Edmonton Electrician | What Happens if Your Circuit Breaker Fails?


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Edmonton Electrician | What Happens When A Circuit Breaker Fails

Many people are putting their house at risk for an electrical fire according to Edmonton electrician. But not even realizing what they are doing that is so dangerous. In fact, this is so commonplace. That December is the most common month for electrical fires. Because of people overloading their circuits. If more people were aware of how dangerous this practice is. They may take the right steps to fix the problem. And avoid a practices that has the most danger.

The first things that people need to realize is that every electrical outlet in their house is typically only rated to handle 15 amps. If they overload that electrical circuit, the breaker box is designed to cut power to that outlet. Avoid damage from happening.

However, there’s no secondary protection. That can help protect the home if the breaker does not work properly. And does not cut the power to that outlet. Edmonton electrician says this is more common than people realize. Because of the damage to the wires itself, often doesn’t allow the breakers to be tripped.

People can easily overload an electrical outlet. If they are plugging appliances in, that together equal over 15 amps. A great example of appliances that take the 15 amps themselves. Are curling irons, Flatiron’s, and hair dryers. And in the kitchen, or known Irving Energy Hogs.

This means that if anyone plugs anything else into that same Outlets, even if there’s a free space. It can overload the outlet and blow the circuit. However, if the circuit does not trip, and our remains on the outlets. What ends up happening, is the wire will try to compensate for the increased energy that it is not designed. And as a result get physically father to the touch.


The appliance remains on for a long enough period of time does Edmonton electrician. What will end up happening is the heat from the wire will cause an electrical fire. This is actually so dangerous. Because the electrical fire will burn inside the walls, which will allow it to spread very quickly do all of the rooms in the house, without the occupants being aware of it.

By the time anyone realizes that there is a fire, it will have spread throughout the entire house and people will generally only have a few seconds to escape with their life. This is a very serious and dangerous scenario. And it happens all the time.

What can help protect the family would be to know what amp each of the electrical devices people have. And then ensure that they don’t overload one Outlet. Austin, people often use power extenders like octopus or Power Bars to increase how many things plugged in Outlet .

people need to be extremely careful about this, because it can be exceptionally easy for people to overload their electrical outlet this way. For example, space heaters should never be used in conjunction with the power bar. Because they are such an energy hog, and they can often mask the problem to the circuit breaker.

If this is the situation, people should contact their Edmonton electrician in order to add more Outlets. So that they can avoid overloading their circuits and putting their house at risk.

Edmonton Electrician | What Can Happen if Your Circuit Breaker Fails

People may have taken into consideration how many appliances they have plugged into their house does Edmonton electrician. And will want to solve their problem of not having enough Outlets. By calling in an electrician to add more outlets in to their home.

Nowadays, almost every single room in the house as more energy consumption needs than it did several years earlier. And nowadays, the electrical requirements of all of the devices that people are now using requires more energy than ever before.

Many people wrongfully believe that adding a power bar with a surge protector actually increases the amount of amps that can be utilized by that power outlet. Edmonton electrician says this is actually untrue. And this belief and caused people a lot of problems.

The only thing that can help, is contacting an Edmonton electrician to add Outlets into their home. Luckily, this is a fairly simple procedure. That will have the electrician increase the number of breaker switches they have. Add wire throughout the house, and add Outlets to whatever room needs them.

However, people needs to ensure that they are hiring a licensed electrical contractor. Because the fact that their license means that they are also insured. Which will protect the homeowner in the case of something going wrong. If a contractor does not have insurance, because they’re not licensed. And a mistake has been made. Often it is the homeowner that has to pay for the damages done.


In addition to that, by hiring a licensed Edmonton electrician. Means that’s the correct form it or going to be pulled prior to the start of the job. And that when the job is done, the contractor will get someone to inspect it properly. To give assurances to the homeowner. That the job has been done correctly and is up to code.

This is the only Surefire way to help ensure that people don’t overload the circuits that they have. Whether it’s in their laundry room, so that they can have their washer and dryer, deep freeze and iron plugged in all at the same time. Or perhaps they are turning a spare bedroom into a media room. And we’ll need to run a computer, a gaming system, projector as well as a PVR simultaneously.

By getting things done correctly by an Edmonton electrician. And give people peace of mind that they are not going to overload their circuits. And keep their family safe. The sooner people are going to be able to do this, the sooner they will be able to keep their family safe. December is frequently the month that most fires happen in. Because people are overloading the circuit.

By calling their Edmonton electrician now, so that they can be prepared well in advance of Christmas is a great strategy that’s going to help in store everybody is going to have the best holiday ever, without the rest of the fire.

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