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Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading Wiring In A House

When people are going to start renovating an older home, they should contact an Edmonton electrician. They should do this to get a quote on the electrical service upgrade. So that people can ensure that it is done properly and to code.

People need to understand that the current electrical code is likely going to be extremely different then when older homes are built. Such as homes that were built any time in the sixties, seventies or the eighties.

Not only that, but it is also very common for homes that were built in that era. To have a brand of breaker panel known as Federal Pacific. And this is actually known to be very problematic.

The job of a breaker panel is to break the current of electricity going to a wire. In order to keep that wire from overheating and potentially starting a fire.

Therefore, people do not typically know if there breaker panel is not working. Until it actually stops working and a fire is caused.

The problem with the Federal Pacific panels, is that they are known to have a 70 to 80% failure rate. And according to Dr. Aaron Steen, are responsible for thousands of house fires every year in the United States.

Not only are approximately twenty-eight hundred house fires caused by the Federal Pacific breaker panel failing every year. But also thirteen deaths, and over fourteen million dollars in property damages caused by those fires. Can be attributed to these Federal Pacific breaker panels failing.

What is very important to note according to Edmonton electrician. Is if people are tripping their breakers, that is a good sign. That means that the breaker panel is doing its job.


However, the more often a person is tripping there breaker panel. The closer they are getting to the breaker panel needing to be replaced. So this is an indication that they should contact an electrician right away for a quote.

And even if people need an electrical service upgrade. And they are not looking to replace their breaker panel. Edmonton electrician will always check the brand.

Especially in older homes. To ensure that they do not have this breaker panel that has been known to be problematic. This is just one way how unknowledgeable electrician can help protect homeowner and their family.

One thing that people can do in order to minimize the instances of their breaker panel being tripped. Is to avoid plugging too much into one electrical socket.

An electrical wire can typically only handle 15 A of electricity. So if they plug electrical devices that exceed that amount into the plug-in at the same time. This will likely cause there breaker panel to trip.

Examples of this can be a curling iron and a blow dryer being turned onto the same time. Or a microwave and toaster. And if people are finding that they are tripping the breakers often.

Not only might they need a new breaker panel. But they might want to add more electrical outlets in their house. So that they can completely avoid this from happening.

In order to help protect people and their family. A great electrician can help ensure that the wiring in a home not only is up to code. But can ensure it will work as it should to keep family safe.

Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading Wiring In A House

Many people like to buy older homes and then renovate them says Edmonton electrician. And if this is what they are planning on doing. They need to know a great electrician to call on.

There are many reasons why people might need to upgrade the electrical components in their older home. One reason why is because people need more electrical plug-ins then were built in these older homes.

There was fewer electrical devices can the sixties, and even the seventies and eighties. And many people may find that there is simply not enough for all of the electrical needs of a modern family.

Whether this is in the kitchen, because people need to plug-in microwaves, toasters and coffee pots. As well as electrical kettles, crockpots and instant pots just to name a few.

In addition to that, is also very likely that these electrical devices draw well over 15 A of electricity. Which means they will need to have each one of these devices on its own plug-in.

And while it is very easy for any Edmonton electrician to add more electrical plug-ins. But this is also going to potentially require more circuits, and potentially a bigger breaker panel as well.


If people do not have a large enough panel, they have a couple of options. Either installing a sub-panel and swapping some circuits over. Or the second option, is getting a whole new panel installed with more space.

Depending on a families electrical needs, simply adding a sub-panel might be enough. However, Edmonton electrician will advise people to get a whole new panel. Because that will give them space to be able to expand in the future if needed.

It is also important that when there electrician is doing this, that they are also going to see if any of the wires need upgrading. Such as needing to go from aluminum to copper. Or if they need to ground any of the wires if they have an older home that only has two wire set up.

One of the most important things that they need to keep in mind when they are getting quotes. Is that it is not always prudent to go with the lowest price.

The reason why, is because the lowest quote probably does not take into consideration. Things that electricians might find when they start doing the work. Such as a home that has at number 8 gauge insulated ground wire. That needs to be upgraded to a number 6 gauge.

By getting a few different quotes, people can go with the Edmonton electrician that is not going to give them a much larger bill at the end than they were expecting. Especially if they have found something that they were not expecting because they were not there when off during the quoting process.

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