Edmonton Electrician | What Happens When Your Breaker Doesn’t Work


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Edmonton Electrician | What Happens When Your Breaker Doesn’t Work

Many people think that it’s not a problem overloading their power outlets in their home says Edmonton electrician. Because their breaker box will work. Turning off the electricity to the outlet if it gets overloaded.

And while this is very help break her boxes work. however, there is no way to test a breaker box to see if it’s going to function properly in case of an overloaded circuit. The last people are putting themselves at risk, but in face in a breaker box that may or may not work.

Especially if people have the brand Federal breaker box in their home. This has been known to fail very often. If people look in their electric room. If they see that this is the branch that they have. They should contact Edmonton electrician right away to get it replaced.

Rather than counting on a breaker box to function perfectly. People should simply avoid overloading the circuits. This is possible anytime someone uses an outlet extender also referred to as an octopus. Or a power bar. Many people believe that these devices are going to allow the outlets at handle more amps than it already can. But this actually is not true.

All outlets in handle about 15 oz does Edmonton electrician. And using a device to increase the number of things that can be plugged into the outlet does not increase the outlets capability to handle the electricity.

This way, if people have many things plugged into the Power Bar and turned on at the same time. What will happen is the wires in that outlet are going to get as they respond to the increased energy demands.


If this happens long enough, the wires will get so hot that they can ignite a fire inside the walls. Not only is this extremely dangerous, because the fire can burn inside the walls travelling around the entire house before anybody knows about it.

But once the fire does become known for the family. Is typically in every room, and trying to get everybody out safely is very difficult. Therefore, people should not overload the outlets in their home ever.

If people believe that the power bar that they have as a built-in surge protector. They need to understand that not all Power Bars have this functionality. And not all Power Bars work properly. Especially if they are more cheaply made. People should be looking for the Cs on the sign of all power are they use them. This indicates that it has been tested and approved by Canada’s Safety Council. And it will be the most likely to function properly.

However, instead of using these devices to increase the number of outlets in a home. Edmonton electrician says that a much better scenario would be for people to Simply add more electrical outlets to their home.

All we have to do for that, is call an Edmonton electrician who will add a switch to their breaker box. But in some new wires, and add Outlets to whatever rooms in their house require more power. The kitchen, for additional appliances. The bedroom to accommodate televisions, and tablets and cell phones being plugged in. And the living room for air conditioner, Cheerios, and Christmas trees during the holidays or example.

Edmonton Electrician | What Happens When A Breaker Doesn’t Work

People are relying on their breaker box to stop the flow of electricity once they overload their Outlet says Edmonton electrician. They’re playing a dangerous game. While breaker boxes are designed to cut the electricity to any outlet that is being overloaded. If it fails, it puts the entire home at risk for a house fire.

In fact, December is the most common month for the most house fires to break out. This is typically because he are overloading their Outlets even more than normal. Because they are putting up Christmas lights, and stable typically have a Christmas tree.

I might even have space heaters and their home, would take up a lot of electricity and often just one face eater and be the maximum amount of amps that an outlet and handle. If people have multiple space heaters throat the house, or have an electric fireplace plugged in in their living room. In addition to their Christmas tree light.

This can end up very easily overloading several outlets at the same time. Causing a breaker to go off in one area of the house but not another. Rather than overloading the circuit during December. Edmonton electrician says now is the perfect time for people to call their electrician and add Outlets to their home.

If people are wondering which Edmonton electrician they should call. They should ensure that they are calling a licensed contractor. Not only because licensed contractors have insurance. That will cover the homeowner in case something goes wrong.


but also, licensed electrical contractors will also whole all of the correct permits. And then, they will get their final work inspected in store the work is being done to the highest quality to protect the home as well as the home’s occupants.

and while winter holidays are the most common time of year for people to have house fires due to increase the electricity. It can happen any time of the year. Take summer for example. People are using air conditioners. And air conditioners are energy Hogs.

As well, people might be using electrical cooking grills outside, space heaters for their yard. Strands of lights for their backyard parties, and plugging their stereo in outside their home.

While there’s typically only a couple of outlets on the exterior of a home. By calling their Edmonton electrician. People can have more Outlets added to the outside of their home. So that they can have their outside parties, without fear of overloading there electrical outlet.

If people have ever had their breaker turn off one of their outlets in the past year. That should be a sign that they need more electrical outlets in their home. And to make a plan to call Edmonton electrician right away. Before it’s too late or their summer or winter parties.

By getting more Outlets added by professional. Not only can help make the holidays and parties more pleasant. But more importantly, protect the home as well as protect the home’s occupants. By not putting the house at risk or an electrical fire.

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