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Edmonton Electrician | You Will Have to Upgrade Your Kitchen Electrical

When people are making large or small changes to their kitchen, they should consult with an Edmonton electrician. To be sure that they are not going to overload circuits in their kitchen.

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People may not realize how one small change, such as purchasing a new fridge, stove or dishwasher. Could end up impacting their circuits. But typically, when kitchens are billed.

Each of the large individual appliances. Are given their own electrical circuits. That is designed to handle the appliance that is going to be put in that location. And when people are purchasing a new appliance.

They need to ensure that the new appliance will not overload the circuits of the kitchen by accident. This is white so important to consult with an Edmonton electrician.

To ensure that even these small changes. Or not going to cause them problems in the long run. For example, there electrician can come in, and just upgrade the wiring to those circuits.

If those are all of the changes that people need. They will ensure that all the wiring is done to code. And that they will get it inspected properly. Because even for very small jobs.

An electrician will need to adhere to the most current Canadian electrical code. Which is why it is important to always hire the right professional for the job.

And if a homeowner is doing any other renovations In their kitchen. They should ensure that they hire the right professionals for the job. For example, if they are not necessarily planning on upgrading their electrical.

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But they are doing renovations, such as adding an island. Or moving where things are located. They might want to consider hiring an Edmonton electrician. To add a lot of functionality into their kitchen.

Example, most kitchens typically do not have enough electrical outlets in the kitchen. As the homebuilder, typically added only the minimal amount of outlets.

A homeowner may simply want to be able to plug as many electrical devices as they want in their kitchen. And not have to worry about overloading there circuits, or tripping the breaker.

So therefore, during renovations, this might be the perfect opportunity. To add electrical outlets. Or even to add electrical outlets that they can plug their electrical devices such as phones or tablets into.

But also, they can do things like add under-counter lighting. Or adding an electrical outlet to an island that they are building. That will give them a lot of different options in their kitchen. That they did not have before.

And when they do get any electrical work done. No matter how big or small. The hiring the right professional. They can ensure that it is done properly. If something goes wrong, the electrician has insurance to cover it.

And that it will be done to code, and inspected. To give them peace of mind that it is done properly. When people are renovating their kitchen. They should automatically think about bringing in an electrician in. To truly give them the kitchen of their dreams.

Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading the Kitchen Electrical

No matter how big or small a person’s kitchen renovation is going to be, they should always hire and Edmonton electrician. To do any of the electrical work. It may be very tempting to hire a handyman.

However, there is no guarantee that the handyman is a certified electrician. Or that they are going to adhere to the most current, and up-to-date Canadian electrical code.

And they almost certainly will not have the right insurance. That is designed to cover both the electrician. As well as the homeowner in case of an unfortunate mistake or accident.

Therefore, it may seem like good idea. In order to save expense, especially when the electrical upgrade is so small. However, this is not one area that homeowners should cut the expense.

One example of why it is not a good idea. To save money by hiring someone who is not an electrician. To work on the electrical work. Is because if they are planning on buying new appliances.

They need to ensure that the new appliances will not overload the current outlets. There is a very good chance that a new appliance will overload the outlets.

And this is because most of the large appliances such as refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. Needs to be on their own circuit. Therefore, the homebuilder typically only wired the outlet.


To be able to handle the appliance that was being plugged into it. For example, why install a heavier duty gauge wire. When all they need to do, is have the right gauge for the current appliance?

Therefore, if homeowners do not hire and Edmonton electrician to check the wiring in the kitchen. Their new appliances may overload the circuits quite easily. Especially as newer appliances.

Typically have more features, and draw more energy. Therefore, they are likely to need a higher gauge wire, and a larger breaker for that circuit. But this is not the only reason why they need to hire an electrician.

And if they are going to add any additional outlets. They are going to need this to be done by an Edmonton electrician. And typically, they are going to need outlets that are all on their own circuits as well.

The reason why, is because even the smaller appliances, such as pressure cooker and crockpot. Are going to need to be on their own circuit. To avoid overloading that circuits.

Therefore, when they are going to add outlets. The electrician is also going to need to look at the panel. To ensure that the panel is large enough. And if not, they will have two options.

Installing a new panel. Or installing a subpanel. And switching everything for the kitchen onto that subpanel. This is why even a small job, such as adding an electrical outlets. Needs to be done by a professional.

Matter how big or small kitchen renovation is. Homeowners should hire the right professional for the job. To ensure that is done properly, code. And that they are covered in case next that happens.


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