician in the first place.

Therefore, they do not consult with one. And they get halfway into the renovation. And suddenly realize. That there is something that they need wired properly.

A great example of this, is someone that is buying a new refrigerator. Thinks that they are just going to be able to have it delivered, and then plug it in. And have the refrigerator work just fine.

Unfortunately, the wiring of the electrical outlet. That the old fridge was plugged into. Was wired to accommodate that appliance. And the new refrigerator that they have.

Is likely going to draw more energy than the old one. Especially that has a lot of capabilities. Such as an ice machine built in, a water dispenser. Or with a larger freezer component.


And appliances now, more than ever before. Have what is called a smart component to it. Which means it has the ability to be connected to cable, or the Internet. So that people can watch TV on the refrigerator.

As well as connect to the Internet, so they can do things like have the refrigerator create a shopping list online. And order from the grocery store easily.

Therefore, people might get the refrigerator home. In order to realize that they now need to run data cable in the kitchen. Or that the refrigerator that they purchased. Caused the circuit to overload and tripped the breaker.

And that is because the refrigerator needs a larger electrical ability. In the outlet, which is what their Edmonton electrician will do. When they come in to solve the problem for the homeowner.

No matter what kind of appliance a person is buying, whether it is refrigerator, stove and oven. Or a dishwasher, microwave and even a hood fan. Will likely require some electrical upgrades.

To avoid overloading the circuits, and tripping the breaker. But as well, if people want to upgrade lighting. They also will need an electrician. Therefore, homeowners should consult with one from the beginning.

While kitchen renovations can be extremely expensive. And take a very long time. Getting things done properly from the beginning. By the right professionals. Will help keep the cost low. Will keeping the quality of the renovation high.

Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading to LED Lighting During a Renovation

There are many different parts of a kitchen renovation says Edmonton electrician. And one of the most popular things that people are doing currently. Our upgrading the lighting in their kitchen.

Whether they are getting rid of the outdated fluorescent bulbs. That were once popular to install in the kitchen. Or if they want to install things like pot lights. Typically, they will need an electrician to do this.

As well, people are getting additional lighting. Such as under the counter lighting. That can help them see. When it is dark in the kitchen. But they do not want to turn all of the lights on.

And more than ever before. Homeowners are upgrading their lighting to LED light bulbs. Because these give off more light. Consume less energy while lasting longer. And do not heat up as much.

While people might think that adding LED light bulbs will be very easy change to make. They are still should hire an electrician to do the work. The reason why, is because it might be more complex than they initially realize.

A great example of this, is according to the Canadian electrical code. There can only be fourteen electrical devices per circuit. And according to the same code.

LED light bulbs must each individually be considered one device. Therefore, if they are putting more than fourteen LED light bulbs into their kitchen. Their electrician will need to add more circuits.


So that they can add more LED light bulbs. And one thing that homeowners should take into consideration. Is in order to get things done according to the Canadian electrical code.

There Edmonton electrician is going to need to upgrade the entire electrical system in the kitchen. In order to meet the current Canadian electrical code. Therefore, what homeowner considers a quick and small job.

Is going to take longer, and require more steps. Then they realize. And halfway through a job. Should not be the first time that homeowners realizing this. By contacting their electrician ahead of time.

Will help them understand exactly what parts of their renovation will require an Edmonton electrician to work on. And that will help them prepare the time, and cost for those upgrades.

While kitchen renovations can be very time-consuming. As well as the single most expensive renovation that they do in their entire home. It is not the place for homeowners to cut corners and save cost.

While homeowners think that there going to be able to get a general contractor to a lot of the things. This is a surefire way to ensure that mistakes are made, corners are cut. And electrical work that is not done properly is downright dangerous as well.

Because in order to have a very functional kitchen. It needs to be done properly. By hiring the right people. In homeowners do this. They are going to be able to have a great kitchen of their dreams. And increase the value of their home significantly.

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