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Edmonton Electrician | Various Options in Bathroom Fans

While bathroom ventilation fans play an extremely important role in taking moisture out of a home says Edmonton electrician. There are many options that homeowners can choose from.

However, one of the most important considerations. Is choosing the right size of motor, for the bathroom.

The size of the fan is expressed in cubic feet per minute. In refers to how much air can be moved with that fan. This is often expressed as CFM.

The larger the size of the bathroom is, the larger CFM in a fan that is required. Homeowners can calculate this by figuring out the square footage of their bathroom. And then putting that number into an online CFM calculator.

However, Edmonton electrician suggests that once a homeowner has calculated what CFM they need. That they bump up the number to be a little bit larger.

The reason why they suggest this, is so that as the bathroom fan ages, or develops a layer of dust. It is going to impact the ability to move air quite as efficiently.

Going with a slightly larger size motor. Means that homeowners are still getting the capability of moving the right amount of air. Even though the fan is older, or if it has dust in it.

Once a homeowner knows the size of fan that they need. He can start looking at all of the different options that are available. They may not realize the wider variety of options they have to choose from.


So by figuring out what is most important to them, they can start choosing the right fan. That not only is the right size for their bathroom. That will complement their home, and their lifestyle.

One of the most popular options is the noise level in the bathroom ventilation fan. Fans can be extremely loud. And that can make it difficult to enjoy this base.

For example, people who are having a relaxing bath may not want to put on the ventilation fan. Because they do not like the sound.

And if they are not putting the bathroom ventilation fan on all the time, they could potentially be causing moisture to build up which promotes the growth of mould.

Also, bathroom ventilation fans can and that can increase anxiety in some people. As well as affect people who are not even in the bathroom. With the fans being very loud, it causes them to have their peace interrupted.

There are even more options to choose from. From motion and humidity sensors. To lighting, including coloured LED lights. And even built-in speakers.

With all of the various options that are available. Homeowners can call on their Edmonton electrician to install these different bathroom ventilation fans. Especially as they get more difficult to install due to the wide variety of options.

When homeowners understand all of the various options they have to choose from. They can keep that in mind, while ensuring that any fan they choose. Will be able to move the required air. To keep their home moisture and mould free.

Edmonton Electrician | Various Options in Bathroom Fans

While the functionality of a bathroom ventilation fan is to rid moisture that can accumulate in a bathroom says Edmonton electrician. There are a wide variety of options that homeowners can choose from.

One of the best options that people can choose when it comes to increased functionality of their bathroom ventilation fan. Is one that comes with the motion sensor or humidity sensor.

Not only can Edmonton electrician wire it, so that when people walk into the bathroom. The lights and the fan turns on. Which can help when people are going to bathroom in the middle of the night.

But also, humidity sensors can be especially beneficial. By only turning it on when it senses the humidity levels are increasing. It will also only turn off when the humidity sensor senses that the humidity has come back down.

This is a great feature in a house where people can sometimes forget when to put the fan on. Or turn the fan off too soon, or forget to turn it off at all.

Another feature that homeowners can choose from in bathroom ventilation fans include additional lighting. Whether this is a space-saving way that a homeowner can light up their bathroom. Without having a separate light. Or if they need to add light because the bathroom is too dark.

These bathroom ventilation fans can also come with coloured LED lights as well. To help create the mood that people are looking for. Whether that is a calming and relaxing bath. Or if people are getting invigorated to start their day.


Another option in bathroom ventilation fans include the fun option of having a Bluetooth speaker built-in. This can allow people to hook their music up to the speaker, to play music while they are using the bathroom.

Whether they are listening to their favourite podcasts were getting ready for work. Playing relaxing music during their bath. Or enjoying their favourite music while they are in the shower.

While there is a bathroom ventilation fan that comes with a in heat lamp. Edmonton electrician advises against this style for couple of reasons.

Not only will the heat lamp because the motor to age faster due to the heat. It is also an increased fire hazard. Because as the bathroom ventilation fan attracts dust. When exposed to the heat source. It can ignite that dust, and cause a fire.

If homeowners do want to have a heat lamp in their bathroom. So that they can step out of the shower or bath into a warm beam of light. This can be extremely pleasant in the winter.

But it is suggested that homeowners have one installed in a separate location as their bathroom ventilation fan. So that they can minimize that fire risk.

Once homeowner knows all the different options of bathroom ventilation fans they can choose from. They can be mindful in making sure they choose the options that are going to be the most wanted for their home.

So that they cannot only protect their home from moisture damage. But that they can have all of the options to help increase their enjoyment of the house.

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