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Although smoke detectors and smoke alarms are something that people probably do not think about every day according to Edmonton electrician. It is very important that the make the right choice for which one to install in their home and protect their family. As long as they are making a great choice, they do not have to think about their smoke detector or smoke alarm very often in order to ensure they are keeping their family safe. Not only should they be making the right choice of which one to use, but they should also be ensuring that they are testing their alarms regularly, as well as replacing them as often as they need. People do not want to think that the worst-case scenario can happen to them, but ensuring they have a great smoke detector in place and in working condition can help ensure that even if the worst case scenario happens, that all people can get to safety and time.

One of the most common questions that Edmonton electrician gets about smoke detectors or smoke alarms is can people painted if they think it is ugly. This is never a good idea. The reason why, is because even if people think it is ugly, more often than not, smoke detectors or smoke alarms operate through a variety of sensors. If someone paints it, they may paints over sensors, or plug holes that render the detector unusable. Even if it works during a monthly test, it may not work in the case of the house fire.

Another thing for people to consider why they should never paint over there detector or alarm, is because this can actually void the warranty according to Edmonton electrician. If it voids the warranty, it makes the insurance not in void as well. If a person’s house is burned down, and the insurance company found out that the smoke detector was painted, insurance may not cover the damages. With how important protecting a family, home and getting insurance for this is, people should avoid painting their unit. If they truly do not like the look of it, they can look for some specific brands or manufacturers that offer devices in colours other than white. But ultimately, Edmonton electrician says that even if the unit is ugly, having it stand out instead of blend in will help remind people that they need to regularly test the alarm to ensure it is in working order.

Another question that people often have is how long should they expect their device to work. Edmonton electrician says that life expectancy of the unit depends on the brand, then make and the manufacturer. While smoke detectors typically have a life expectancy of ten years, as is required by the Canadian electrical code, some brands require more frequent changes. Also, people need to also keep in mind that batteries may need to be replaced more often than that. Therefore they should not just take into consideration the life expectancy of their smoke detector, but the life expectancy of the batteries as well.

Edmonton Electrician | What Smoke Detector Should People Use

The reason why smoke detectors and smoke alarms are so important says Edmonton electrician is because they keep people safe. Therefore, people should find out as much information as they can about the smoke detectors or smoke alarms that they are going to put into their home to protect their family and their belongings. Not only is it important to consider the type of smoke detector, but also how often it needs to be checked, what are all of the features that people will want in their system, and what do all of the buttons and lights on it mean.

People should understand that lights might come on their smoke detector or smoke alarm says Edmonton electrician. All of these lights mean something. For example, a solid green light typically means that the smoke detector is operating properly. Flashing lights might mean a battery is low, and needs to be replaced. A flashing light or a yellow light might indicate a problem with the interconnectivity of the units. Regardless, when a person sees a flashing light or a different colour light other than grain, they should either replace a battery, or contact their Edmonton electrician to find out why.

The buttons on the smoke detectors and smoke alarms also are there for a purpose. The most common reason people will find a button on their smoke detector is to test them. By pushing the button, if the smoke alarm or smoke detector gives off a beep, that usually means that the smoke detector is incomplete working order says Edmonton electrician. In the case of an interconnected unit, pushing one button often tests all of them at the same time. By pushing one button, and getting a beep from all of them, means they are all in good working order and they all have functional batteries. If by pushing a button when other smoke detector does not beep, indicates that they should change the batteries in that particular unit.

Also, some smoke detectors or smoke alarms also have a mute or silence button. This is in case a false alarm has been triggered such as a humid room, like if someone had a very steamy shower. Or if someone burnt food, and smoke has filled the home. These mute buttons will allow people to silence the smoke detector or smoke alarm, without taking the unit off the wall to get it to a cleared area. By doing that, people are putting their home at risk, by moving the alarm. If they forget to put it back, they could be putting their house at risk of not detecting smoke fast enough.

There are so many things that people need to take into consideration when it comes to smoke detectors and smoke alarms that they should contact their Edmonton electrician for all her questions. Once they get properly informed, they can put the right unit in their home, knowing that now that they have the best device to protect their home and family, then they can start thinking less often about it other than changing the batteries and testing it regularly.

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