Edmonton Electrician | What Does a Bathroom Fan Do?


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Edmonton Electrician | What Does a Bathroom Fan Do?

The role of a bathroom ventilation fan is a truly important one says Edmonton electrician. Because it is designed to move the moist air in the bathroom, out of the home. So that it does not end up causing moisture buildup.

Moisture buildup in the home can be very damaging. From causing wrought, to promoting mildew and even mold. Since mould can be toxic to people. Minimizing mould in home is incredibly important.

The way the bathroom ventilation fan works. Is by sucking the air from the bathroom, and then using the ducting system. To vent that moist air out of the home. It can cause damage.

In order for the bathroom ventilation fan to work properly. It needs to have the right size motor for the size of the bathroom. The larger the bathroom, the larger the fan needs to be. To move all of that air efficiently out of the room.

This is actually expressed as q. week feet per minute, or CFM for short. When choosing the size of fan, Edmonton electrician recommends homeowners choosing a fan that is slightly larger than what it is indicated for.

The reason why they recommend this, is to ensure that even as the fan ages. Or gets a layer of dust on it. It will be able to continue to move the amount of air needed for that size of room.

If people purchase the exact size fan for the bathroom that they need. What may up happening, is that as the motor ages, and stops working as efficiently.

Or if there is a layer of dust on the fan. That inhibits the amount of their that can be. Causing moisture buildup, without homeowner even realizing it.


Not only is the amount of air that the bathroom fan moves important. But ensuring that the ducting has been installed properly is another important consideration according to Edmonton electrician.

Ideally, the ducting will go directly out of the home either through the roof of the home, or out the side. The ducting should lead to an exhaust hatch. That should have a flap or damper on it. So that the air can get out of the home. But nothing can come back in.

This exhaust hatch must also be sealed properly. And through time, the caulking can fail, and will require maintenance to seal it back up.

Otherwise, moisture buildup can happen around the exhaust hatch. Not only promoting wrought and mould. But also causing problems in a colder climate, when that moisture freezes and thaws.

By choosing the right size fan, and ensuring that their ducting has been done correctly. Homeowner can ensure that they are protecting their home as much as possible from the moisture buildup that can happen in a bathroom.

When it is time to install a new bathroom ventilation then. They should contact their Edmonton electrician. Who would be more than happy to help them choose the right fan for their needs.

And then install it properly. So that they can continue to protect their biggest assets. Which is their family, as well as their home.

Edmonton Electrician | What Does a Bathroom Fan Do?

Bathrooms can be very humid places says Edmonton electrician. Whether people are having hot showers, or sitting in a bath for long time. This steam it can cause a lot of moisture buildup to occur.

If this moisture is not eliminated from the bathroom. It can buildup, and cause a lot of damage. This damage can occur several ways. From promoting rot, when several things are left moist, without the ability to dry out effectively.

Also, when moisture settles in to a certain room. It can promote mildew, but also mould. Mould is extremely dangerous in a home. Specially because it can be toxic to the inhabitants. Causing a wide variety of health problems.

This is why having a ventilation system that gets rid of that moist air is so important. Not just to protect the home. But to protect the people living in the home as well.

When considering the bathroom ventilation fan. Edmonton electrician says homeowners should be aware that they only have a useful life of several years. And if they have not replaced their bathroom fan in several years. It might be time to.

If they want to know if there bathroom fan has reached the end of its life. They can always contact Edmonton electrician to find out if they need to replace it.

If they do, they need to know what to look for in brand-new fans. To ensure that they are choosing the right model for what they need. The size of the bathroom will factor into the size of motor in the fan that they purchase.


Because the larger the bathroom is, the more air that will need to be moved around and sucked out. Once they have chosen the right size fan that they need, should consider the wide variety of options that are now available in bathroom ventilation fans.

One of the most popular options that homeowners choose in bathroom fans is a low noise level. It is becoming more important for homeowners to have a quiet home. And are purchasing low noise appliances from dishwashers, to washers and dryers.

Other options can include a built in humidity sensor. Allowing the fan to turn on as soon as the humidity reaches a certain level. And then turning off again, when that humidity level drops.

Homeowners can also purchase bathroom ventilation fans with lighting, either bright white lights to increase the brightness in their bathroom. Or coloured LED lights, to set the mood in their bathroom as well.

They can choose fans that have a Bluetooth speaker built in. To allow people to listen to their favourite music or podcast. No matter what they are doing in the bathroom at the time.

By choosing the right bathroom ventilation fan. Not only can homeowners ensure that they are protecting their biggest investment. But ensuring that they are getting the most use out of their room as possible. With the wide variety of options they have to choose from.

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