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Edmonton Electrician | What Electrical Systems Need to Be Updated

Whether a person has bought an older home or office building, they should contact an Edmonton electrician. In order to determine what electrical systems need to be upgraded.

Not only that, but they need to know what needs to be upgraded immediately. And what they can upgrade later in order to budget for the future.

Since many things might be uncovered while in Edmonton electrician is looking at an older home’s electrical system. That they may find needs to be upgraded eventually.

This is why it is very important that people who live in older homes. Or who are purchasing an older office building. Should contact an electrician right away. In order to have their entire system looked at.

They will be able to give a quote about everything that needs to be upgraded. As well as their opinions and expert advice. On what needs to be upgraded soon. And what can wait until later.

One of the first things that any Edmonton electrician will look for. Is to see what type of circuit breaker panel people have. Particularly in older buildings that were built in the sixties seventies and eighties.

The reason why, is because a very common brand back then is called Federal Pacific. However, research is no shown that these breaker panels are known to fail extraordinarily often.

In fact, according to the research done by Dr. Aaron Steen. The Federal Pacific circuit breaker panel. Has a 70 to 80% known failure rate.


And a majority of the homes built in the United States as well as Canada. During the sixties, seventies and eighties. Were built using the federal panel circuit breaker.

Unfortunately, twenty-eight hundred house fires a year in the United States alone have been attributed to these faulty breaker panels. As well as thirteen deaths and over fourteen million dollars and property damages.

Therefore, most electricians will agree that it is extraordinarily important. That if people have a Federal Pacific circuit breaker. That they have it replaced immediately.

What a breaker panel does, is it stops the flow of electricity to a circuit. If that circuit is overloaded. How circuit gets overloaded, is if more than 15 A of energy is being drawn from that circuit.

This can happen very easily if people plug something that draws 15 A of energy into the outlet. And plugs something else in to the same circuit at the same time.

This is very common in bathrooms, where people have a flat iron plugged in. But also turn on hairdryer. And also in kitchens, if someone turns on a pressure cooker, and then also uses something like a toaster at the same time.

Therefore, if the circuit breaker fails, what happens is the wire gets physically hot to the touch. As it tries to manage the flow of electricity that it was never designed for.

And if the breaker does not work to break the circuit. That wire will continue getting hotter. For as long as that electrical device is plugged into the outlet. Which could result in a fire starting.

Therefore, replacing Federal Pacific breaker is one of the most important things that people can do in their home or new office building that they purchase.

Edmonton Electrician | What Electrical Systems Need to Be Updated

Whether people have recently purchased an older home or office Edmonton electrician says they should have their electrical systems inspected. Especially since the electrical code has changed significantly since it has been built.

The reason why the code has changed. Is because as safety requirements change. And as people discover previous electrical systems were not as safe as they were initially thought to be.

So by getting their electrical systems inspected. They can be sure they know exactly what needs to be upgraded. In order to keep their building and occupants safe.

As well as what they should budget for in the future. To ensure their continuing to make their building safe and upgrade their electrical services.

One example of this says Edmonton electrician. Are the wires going into the circuit breaker panel of the home building. Often, these wires are degraded and need to be changed.

But even if they are not degraded, the us hard and 8 gauge wire going into the panel. But new code requires the wires should be 6 gauge instead.

If a person determines that they are going to get a new tunnel installed. Either because their other one is not working. Or because they do not have enough space for their new circuits that they need. This is a good time to also place these wires going into the panel.

The Edmonton electrician should also be checking to see what kind of wiring is used throughout the building. Because during the sixties, the seventies and eighties.


Houses and buildings were often built with aluminum wire. Although this is no longer up to code either. And not only should people ensure that there home or office is up to code.

But these aluminum wires have been proven to be less safe. The reason why, is because they are more likely to overheat than the typical copper that is now being used more often.

And that additional heat means that they are more likely to cause fires. Therefore, if people have aluminum wires in their building. Especially if they have an older circuit breaker.

The combination of the two could result in a fire. Especially if do not have enough circuits in their space yet. And they are using a power bar. Because it will be more likely to overload the circuits.

And finally, their Edmonton electrician should also check to ensure the building is grounded. Because many older buildings only have two wires. Therefore, they may need to budget for adding ground fault breakers for every circuit to the building.

And by doing this, can help ensure that there keeping their building and their home safe. By not only bringing their electrical services up to code. But also by getting rid of the electrical services that are now known to be dangerous.

The sooner people can get an electrician out to inspect their home or their building. The more peace of mind they can have. And formulate a plan to make their electrical systems safer. For all occupants of the building.

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