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Edmonton Electrician | What is Grounding?

When people are hiring an Edmonton electrician to work on their job site. While they might not need to know what grounding is. It is incredibly important that they hire the best professional to do the work.

One scenario that has recently happened. Is that after a brand-new home was built. The people who were living in that home. Started noticing that there lights were dimming and flickering.

And were unable to stop this from happening. Despite the fact that they tried unplugging their electrical devices in order to see a that changed anything.

When they called an Edmonton electrician to inspect the electrical system. What they found, was that the grounding electrode was faulty, or installed incorrectly.

And while it is it is very important that the grounding and bonding system is done properly. There are so many tiny steps in the process. That if an electrician misses one step. The entire system can stop working.

This is why it is so beneficial for people to hire Edmonton electrician. Because they use a series of checklists and processes. To ensure that they are not missing an important part of their job.

And while electricians are incredibly intelligent. There are so many steps to every job that they do. And every jobsite that they set foot on. Is likely going to have different requirements.

That it is difficult or impossible to memorize every important step in a process. That is the value of the checklist and processes that an electrician can develop. To ensure that no matter what job they are working on.


Or what task they are trying to accomplish. They do not have to commit everything to memory. And rely on the checklists and processes. Ensure that they do everything perfectly. Even if they cannot remember at all.

This way, they will not miss an important step, such as looking at the grounding electrode. And the end result, is a safer building for families to live.

And when the grounding is not done properly. Two things can happen, the first is that it will cause the breaker or refuse to not to do its job. Which is to stop the flow of electricity to an overloaded circuit.

When the ground fault has the current flowing back to the source from where it originated. Then the breaker or fuse is going to be able to do its job, and turn a circuits that is overloaded off.

However, when the ground fault is set up improperly, or there is a step missed in setting it up. Then instead of returning the current to where it originated. It remains in the electrical system.

Where it can either cause a surge to happen, which can damage electronics. Or it can cause a circuit to overload. And with the breaker not doing its job. That can put that home at risk for an electrical fire.

With how important the electrical system is. Even if people are hiring an electrician. They need to ensure that they are following the most current Canadian electrical code. Under pulling the correct permits.

Edmonton Electrician | What is Grounding?

If people hear their Edmonton electrician talking about grounding their system. But that is referring to, is giving their electrical system Safeway to discharge excess current.

It is incredibly important for people to ensure that there electrical system is grounded properly. Because if they do not, they are putting not only their property at risk. They are risking injury, if a fire breaks out.

According to the Canadian electrical code. Grounding is defined as a permanent and conductive path back to earth. With sufficient capacity to carry any fault current imposed on it.

And a sufficiently low impedance. To limit the voltage rise above the ground. This will ensure that the circuit can be protected and doing its job.

And since the Canadian electrical code is updated yearly. People should ensure that there electrician is always using the most up-to-date version of the code.

Because things can change, to ensure that everything is being handled as safely as possible. And to ensure that the electrical work can pass an inspection.

If the grounding is not done. While people might notice that the lights in their house or flickering or dimming. What is actually happening in the wiring. Is that there is no way for electrical system to handle the additional current.


And so it causes a surge, which can come out into the appliances that are plugged into the electrical sockets. And while many people are aware how important it is to have a surge protector on their computer.

This surge can damage anything electrical that is plugged in. From their computer, to a television or even their kitchen appliances for example. So is very important that it is grounded properly at all times.

Also, when the grounding is not done properly. The breaker or fuse that normally will turn off when the circuits get overloaded. Will not be able to do its job properly.

And when a circuit is overloaded, but the breaker or fuse does not work. The wire will simply allowed to get hotter and hotter. Until it can be so hot that a fire can be started.

And not only are electrical fires extremely damaging. But it can be very difficult to evacuate a home where there is an electrical fire. Because the fire starts in the walls, and by the time people realize that there is a fire.

Every room is typically burning, can make getting out of the home of the electrical fire very difficult to safely. And people can end up injured, or worse.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance that people are hiring an Edmonton electrician. Whether it is to work on their job as a brand-new build. Or if they are doing renovations.

And ensuring that the Edmonton electrician is following the right code, and pulling the correct permits. Can help ensure that they are doing everything they can. Make sure the job gets done correctly and safely.

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