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Edmonton Electrician | What Is Grounding and Bonding?

It is very important for people to understand that while they might not understand what grounding and bonding is says Edmonton electrician. That they understand how important it is to get any electrical work done by a professional as well as inspected.

Often, many people may not even realize that there is an issue with their electrical system. Because when the grounding and bonding is not done properly. They may not have any indication at all.

However, if there is an electrical surge. And the grounding and bonding is not done properly. They might overload the circuits. And the breaker will not trip. Which puts them at a risk for an electrical fire.

So often, people find out that there is a problem with their grounding and bonding. After an incident, where they have an electrical surge that has damaged property. Or worse, caused on electrical fire.

Not only can electrical fires cause a lot of damage to a home. Spreading throughout the entire building. But because of how prolific the fire is, and how fast it spreads.

Puts a significant amount of risk on people’s lives when the grounding and bonding is not done properly. When people are hiring an Edmonton electrician to do any sort of electrical work.

This is what they need to look for. To ensure they hire the right people, who will not put their house and lives at risk. The first thing that they should ask, is what electrical code they are using.

The reason why, is all grounding and bonding specifications are outlined in the Canadian electrical code. Which gets updated every single year.


Therefore, if an electrician that they are thinking of hiring is not using in the most current code. They may want to reconsider hiring that professional for the job.

Instead, they should hire the right electrician. Because they are always up to code, and are using the right information on all of their jobs. They understand that grounding and bonding specifications are contained in section 0 of the code.

The next thing that they should ask, is if the electrician gets a permit for all of their electrical work. Because they should know, by reading the Canadian electrical code.

That they need to get all electrical work done with a permit. And any electrician that is willing to do any jobs without pulling a permit. Should not be used.

The next thing that they should do, is ask the electrician if they have any systems in place. To ensure that they are doing every job properly and thoroughly.

For example, Edmonton electrician uses a checklist. Designed for every type of job. This way, no matter how good they are at what they do. They can follow a checklist to ensure that every part of the job is done correctly.

The hiring the right person for the job, people can ensure that the grounding and bonding will get done properly. So that they do not put people in the home at risk.

Edmonton Electrician | What Is Grounding and Bonding?

Whether an Edmonton electrician is working on a commercial property or residential. They needs to understand what the grounding and bonding requirements are according to the Canadian electrical code.

This code is updated every year, so any electrician working needs to be using the most current code. This is to ensure that all electricians that are on active jobsites are doing all of the work according to this code.

And that they are doing everything as safely as they possibly can. While every residential job will need to have grounding and bonding requirements met. There are also a lot of different commercial applications for this work.

Some common commercial properties that need grounding and bonding include laboratories, schools and hospitals. To ensure that no surge of power causes problems to these buildings.

What can happen if grounding or bonding is not done properly in a building. Is that any extra electricity, will not have a safe place to discharge. And it can flow back into the electrical system.

When that happens, anything that is plugged in can be at risk for a power surge. And while power surges can damage equipment that is plugged into it.

Another risk of power surge of this sort. Is that the breaker is not going to get tripped if the grounding and bonding is not done properly. Which can cause the breaker to not be tripped during surge of electricity.


When that happens, the circuit might be overloaded. But that circuit is not getting turned off. Which can heat up the wire, which is a risk for an electrical fire.

Electrical fires can cause significant property damage. As well as put people’s lives at risk which is very easy to do in an electrical fire. And is just another reason why people need to ensure that they hire the right electrician.

Even if the electrician does everything perfectly, but forgets one small aspect of the job. It puts the entire system at risk.

To ensure that all aspects of their electrical work gets done properly. Which is why people should be aware of hiring an Edmonton electrician that uses checklists and templates.

So no matter what job they are working on, or if many things are going on at the same time. They can follow the checklist, to ensure that every important aspect is done properly.

Also, when they work with a professional and qualified electrician that will pull the proper permits. They are going to ensure that the work will be inspected. To ensure that it is done correctly.

It is a good idea that if people are having any sort of problems with their electrical system. Such as electrical surges, or flickering lights. This is a good opportunity to call Edmonton electrician.

In order to have an inspection done. To ensure they can get any problems to their electrical system fixed. Before it causes damage, or injury to their property or themselves.

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