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Edmonton Electrician | What Is Emergency & Exit Lighting For?

Many business owners are not aware of what emergency lighting is, or that their business is required to have exit signs says Edmonton electrician. Therefore, by understanding what they need, business owners can ensure that they have what’s required by law, and that they can help their staff as well as their customers evacuated safely in an instance where there is an emergency affecting the building. Business owner should work hard to ensure the safety of everyone who is at their business.

one of the first things that business owners need to know, is what emergency lighting is. These are individual units that are mounted on a ceiling or wall, that have two lamps on them. The lamps can be made from a halogen light bulb, a intend doesn’t light bulb, or more commonly and LED light bulb. These lamps will illuminate the path way out of the building, so that if there is an emergency such as a fire, even if it has caused the building to lose its power, people who are evacuating can clearly see the way out. Businesses need to have these whether they have a commercial or an industrial business, and they need to have it as long as they have staff or customers that are entering the building. To ensure the safety of everyone who works there and visits the building, this is an absolute must for business owners.

Exit signs are the lit units that are going to be posted everywhere there is an exit out of the building, so that when people needs to be evacuated, they will be able to easily see their way out. Edmonton electrician says that business owners need to understand that if they currently have red exit signs, these are actually no longer allowed to be used in this part of the world. The signs that must be used now, are green and have a stick figure man on it. This will help ensure that even if the people that are evacuating cannot read English, they will know by seeing the sign that this is the way out of the building. These exit signs also must be individually powered, in case there’s an emergency that cuts power to the building.

Whether a business owner is building their office space themselves, or if they have purchased a building from someone else, they need to ensure that they have emergency lighting and exit signs and that they are up to code. Therefore if they have taken over a space, they should contact their Edmonton electrician to help them figure out if what they have is adequate, or if they need more or different units. By doing this, business owners are guaranteeing the safety of people that are working and shopping at their business.

Business owners may not know what the requirements are, but by calling on their Edmonton electrician, they will be able to ensure that business owners have what they need, and if they don’t, their electrician will easily know what they need to do to help ensure that the business owner is up to code, and ensuring the safety of everyone in their care.

Edmonton Electrician | Emergency & Exit Lighting

Even if business owners do not know what emergency lighting and exit signs are, they still needs to have them installed in their business correctly says Edmonton electrician. This is going to ensure the safety of their staff as well as the safety of their customers in case of an emergency that might happen. It could be that the building is on fire, or that the building is being flooded, or even in the instance of our tornado or a hurricane, business owners need to ensure that whoever is in their space will be able to find their way out by following the path lit up by their emergency lights, and leading to an exit, which are indicated by a green exit sign.

Whether a business owner has taken over a business that has these things installed, or if a business owner has built their own office space, and had them put their by their contractors it’s still important that a business owner is testing their systems regularly says Edmonton electrician. Just like a smoke detector, the emergency lights need to be tested once every month for 30 seconds to ensure that the lights come on. Once a year, a business owner must test the lights to make sure that they can illuminate for 90 minutes. The reason why it’s important that the lights can work for an hour and a half uninterrupted, is because that’s the length of time they are required to work in an emergency. By understanding that’s they have to regularly test them, can help a business owner schedule this and either do it or have their staff members test it for them.

However, some business owners may find it much more convenient to hire their Edmonton electrician to test their system. This way, if the system is not working, requires changes, or needs to replace a light bulb, they can perform the necessary maintenance on the units without asking the business owner to do any additional work. This way, a business owner can have peace of mind that not only do they have the correct emergency lighting and exit signs. But that these signs and Lighting are going to be maintained, so that’s in the case of an emergency, everyone can safely evacuate the building whether they are staff or customers.

A business owner might be tempted to save money by installing the emergency lights themselves. This would be a very bad idea, because they may not know what’s the voltage requirements are for the ballast, and they might not know what’s the varying voltage factors of each of the units are. Each unit stats they buy, might have a different voltage factor in it, and if business owners install it themselves and overload the ballast, they might cause damage to the unit itself, causing it to be non-functioning.

Or, they might cause damage to their building or to the wiring in their building. Therefore, by getting an experts to install their emergency lights can help guarantee that they’re installed properly, up to code, and inspected.

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