Edmonton Electrician | What Features People Should Look For in a Smoke Alarm


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If people have not been shopping around for a smoke alarm for about ten years, Edmonton electrician says they may not be aware of all of the functionalities that are available to them. Since Canadian electrical code recommends people changed their smoke detector proximately once every ten years, it may have been a decade since people last thought about this technology. However, there are many new advances in smoke alarms, making it very important that people are talking to a professional to help them make the decision on what system is best.

In addition to detecting smoke and sounding an alarm, many smoke alarms on the market also come with a built in carbon monoxide detector. Since carbon monoxide is a completely colourless and odourless gas, it can be very important to have a carbon monoxide detector in the house. Several smoke alarms simply have a detector that sounds an alarm when levels reach a certain amount. And other proprieties will actually give a readout of the amount of carbon monoxide in the air whether it is parts per billion or parts per million. When people see the amount of carbon monoxide increasing, they can troubleshoot the problem and fix it, before it becomes life-threatening.

People should also take into consideration that while most smoke sectors are hardwired, some units are even interconnected. Edmonton electrician says what this is, is it is actually wires all of the smoke detectors in the house together. If one unit sounds the alarm, they will all go off as well. This can help people be alerted to a fire much sooner, ideally before becomes life-threatening. This will allow people to either extinguish the fire, or get out much sooner.

Another amazing capability of smoke alarms, are the ones that can be connected directly to households wireless Internet connection. This way, people can get notifications and alerts directly to their phone, and control the system from wherever they are in the world. Whether this means they can silence false alarms, so that the pets in the house will not be affected, to being able to monitor the carbon oxide levels in the house anywhere.

People may not need all of the varieties of features that some smoke alarms have, knowing which ones exist, then talking to an Edmonton electrician to find out what they recommend for their unique situation is very powerful. Working with a professional can help people understand what circumstances different features are helpful, and they can make a recommendation that is most beneficial for the family, and their home. For example, a home with small children, or with adults who might need extra help escaping a fire, having the interconnected style can be very beneficial. However, before people come to the conclusion on what smoke alarm is the best one for their house and family, they should get educated, and make the decision alongside an electrician to ensure that they are taking every variable into account, and ending up with the best system for their home.

Edmonton Electrician | What Features People Should Look For in a Smoke Alarm

It is very important for people to take all of the variables into consideration when choosing the best smoke alarm for their home says Edmonton electrician. In order to consider all of the different variables, as well as understand all of the options available to them, people should be contacting their electric professional in order to understand everything that is available, and help decide what the best system is for their specific circumstances.

One of the first things that people should understand according to Edmonton electrician, there are a variety of ways that smoke detectors can actually detect smoke. Many people do not take this into consideration, or are even aware of it. However, and they work with an electrician, though people to understand all of the differences in a variety of alarms that are out there, and choose one that best for their situation. The two most common ways that a smoke alarm works, is through a photoelectric system, or an ionized alarm. However photoelectric smoke alarm works, is on the principle of light refraction and light reflection inside the smoke alarm. When a smoke enters the unit, because the opacity of it, it ends up reflecting or reflecting the light, which sounds the alarm.

Edmonton electrician says that an ionized alarm works completely differently. Inside this type of smoke alarm, there are two electrically charged plates. An electric current is passed in between these two plates, and when smoke gets into this smoke alarm, because of its opacity, it will interrupt the electrical current, which ends up sounding the alarm. Many smoke alarms while they use one or the other, often combine these two and what that ends up doing, is it ensures false alarms can be minimized. Everyone has experienced on alarm going off by accident, and it is a pretty terrible experience. By reducing the instances of these, people can ensure that when the smoke alarm does go off, they take it much more seriously.

Currently, there are smoke detectors and smoke alarms being made that are increasing the capability, and changing the way smoke alarms detect the smoke. The nest system, which is the most technologically advanced smoke detector currently being sold, not only uses ionization, as well as photoelectric means to detect smoke, but it also combines those two with a split spectrum light technology as well as blue light filtering.

Many people do not need to understand exactly how their smoke alarm detects the presence of smoke, but they might want to know that there are a variety of ways, and they can actually choose a system that combines those, to minimize the false alarms that they have in their home. Regardless of how a smoke detector works, if they work with their Edmonton electrician, they will be able to end up with the best system not only for their budget, their family but there home as well.

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