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Edmonton Electrician | What Size Bathroom Fan To Buy

It is not very often that homeowners need to buy new bathroom ventilation fans says Edmonton electrician. So they might not know the best way to choose the right fan for their bathroom.

The job of the bathroom ventilation fan. Is to suck the moist air out of the bathroom, and out of the house. The reason why, is to minimize moisture buildup that could put homes at risk for mould.

The ability to move the air efficiently depends on how powerful the fan is. As well as the size of the room. The bigger the room is says Edmonton electrician. And the powerful the fan has to be to be able to suck all of the moist air out.

The ability to move air is expressed as cubic feet per minute. Or CFM for short. Bathroom ventilation fans will come in a variety of CFM’s from fifty, two one hundred and fifty.

In addition to figuring out the cubic footage of their bathroom, and how many CFM’s their bathroom ventilation fan needs to have to clear a room that size. This is not the only considering factor in this decision.

In fact, many experts recommend that homeowners by a fan that is twenty or thirty CFM’s larger than what the recommendation is. The reason why, is so that as the fan is covered in dust, and ages. It will still be able to do the minimum job required.


However, since bathroom ventilation fans work by sucking the air out of a room. It is inevitable that the bathroom fan, as well as the grill in front of the fan. Will become covered in dust and hair. Because of this inevitability, it is important for homeowners to clean this fan often.

How often depends on how often the bathroom is used. If the bathroom is used by two people, people should clean it every 3 to 6 months. The more is used, or the more people who use the room. Increases the frequency of cleaning.

How to clean a bathroom ventilation fan is quite easy. Edmonton electrician recommends that homeowners take a vacuum brush to the grill. And vacuum as much dust as they can reach.

Or, a more efficient way to clean the fan is to take the grill off and wash that in water and let it to completely air dry. And then vacuum the blades of the fan, sucking up as much dust and dirt as possible.

By doing this often, people can ensure that not only are they helping the fan work more efficiently, because it is not working harder to compensate for the dirge that is covering it.

But also, so that they do not wear out the fan motor sooner, which will require replacing it more often than it actually needs.

When homeowners are doing renovations, doing spring cleaning, or planning to move. These are great opportunities for them to consider their bathroom ventilation. And what they can do to help themselves protect their home.

Edmonton Electrician | What Size Bathroom Fan To Buy

Many homeowners think that the only consideration in bathroom ventilation according to Edmonton electrician. Is the size of the fan, and the noise level. And while these are two very important considerations. Homeowners should also consider the other options as well.

Once homeowners have figured out what size fan they need for the space they have. They also might want to consider the various options that are now available in bathroom ventilation.

For example, there are fans that come in with the built-in humidity sensor. That will automatically turn the fan on whenever the humidity levels get above a certain point.

The great thing about this fan, is that once the humidity levels drop again. the fan will turn off, so homeowners never have to wonder how long they need to leave their fan on after a bath or shower.

Another great consideration, is that some bathroom ventilation fans also come with additional lighting. If people need more lighting in their bathroom. Or if people would like some mood lighting. For example to make their bath more relaxing.

Fans can come with built-in lights, such as white lights, or coloured LED lights. So people can choose the lighting they want for their mood.

There is also a bathroom ventilation fan that comes with a Bluetooth speaker bills in. Which can be a lot of fun, for people to be able to play music in their bathroom, either relaxing music to help them find relaxation in the bathtub. Or even invigorating music to help them wake up in the shower.


There is one option that Edmonton electrician does not recommend. This is the bathroom ventilation fan that comes with a built-in heat lamp. While it can be quite nice to step out of the shower or bath especially during the cold months into a warm beam of light.

This is not recommended to be used in a bathroom ventilation fan. Because as dust gathers on the ventilation fan, it brings it close to the heat source. And it can be an increased fire hazard.

If homeowners do want plan in their bathroom, they can get one installed in a separate location from their bathroom ventilation fan. To minimize that fire risk.

Once homeowners have chosen the bathroom ventilation fan they want. From the correct size, noise level and any additional options. The next thing to take into consideration is that the ducting in their house is done properly as well.

Since the job of the ventilation fan is to suck moist air out of the bathroom. If it is not being properly deducted outside, it is just moving the moist air from one room to another. And promoting mould growth.

Homeowners should ensure that the ducting does lead to the outside of their house. And that is going through a rated exhaust hatch. That is properly sealed says Edmonton electrician.

It should have a flap or a damper, so that the air can get out, but nothing can come back inside the house. By ensuring there ducting is done properly.

Homeowners can ensure that by using their bathroom ventilation fans. The are minimizing the moisture in their home, and minimizing any potential mould growth.

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