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There are many things that people should be taking into consideration when hiring an Edmonton electrician, or any contractor for that matter. They should ensure that they have the knowledge and tools to do the job well, they have licenses and insurance in place, and that they have a focus on safety to ensure that they can work without injuring themselves, others or the jobsite. Therefore, anyone hiring an electrician or contractor should know all the questions that they need to ask to verify that the person are hiring is knowledgeable, since an insured and safe.

One of the first things that someone should verify, is if they have insurance. It is very important for an Edmonton electrician to have general liability insurance and commercial insurance. This is to verifying that if something goes wrong on the jobsite, that people will be able to recover any damages. This is if they have inadvertently damage the site, or accidentally made a mistake that cause them to do the job wrong. Even the most knowledgeable and skilled electricians and contractors make mistakes. Having insurance means that they can handle fixing those mistakes easily. If a contractor does not have insurance, they should not be hired. This is true whether the job that there being hired for is a residential job, commercial or industrial.

Something else that people should ask their Edmonton electrician is if they have WCB. They actually must have this in place within fifteen days of hiring their first employee. They should be able to demonstrate that they have WCB, because if they do not, this is typically a red flag that they are probably not a license contractor. WCB will ensure that if any of their staff or themselves get injured while on the job, that they can ensure that those workers can get the medical care that they need to recover. Asking about WCB coverage should be one of the most important questions. This is important regardless of how long they are going to be working on the jobsite for. If it is only a couple of hours, days or even weeks this is extremely important.

Another verification that people can ask their Edmonton electrician prior to hiring them is if they have any safety programs in place, or if they follow any safety procedures or protocols. While there are a wide variety of various safety programs they can be implementing, the most important thing is that they have safety procedures are protocols that they follow on a regular basis. They can have created these procedures are protocols themselves, but as long as they are using them regularly, and helps them work safely is all that is required to ensure that they can work safely on a jobsite.

Anyone who is hiring an Edmonton electrician on their jobsite, regardless of how big or small the job is, how long the going to be working on the site, or if it is residential, commercial or industrial, asking asset of questions that will verify that not only they can do the job well, but they can do the job safely, and that they have all of the insurance to do so as well.

Edmonton Electrician | What Safety Protocols Should Be Used

Many people who hire and Edmonton electrician often do not know the first thing about electrical work. However, that does not mean they should not be able to ensure that the electrician or any contractor that they hire has the knowledge to do so, has the insurance, licensing, and is safety conscious for the job. By learning a few questions that they can ask, to ensure that they can work on any jobsite easily and safely can help whoever is hiring the contractor choose the right fit and ensure the safety of everyone is going to be on-site that day.

While there are many different safety programs that can be used by companies and individuals to verify that they can work safely, they also do not need to be using any specific program to work safely either. For example, any company that is COR certified has created their own safety program for their company. However, they also have got that safety program reviewed by a governing board, and proven that they are able to meet established safety standards. This governing body by giving this certification has recognized the company as having procedures in place that are going to allow them to work safely. Therefore, if any one hiring an Edmonton electrician sees that they have this in place, should give them reassurance.

Another great safety procedure a protocol that is very beneficial are checklists. Edmonton electrician can use a checklist to verify that they have all of the tools needed to do the job, that they have all necessary materials, and that they have all safety equipment as well. There can be a separate checklist for each of these things, as well as to verify that everything that they are going to be using whether it is safety equipment, or tools are in good working order. By ensuring whoever hires them, that they are verifying not only that they have everything that they need to do the job, but they have inspected it on a daily basis to verify that it is working right can verify that they have enough of the thoughts about safety.

Another great checklist that is well-known, and can be used by any Edmonton electrician or any contractor is a field novel risk assessments, or field level hazard assessments. These are checklists that are specifically geared towards safety. They are looking for risks and hazards on the jobsite, prior to actually starting work on it. These require the contractor to review the entire jobsite and documenting any hazards such as tripping hazards, overhead hazards, wet, greasy or icy floors or ground, or broken glass, hanging wires just to name a few. Once the document these hazards, they are required to clean them up, and then join the jobsite. People who use these, will ensure that every time they set foot on a jobsite, they are thinking of safety at all times.

By knowing the right questions to ask, even if a person does not know anything about electrical work, they can ensure that the Edmonton electrician they hire is licensed, insured, and safe enough for any job they have. Whether it is a large job that is going to take them weeks or months, or if it is a small job that will take only a few hours. Or if it is a residential, commercial or industrial site, they can ensure that they know what they need to do to get the job done right and safely.

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