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Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading Electrical is Important For A Kitchen

Whether homeowner is purchasing new appliances, or doing the full renovation, they should consult with an Edmonton electrician. To see if they need to upgrade the electrical system in their kitchen.

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Typically, when they do a full-blown renovation. It is almost inescapable that they will need to upgrade their electrical work. And when they do, they will need to bring all of the electrical work in the kitchen.

Up to the most current electrical code. As long as it has been longer than three years since the kitchen was built. Because the electrical code in Canada upgrades every three years.

And the reason why even if people are purchasing new appliances. They will need to hire and Edmonton electrician. Is because typically, in a kitchen where major appliances are plugged in.

They are on their own circuit, that was designed to handle the amount of power that those appliances draw. And if they are going to put a new appliance in that spot. They will need to ensure the electrical system.

Can handle that new appliance. For example, while the fridge must be on its own circuit. Perhaps it had a lower electrical draw. But the new fridge that people are purchasing, is larger, and has a built-in ice machine.

Therefore, it might use a considerably larger amount of power. And if they did not call on an Edmonton electrician to upgrade the outlet, and the power capabilities.

Then they would risk overloading the circuits, and cause the breaker to trip. Just by plugging in, and turning on their refrigerator. And the same goes for all of the different appliances in their kitchen.

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The stove for example, will have many different electrical requirements. Depending on the size, wattage. As well as things like if it is a gas powered, or electrical powered.

As well, how many burners it has, and if it has a feature to turn into a convection oven. Can dictate what kind of electrical needs that outlet has. And by contacting an electrician ahead of time.

Can help ensure that homeowners are not overloading there circuits by mistake. But also, another reason why homeowners should contact an electrician when doing any upgrading in their kitchen.

So that they can ensure that everything is on its own circuit. And the wiring is upgraded properly. And even a minor upgrade to the kitchen. Will require upgrading the wiring to the current code.

As well as getting it inspected. So by calling the experts, and in this case an electrician. They are going to ensure that everything get done properly. And will pass inspection.

And if someone that homeowner is hiring to work on their electrical system says they either do not need to upgraded with most current code. Or they do not need to have it inspected. Is a giant red flag.

Because even the smallest change so the electrical system will require both, upgrading. And inspections will need to to happen. So by hiring the professionals, owners can ensure that happens.

Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading the Electrical in a Kitchen

Kitchens typically never have enough outlets says Edmonton electrician. Typically, because the homebuilders are trying to make their build as inexpensive as possible.

Therefore, they only put the minimum number of outlets in the kitchen. Which means if a person has more than a few devices. They are going to need to run them only one at a time.

In order to avoid overloading the circuits in their kitchen. Which is a huge inconvenience. And could be one of the reasons why people are doing a kitchen renovation in the first place.

One of the things that an electrician says that they should do. Is count the number of electrical devices that they would want in their kitchen. Everything from their coffee pot, coffee bean grinder.

As well as things like their toaster, electrical frying pan, blenders. And even larger appliances such as toaster oven, crockpot, pressure cooker just to name a few things.

Because depending on the wattage of each of the devices. Many of them will need to be plugged into their own circuits. And the greater number of devices homeowner has.

The more outlets they are going to need. Therefore, it is quite likely that homeowner will require their Edmonton electrician to add a dozen more outlets in their kitchen. That all need to be on their own circuits.

Knowing this in advance, their electrician will be able to prepare. Not just to install as many outlets as is necessary. They will also need to know that in advance. So they know if they have enough room on the panel.

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Or if they need to either install a larger panel. Or add a subpanel, to build a handle the number of circuits that need to be added in the kitchen. This is white so important to ensure that they hire the right professional.

As well, the electrician is going to want to know what a person needs for their lighting. Such as if they want pot lights, and how many. And if they need anything like under cabinet lighting.

Because that will also cause them to need another circuit in their kitchen. Because while up to fourteen different devices can be put on one circuit. If they are adding LED lights.

Each individual LED, counts as its own device. Therefore, if they are going to have more lighting in their home. They potentially need more than one circuit for that electrical need.

And while these are many things for homeowners to keep in mind. Hiring the right Edmonton electrician for the job. Means that they do not have to keep this information in their head.

And just trust that there electrician is going to do it properly. When they are looking for an electrician, they should ask them if they are certified, as well as asked them other questions.

Such as what version of the electrical code they are using. And what insurance they have. To ensure that they are the right company for the job.

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