Edmonton Electrician | What Should People Look For in a Smoke Detector?


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When it comes time for people to update the smoke detectors in their house, they should contact Edmonton electrician to help them understand all of the options that are available. Not only is there a wide variety of smoke detectors in how the are powered, and connected. There is also a wide variety of how smoke detectors actually detect smoke, and have a variety of other features. With how advanced smoke detectors have become, it is even more important that people are consulting a professional to help them make this extremely important decision.

Ultimately, people should understand that there are battery-powered smoke detectors, hardwired smoke detectors and interconnected smoke detectors. Battery is the most inexpensive, but also the least recommended smoke detector that can be purchased. The reason why, is because these virtually have no backup available, meaning if the batteries failed, the entire smoke detector will not work.

A much better option according to Edmonton electrician are the hardwired smoke detectors. These require an electrician to install, and are wired directly into the houses wiring. These also have a battery, but the battery operates as a backup system only, ensuring that the smoke detector can still work even if power has been cut to the house.

The third style is called interconnected, and it is very similar to hardwired, because it hooks directly into the wiring of the home. However, this has an additional wire that connects all of the smoke detectors to each other. The benefit of this style, is that when one smoke detector sounds an alarm, they all go off. This way, the latter where the fire is in the house, all of the smoke detectors sound, alerting people to the presence of the fire much faster, allowing them more opportunities to extinguish the fire, or getting everyone out safely.

Not only are there differences in how smoke detectors are powered, but there is also a variety of ways that they detect smoke. The photoelectric styles operate by using refraction and reflection inside the unit. When smoke enters, it reflects are flex the light, triggering the alarm. Ionized alarms utilize electrically charged plates that pass a current between each other. The smoke can cause the charge to be interrupted, which also sounds the alarm. While some alarms offer one method or another, people can also purchase combination alarms, that offer both detection styles together. The benefit of this says Edmonton electrician is that it can minimize the instances of false alarms being sounded.

You may be very overwhelming for people to understand the differences between all the smoke detectors, and what is most beneficial for them. Therefore, they should always consult with an Edmonton electrician in order to figure out what truly is the best system for their house. Since smoke detectors purpose is to protect the family, and protect the home in case of emergency, people should put a significant amount of thought into ensuring they have the right system to protect their loved ones.

Edmonton Electrician | What Should People Look For In A Smoke Detector?

While people typically do not go shopping for smoke detectors all the time according to Edmonton Electrician. As Canadian electrical code recommends people change their smoke detectors at least every ten years, they can be a lot of technological advances in smoke detectors and smoke alarms since the last time they made this purchase. Therefore, it is very important that they work with a professional to ensure that they understand all of the styles, and features that are now available in smoke detectors.

One of the most technologically advanced smoke detectors that people can purchase is the nest smoke detector. Not only does this utilize photoelectric and ionization in smoke detection, but this the only system on the market that adds split spectrum light technology as well as blue light filter. This makes it the smoke detector that is least likely to register a false alarm.

In addition to being extremely advanced, and minimizing the amount of false alarms there are, the nest smoke detector also wires directly into the homes wiring, and can connect directly to each other. This is is beneficial to ensure that all of the smoke detectors are working with each other but also in addition to that, the nest smoke detector is also Wi-Fi compatible. This means, that it can connect directly to everyone’s phones and mobile devices. That way, it can alert everyone to the fact that smoke alarms are going off, it can also advise people what the carbon monoxide levels are, and allow people to silence alarms directly from their phone if they have verified that it is a false alarm.

The nest smoke detector can give people a lot of peace of mind, ensuring that they know what is going on in their house at all times. This is great, if they have pets at home, they want to ensure are not being driven crazy by a smoke alarm going off for no reason. Therefore, people who want to be able to see and control exactly what is going on in their home should talk to their Edmonton electrician about the nest smoke detector system.

Ultimately, the many varieties of smoke detectors that are now available gives people a wide variety of options on how they are going to protect their family. They are going to be able to work with their electrician to ensure that they are getting a system that takes into consideration the number of people are living in the house, if there are pets and children, how many rooms, and how many levels are in the house. By taking all of these things into consideration, their electrician will be able to make the recommendation of what is the best option there home, so that they can get the best protection that they possibly can afford. People should not wait until it is too late, before they realize they should have purchased a different smoke detector.

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