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If a hiring manager thinks that every Edmonton electrician that they hire will all have the same ability to work safely, they may make a grave mistake in hiring for their job site. While many electricians and contractors focus on safety, it is not a requirement for all contractors to have a safety program in place in their business.

Therefore, knowing what questions hiring manager should be asking a contractor when they are hiring for their jobsite is critical to ensure that they end up with the best and safest worker. The rule of thumb that hiring managers should follow is if they are not working safely, they should not be working at all. By following this credo, can help ensure that they are hiring the right contractor at all times.

One of the most important things that they can ask, is if they are core certified. Core stands for certificate of recognition, and is awarded after an independent safety audit by the government of Alberta to companies that have demonstrated that they can work safely, meet established safety standards, and have developed and implemented successfully their own safety program in their business. This means that any contractor or business that is core certified will have a specific focus on safety whichever jobsite they are on.

That does not mean that an Edmonton electrician that is not core certified can to work safely. In fact, it is quite possible for an electrician to have developed safety protocols and safety procedures that are documentable, and duplicatable by anyone in their business. A series of checklists can be enough for an electrician to use in their business to ensure that everyone is following the same safety procedures.

Whether this is making sure they have the right tools and materials, ensuring the tools are in good working order, that they have all of the appropriate safety equipment for their job, and the safety equipment is in working order. By having these protocols for everything that they have to touch including vehicles and jobsites are important. As long as they can explain to the hiring manager what protocols they have in place, that are reasonable can help ensure that they know how to work safely on a job site.

There is any Edmonton electrician that is familiar with the field level hazard assessment, this is another tool that can help ensure that a contractor is working safely. This form will require a contractor to survey the entire jobsite and document any hazards. They then must fix or pick up any of the hazards that might include broken glass, wet floors, or chipping hazards. By cleaning these up, there ensuring that they and everyone else on the jobsite can work safely.

By knowing what questions to ask, a hiring manager can ensure that they are allowing only the best and safest Edmonton electrician on their jobsite, ensuring the safety of everyone. If people are wondering what electrician they should call if they are looking to hire one that has a great safety record, they should look no farther than Hauer Power at 780-935-0622.

Edmonton electrician | verify the contractor can work safely

Ensuring that whichever Edmonton electrician they hire can work safely, also requires ensuring that they have all the right certifications and insurance in place. There are many questions that hiring manager can ask a contractor to verify if they have all of these requirements. If not, they may not actually be able to work as an electrician, or if they do, they are putting the job that they are working at at serious risk. Here are all of the things that hiring manager needs to keep in mind when hiring an electrician for their jobsite.

One of the most important aspects of safe working when it comes to hiring and Edmonton electrician is that they actually have the appropriate certification and licensing to do so in the province of Alberta. Many hiring managers are not aware that in order to work legally as an electrician in this province, they need to be a certified journeyman electrician. That means, after they have gone to school, finished their hours of apprenticing, and earned their license, they also have to apply to the government of Alberta, to get there certification. Without this license or certification, they are not legally allowed to work as an Edmonton electrician in Alberta.

The second thing that they should be checking is if the contractor has general liability insurance. What this does, is it ensures that the contractor as well as the hiring company is covered to recoup their losses if there was a problem. Whether the job is done incorrectly, carelessly in a way that created more damage, or if there was something like an electrical fire that caused a significant amount of damage.

If they hired an Edmonton electrician that did not have the appropriate insurance, there would be no way that the jobsite could collect on the damages that were owed. This can be financially devastating to a company, and while they might be able to go after the contractor and sue them personally, is not a guarantee that they are going to be able to recover all of their losses. In addition to that, suing someone is a very difficult and time-consuming process. Simply getting insurance, and then making a claim as far easier.

The last question that people should be asking an Edmonton electrician to verify that they are qualified to do the job, is if they have Worker’s Compensation coverage. This is a requirement by law to ensure that contractors can give benefits and medical care to workers that have been injured on the job site. Without Worker’s Compensation, not only is at an indication that the electrician is working illegally, but is usually a all another warning sign that they also probably are not licensed as well.

By understanding out questions hiring managers can ask to ensure that the electrician that comes on site is legally able to, and has all the right insurance. If people are wondering what electrician company fits this description, and it would be the experts at Hauer Power 780-935-0622.

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