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Edmonton Electrician | What Is Fishing Wires

If people hear from their Edmonton electrician, that in order to do a job. They will need to fish wires. Many homeowners may not realize exactly what that is.

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However, it is just the term for putting they wires through the wall. In order to add electrical components. They will need to fish wires, when they are adding an outlet to a room.

If they are adding the number of lights in a room. Or doing something like adding under the counter lighting, in a kitchen for example. And while this might seem like something that is very easy.

It actually takes a lot more skill, and technical knowledge. And many people realize. Which is why it always should be done by a professional, like an Edmonton electrician.

For example, people might not realize. That there are already things inside the walls. That they have to avoid disturbing for a number of reasons. For example, if there are wires already there.

If people were simply carelessly pulling more wire through that area. They might have the wire touching, or cause it to become unattached on one end or another. Which would render the entire electrical system useless.

As well, there might be other things in the wall such as data cables. In order to allow people to connect to the Internet from their home. Or things like plumbing pipes, or insulation.

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This is why it is very important to contact an Edmonton electrician to do the wiring, even if it is just adding data cables. Because many people, either think that it is very easy to do themselves.

Or they think that since they are just pulling data cables. That there is no risk. Since the data cables do not give off an electrical charge. However, this is the wrong thought process.

Because if they create problems to the existing system. Or do it improperly. They might put their entire home at risk. For example, people may not realize. That where their drilling is not on the stud.

They might drill into their wall, and write into the insulation. The insulation can get stuck on their drill. Which will pull the whole of insulation out. Giving them a cold spot in their wall.

In making their home more cold in the winter. And hotter in the summertime, as the heat can also get in that way. This is just one of the things that could go wrong if people fish wires or cable themselves.

As well, people might start fishing cable through their walls. Only to find that they run into a roadblock. Such as something in the wall that they cannot push through. Perhaps they try forcing it through.

With something long and hard, and caused something inside the wall to break. Or, they will drill through the blockage. And end up causing even more problems. Since they might not know what is in the wall at the time.

It is not recommended, to start pulling, pushing or drilling. But when they contact an electrician to help them. Electrician will know how to look for things, and get around them properly. So that they can pull cables and wires properly.

Edmonton Electrician | What Is Fishing Wires

The reason why many people think that they can do their own electrical work says Edmonton electrician. Is that they think it is easier than it is. And they will start working on a job, and quickly be in over their heads.

They may know that there renovation is going to very expensive. And so to save money, they try to do as many tasks themselves. However, trying to do their own electrical work or wiring.

Should never be something that they attempt to themselves. For one, working with electricity is inherently dangerous. And even if a person has the breaker turned off.

The danger is not in the wiring of the electrical components. But in turning the electricity back on. And seeing if anything broke while they were wiring. When an Edmonton electrician is doing the work.

It is not dangerous that all. Because they know what they are doing. To avoid making mistakes, that compromise the safety of their electrical system. But when a person is doing it themselves.

They may cause problems to the existing system. That would cause certain wires to become dislodged, and not work. Or because the grounding or bonding to be ineffective.

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Which means there is increased risk of electrical shock. When using electrical devices. Because the way of safely discharging electricity has been damaged. Or, they may have turned compromised the breaker.

That will now no longer turn off, when the circuits are overloaded. Which can put the home at risk of an electrical fire. This is because as a circuit is overloaded. If the breaker does not turn it off.

What will happen, is that the wire will continue getting hotter. Until it is hot enough, that it can catch its surroundings on fire. And electrical fires will spread very quickly in between the walls of a home.

As well, Edmonton electrician says there are safety features in the wall. Called a fire block. That are designed to stop or slow the spread a little electrical fire. And are often located it by furnace.

However, if someone drilled through that fire block. For example, to fish wire through it, in order to wire a smart thermostat. What could end up happening, is that hole in the fire block.

Makes it not effective to block fire. And if they end up with an electrical fire, caused by an overloaded circuit. Not being able to have the electricity cut. Then there is a larger chance that the fire will spread throughout their home.

Causing significant damage, as well as risk to the family inside. These are just some of the reasons why people should avoid trying to do their own electrical work. And instead, get an estimate from an electrician. And determine if that cost, is worthwhile to pay, to keep their family safe.

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