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Edmonton Electrician | What Does Fishing Wires Mean

When a person needs to upgrade the electricity in their home or office says Edmonton electrician. It will typically require a fishing wires. Whether they are adding electrical outlets, adding lights. Or adding any electrical component for that matter.

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It will require doing something called fishing wires. Which refers to moving the wires through the walls. So that it can go from the panel, to whatever is being wired. This does not sound like a very difficult job.

However, there is not only a skill to it. But there is a flare that an Edmonton electrician will need. In order to overcome many obstacles that they may encounter while doing this job.

Especially if a home is older, which is typically the case. When people want to update their electrical system. Because they do not have enough outlets, or its lacking things like lights.

However, there are a lot that happened in the house. Before the current owners have it. Which makes what is in the walls a bit of a mystery. What is likely in the walls, can be a mixture of things.

Existing wires, and data cables. But also, insulation, and depending on the age of the house. The insulation can itself be a mystery. As well as studs in unusual places.

And even pipes, for working or no longer working devices. Especially if extensive renovations had happened. And what used to be a kitchen, or bathroom. Is now a living room for example.

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There can be wide variety of things that are in the walls. That may or may not be vital to the function of the home. When an electrician is fishing cable through a wall.

They will have one electrician in the attic, and one on the floor. And the goal will be to drop the cable down, so that the person on the bottom can reach up with a hook and grab it.

This can be very technically difficult. Especially if there are a lot of obstacles in the wall. That makes it difficult to see the cable that is coming down. This is where hiring an electrician comes in very handy.

Because they will have handy tips and tricks, that can help them overcome these obstacles. Such as putting a nest of twine on the end of the cable. So that when the person on the floor reaches up with their hook.

There going to be able to grab that nest much easier. And trying to find the end of the cable, and grab onto it. Even though it is small, and slippery for example.

These are just some of the things that a professional will be able to do. When they are hired to help a person update the electrical in their home or office. Even if it seems very simple, such as fishing wires.

It can be deceiving, because those tutorials, are often done by experts. Therefore, people should not assume something is going to be easy just because it looks so. Which is why they should hire and Edmonton electrician, any time they need any electrical work done in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | What Does Fishing Wires Mean

Many people may not realize what fishing wires means says Edmonton electrician. Or that any time they are going to upgrade any of their electrical system. There going to have to do this.

Whether they are upgrading an outlets capability. To handle the larger flow of electricity. Such as in the renovation of a kitchen. Where someone needs an electrical outlet to handle kitchen appliance that draws more electricity.

Perhaps they are going to get under counter lighting, either in their kitchen. Maybe they will update their wet bar, in their recreation room. Or if they are building a multimedia theatre room. And they need more outlets.

Regardless of what kind of electrical work needs to be done. Chances are they are going to need to fish wires through the wall. To get the new wires, to the new location.

Even if people are simply upgrading the electrical capabilities of an outlets. This typically will mean running a thicker gauge wire. So that it can handle a larger flow of electricity.

In fact, if they are already upgrading their electrical system. Edmonton electrician says it might be advantageous. For people to increase the gauge of the wires that are in that area as well.

Since they are already feeding cable and wires. It is going to be very easy to feed a higher gauge. So that their electrical capabilities can grow, as their electrical needs increase.

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And while many people might think that this is something that they can do themselves. Edmonton electrician says it is deceptively difficult. How fishing wires and cables can be.

For example, people can end up with a house that is framed in a very different way. Or they might think that all homes are framed one way. But there are many different styles of framing.

Directional framing is one way, but balloon framing is another. Which is a much more open way of framing. However, many homes may have different framing which makes fishing cables difficult.

As well, people who are going to add wires. Will need to look at their electrical panel. To see if they have room for more circuits on their panel. And if they do not, they are going to have to contact their electrician anyway.

In order to either add a subpanel, so that they can add more circuits. Or, simply replace their entire panel. With one that has capabilities to handle their increased circuits. And able to hand even more in the future.

This way, they will not have to call there Edmonton electrician back to upgrade their panel. When they are ready to increase their electrical capabilities again.

Even though it may be an additional cost. That people do not want to pay for. Ultimately, the hiring the right professional to do the job. Means it will be done correctly the first time. Saving people money from having to redo it at a later date.

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