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Edmonton Electrician | Upgrade to LED Kitchen Lighting

There are many different things that homeowners can do during a kitchen renovation says Edmonton electrician. From upgrading their appliances, to changing the layout of their kitchen.

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Even adding a kitchen island. Perhaps one with electrical outlets, or a sink. As well as adding new lighting, such as under the counter lighting. Or upgrading the lighting to LED lights.

No matter what they are doing, it is going to be a fairly extensive renovation. That most likely will require hiring several different trades. From a plumber, to do any of the necessary plumbing.

Such as installing a new sink, installing a dishwasher. Or even adding things like a water purifier, and a new faucet. That will require a professional plumber to come in, and do the piping and installation properly.

As well as an electrician, to upgrade the electrical wiring in the kitchen. To handle a greater electrical need. From the new appliances that they install. Or to add outlets, to plug more devices into the kitchen.

And even running data cable, because as kitchen appliances become smart. And can connect to the Internet. More and more data cable is needed in the kitchen, that an Edmonton electrician can run.

Homeowners also are likely going to need someone to install drywall, install flooring. Which is why the kitchen renovation is one of the most expensive renovations that a homeowner is going to do in their house.

Not just because all of the appliances that they are going to install costs a lot of money each. But because they need so many different trades, and so many different aspects of the renovation.

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For example, a bedroom is not likely going to need as much electrical capabilities. Or need things like data cables, or plumbing. Where a kitchen is going to need all of those things.

And while it might be very tempting for a homeowner to try to cut costs wherever they can. In order to save money during the renovation. The one area that they should not be cutting costs.

Would be on the tradespeople that they are hiring. To do the work in their home. For example, homeowner may want to hire a general contractor to do all of the work.

Instead of hiring and Edmonton electrician or a plumber. But the ending results, would likely be a job that is not done quite properly. With things that are missed, or not done up to code.

And when a contractor misses something doing the flooring. It might be annoying, or it might not look good. But it is not going to result in damaging the entire house.

The same way that doing the electrical work incorrectly is likely going to do. This is why it is so important that at very least, homeowners hire an electrician. In order to do all of the necessary electrical work.

So that not only can they be certain that it is getting done properly and safely. But that it is also getting done to code. So that they do not end up with the circumstance of house fire. Because something was missed by a contractor.

Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading Kitchen Lighting

When homeowners are renovating their home, they should hire an Edmonton electrician. Because there are going to be many more electrical components of the job. Then they realize when they first start.

Whether homeowner is going to simply by a new kitchen appliance, such as a fridge or stove. This is going to require hiring an electrician to do the job. Because while homeowner thinks that they are going to be able to just plug it in.

This is not the case, if the stove or refrigerator that they purchased. Draws more electricity than their current outlet can handle. And unlike all of the other outlets in their home.

When the home was originally built. Chances are that the homebuilder installed wires and amps that matched what was needed by the appliance that was going to be plugged in. And did not upgrade it.

Because that would add expense, and make the home cost more money. Without having a reason why. And while any appliance that homeowner might be buying or replacing.

Will require an Edmonton electrician to come in and upgrade the wiring. Or add an outlet. This is not the only area that there going to need an electrician for.

Another example is if people are going to upgrade the lighting in their kitchen. Such as adding LED lights. Or adding under the counter lighting. This is going to require an Edmonton electrician.


Because they might need to put the lighting on a new circuit. And while LEDs draw significantly less energy than other forms of lighting. According to the Canadian electrical code.

They can only be fourteen devices on a single circuit. And each individual LED is counted as an individual device. Which means depending on how much lighting homeowner is adding during the renovation.

They are likely going to need to add one, two or more circuits. In order to be able to have the lighting that they require. It is important that they find this information out ahead of time.

Because if they find this information out partway through their renovation. Or when they are done the renovation. They are going to have to add cost, and add time to their project.

And perhaps have to undo some of the renovation that has already been done. That would not have been necessary. If they had contacted an electrician in the first place.

Since in kitchen renovation is going to be the one renovation that has the most cost to it. But also have the ability to add the most value to a home. It is important that homeowners do this properly. Without cutting corners. So that it can be done well.

No matter what homeowners planning on doing to their kitchen renovation. It is very important that they do it properly. And by hiring the right people from the very beginning.

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